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Warriors Fanfiction

Every user can write this book! It's about evil cats that went to the Dark Forest!

P.S a big thanks to Sleepysky!

I got inspired by Sleepysky's Book that every user can write!

Hope you like this, Sleepysky! :)


  1. You have to make up characters. (no canon Dark Forest cats' stories are allowed. like Tigerstar, Darkstripe,etc.)
  2. No killing each other's character without permission from the cat's creator.
  3. No deleting other's writing
  4. You can make up as much as you want.
  5. Please write the Clan of the cat you made.
  6. Don't use other's characters without the owner's permisson. (Mentioning them in a few scenes; if necessary is okay.)


Scarface brown tom with scars on face. Clan: ThunderClan-Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind

Heatherlily pale brown tabby she-cat. Clan: WindClan-Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind

Flywing Blue she-cat with emerald green eyes. Clan: WindClan-Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind

Antbreeze - Red-brown tom with a black tail. Clan, ShadowClan - User:Sleepysky

Curlclaw - Long-haired black she-cat with long claws. Clan, ShadowClan - User:Sleepysky

Blazingtail - Small brown tom with a long tail and piercing blue eyes. Clan, ShadowClan -Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind

Fernwhisper - Pale gray she-cat with amber eyes and dark gray speckles. Clan, Riverclan - By Foxlover55

Minnowblaze - Golden tabby tom with dark amber eyes. Clan, Riverclan - By Foxlover55

Meadowspring - Light brown she-cat with blue eyes. Clan, Riverclan - By Foxlover55

Sunblossom - Pale ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Clan, Riverclan - By Foxlover55

Dandelionpelt - Golden and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Clan, Riverclan - By Foxlover55

Hollyfern - Black she-cat with green eyes. Clan, Shadowclan

Swiftdawn - pretty pale yellow she-cat with green eyes. Clan, Shadowclan

Oakstrike - brown tom with blue eyes. Clan, Shadowclan

Echoshine - dark gray she-cat with a dark gray to white (like lynx tips) muzzle, feet, and tail | WindClan

Swallowfern - mottled light brown she-cat with darker flecks| WindClan

Redstar - dark reddish tom with amber eyes | WindClan

Frondfleck - longlegged skinny brown tom with black stripes | WindClan

Splashwave - gray she-cat with white, silver, dark gray, and black flecks | WindClan

Reedpaw - Brown tabby tom with green eyes. Clan, Riverclan - By Foxlover55

Jaggedscar - brown tan she-cat with dark orange eyes and three huge slashes across her face | Shadowclan

Tigerswirl - brown tom with blue eyes and white underbelly | ThunderClan ~ by User:KittieWhiskerz12

Saltypaw - White and beige furred she-cat with brown stripes and glowing red eyes (Thunderclan, User:Glorious Purpose4ever)

Turrentpaw - Orange tom (Thunderclan, User:Glorious Purpose4ever)

Barkstar - Brown tom with emerald green eyes. Has unusually big ears. (ShadowClan) Blazing Fire and Racing Wind Firewind

Chapter One

Blazingtail growled in fury.

Blackwhisker had stolen his fresh-kill again.

How dare he? How dare he ignore me and steal my prey?

Blazingtail was chasing a lizard when Blackwhisker had pushed him away from behind and leaped at the lizard to catch it.

Blackwhisker caught it, and he got all the praise.

This was normal by now.

Blackwhisker had always ignored him and stole his prey.

The other cats thought Blackwhisker was a loyal and kind warrior.

He wasn't.

Blackwhisker and his gang often tortured him, clawing him, teasing him, and pushing him over.

When other cats weren't around, of course.

Blazingtail hated this.

No one seemed to like him, notice him, or want to talk to him.

Blazingtail got more and more furious.

He wanted to kill, kill and have the sharp tang of blood on his tongue.

The only cats that seemed good enough to talk to were Curlclaw and Antbreeze.

He decided to talk to them.

He hoped they would listen.

Chapter Two

Fernwhisper lept in the river, diving underneath the murky water. She kicked her hind legs against the current and darted towards a large trout ahead of her. Grabbing the trout in her jaws, she bounced up to the surface of the water, the fish flipping its tail in her jaws. She dropped the fish on the shore and killed it with a swift bite. Sand squished between her paws and Fernwhisper shivered, hating the feeling of sand under her claws.

Echoshine and Petalnose padded up behind her, carrying prey in their jaws. Echoshine dropped her prey and began speaking.

"We have caught enough for today." She mewed. "We can head back to camp now, this should feed the clan until the next patrol leaves."

Fernwhisper nodded and followed the patrol across the river, churning her paws against the river current. The bushes rustled nearby and Fernwhisper stared in confusion. She scented the air and scented water vole nearby. She dropped her trout and dropped into a hunting crouch. Carefully walking along the river's edge, she pounced on it, killing it with a swift bite.

Minnowblaze padded up behind her and nodded, a pike in his jaws. He set the pike down and pressed his nose against hers happily.

Fernwhisper happily smiled and purred at him. Breaking away, she grabbed the trout and padded towards the camp entrance. The sounds of the river were behind her, and she peacefully dropped her catch on the fresh kill pile, smiling in the warmth of the sun. Minnowblaze came behind her and wrapped his tail around her. Fernwhisper steadily purred at her mate, wondering if she should tell him the news of their kits.

"Minnowblaze." She began uncertain. "Dandelionpelt gave me some news about our kits..."

"Are you expecting?" Minnowblaze gasped.

"N-no." She stammered sadly. "She... told me I can't have kits."

Minnowblaze shook his head in disbelief. "But, I want to have kits with you! How can I stay with you knowing that I can never have any kits of my own?"

"I'm sorry Minnowblaze." She mewed, tail drooping. "But she told me I'm unable to have kits..."

"I can't stay with you any longer." Minnowblaze replied angrily. "You've taken something away that I want dearly! Maybe Fangsplash was right. Meadowspring is a much better mate than you could ever be!"

Taken aback, Fernwhisper fell to the ground sadly. Minnowblaze doesn't love me anymore... and all because I can't have kits! That selfish fleebag! Raging, Fernwhisper stalked over towards her littermate, Willowclaw and sat down.

"Fernwhisper!" She greeted. "Are you okay? You seem upset!"

"No! I'm not okay!" She blurted out. "Minnowblaze left me! And all because I can't have kits! He's so selfish!"

Willowclaw's eyes filled with sorrow. "I'm sorry." She mewed as she wrapped her tail around Fernwhisper's. "He has no right to leave you for such a silly excuse! He should love you for who you are! Not because you can give him kits!"

Fernwhisper nodded angrily, eyes blazing. I'll show you, Minnowblaze! You'll regret the day you ever crossed me! You shall suffer.

* * *

Fernwhisper padded over to the fresh kill pile, angrily glaring at Minnowblaze. A moon had passed since he had left her, and he had taken Meadowspring as his mate. Fernwhisper took a carp from right under his nose and laughed happily. I'll show you! Forever you will regret what you have done to me!

Sunblossom padded up behind Fernwhisper and nodded at her in greeting. She cast a glance at Minnowblaze, then back to her. "Are you still mad at him?" She questioned. "You can't stay mad at him forever you know. We can't have arguments within the clans."

"Maybe I am still mad at him!" Fernwhisper snapped. "He left me for Meadowspring! And all because I can't have kits!"

Sunblossom narrowed her eyes at her and sighed. "Then keep grudges against him. It will only make our clan weaker, and then you will understand why you must forgive him."

"Yes." Fernwhisper smiled. "I will keep my grudges against him! He'll see what it's like to have something precious taken from him! Meadowspring will die in a battle as our clan weakens, and then he will see."

Sunblossom was taken aback by her words. "You want to kill your own clanmate?"

"Oh, I won't be killing her. A cat from a different clan will. The weaker our clan is, the more powerful the others are. Minnowblaze will never see the joys of having his own kits! I'll weaken Meadowspring, make her vulnerable. I'm sorry Sunblossom, but you know too much."

"Wait-!" Sunblossom gasped, but she was cut off by a bubbling choking sound. Blood welled from her neck, and she let out one last jerk as she went limp.

Fernwhisper smiled triumphantly. This is only the beginning! Soon, Meadowspring will die! And Minnowblaze will never get kits of his own! He shall suffer the same pain that I do!

Chapter Three

Hollyfern sighed her best friend Swiftdawn was next to her. Oakstrike her mate walked up to her

"Hi" he purred

"Hey" she greeted him.

"Do you want to go hunting" he asked, she nodded. They walked toward the forest and he twined his tail around hers. Hollyfern tasted the air mouse she thought as the musky smell crossed her nose she lunged into a bush and came out with a small brown mouse.

"Good job" Oakstrike praised her

"Thanks" she mumbled around the mouse she suddenly heard paw steps it's probably just Swiftdawn she thought. Hollyfern turned around and saw a huge fox she screamed as it clawed her. She spotted Oakstrike cowering under a rotten log "take her Starclan just leave me" he wailed. How could he she thought as her surroundings turned black.


Hollyfern looked around herself and suddenly remembered what happened why can I only see a little she wondered. She noticed a puddle near her she walked over to it and gasped one of her eyes was scratched deep and oozing blood, so she couldn't see anything out of it. She remembered Oakstrike cowering under the log as she fought the fox he will pay she thought darkly. She walked to camp everyone was walking around like normal chattering with each other do they even know i'm gone she thought angrily. She spotted Oakstrike in the clearing sunning himself and suddenly she couldn't control herself she leaped onto his back and tore into his belly until she could see bone. He gurgled on his blood and then laid still.

"What are you doing" Swiftdawn gasped

"Getting revenge" she hissed. And without warning slashed her own neck. Blood gushed from the wound and soon she could see the dark starless sky of the dark forest now I can continue to punish the rest of the clan until they are all dead.

Chapter Four

Fernwhisper lashed her tail as she stood face to face with Meadowspring. Growling, Fernwhisper turned around and rolled her eyes. What does she want? Why does she keep coming up to me? She's supposed to be in the nursery! She scowled at the thought. Not for long. Those kits will never be born!

Shadowbeam walked up towards her and nodded gently, taking a small water vole from the fresh kill pile.

Fernwhisper just growled and took a trout, carrying it over to the edge on camp, near the nursery. The warm smell of the nursery hit her ears drooped. Why couldn't I have been the one to have Minnowblaze's kits? That's all I ever wanted! But no! Starclan has given me a curse, a curse that I can never have kits. This isn't my fault, it's Starclan's! They've done this to me! She shifted her gaze towards Minnowblaze and narrowed her eyes at him angrily. What's that selfish fleebag up to?

"Meadowspring!" Minnowblaze called softly. "Troutpaw and Leafpaw finished your nest! And Blueleaf and Dandelionpelt told you to rest! You're expecting our beautiful kits!"

Meadowspring nodded and padded over to him, rubbing her nose against his. "They'll be perfect! All brave strong warriors, just like you!" She mewed.

Minnowblaze pressed his paw up to Meadowspring's swollen belly. He guided her back towards the nursery so that she could rest, putting his nose against her soft brown fur.

Fernwhisper curled her nose in dusgust, jealous of the attention she was getting. Kits? Fernwhisper hissed. I should be the one with his kits! Not her! She doesn't deserve his love! That should be me! Getting all of Minnowblaze's love and affection! And now, he shouldn't get a family! He shouldn't get anything he wants! He will suffer, and I will make sure of that.

* * *

Fernwhisper cautiously looked around, making sure that none of her clanmates were nearby. She crossed the river towards the Shadowclan border and ducked under the bushes. "Antbreeze! Blazingtail!" She hissed quietly. "Get over here!"

Antbreeze crept through the undergrowth stealthily. "Fernwhisper!" He mewed softly. "What brings you here?"

"Within this nest moon," She began. "Meadowspring must die! She has moved to the nursery and is expecting in about two moons. And we must stop these it's from ever being born!" She hissed. "Minnowblaze will suffer the same fate that he bestowed among me! He will never have kits of his own!"

Blazingtail crept out of the shadow's and smiled. "Of course Fernwhipser! Anything for you!" He laughed evilly.

Antbreeze growled up at the stars in the sky. "My paws will be stained scarlet, no matter which cat I have to kill!" He growled. "All of Shadowclan will pay for what they have done!"

Fernwhisper smiled angrily. Yes they will! They will all pay for what they have done to us! She thought as she walked about into the shadows. She leapt into the ice cold river and kicked her legs, spotting a hunting patrol she ducked under the water and swam downwards. She rushed forward and grabbed a pike in her jaws. She dropped it on the shore and killed it, its tail hitting her face a few times. She blinked her eyes and grabbed the fish, carrying it towards the entrance of camp.

Vinefoot padded up behind her, tail drooping. She bumped into Fernwhisper and backed up cautiously. "I-I'm sorry." She stammered. "I didn't see you- I'm sorry I'm just too sad about Sunblossom. I can't focus on my surroundings!"

Fernwhisper rolled her eyes and nodded half-heartedly. "Yeah I wonder who killed her." She meowed.

"When I find out," Vinefoot began. "They will feel my claws!"

"I'm sure they will." Fernwhisper mewed, clearly not caring. She padded into the camp, carrying the pike down the small stone slabs leading into camp. Fernwhisper rolled her eyes as Minnowblaze was sharing tongues with Meadowspring outside the nursery. Dropping her pike on the fresh kill pile she snarled in their direction. Just you wait Minnowblaze. Just wait until I crush what you love the most! Never will you have kits! Every mate you get will die by my claws! I will make sure of that!

Chapter Five

Reedpaw sniffed at the dirty bedding inside the nursery. He curled his nose at the smell, Willowclaw's kits, Pikekit, Rosekit, and Greenkit were snuggled up against their mother's warm belly.

Troutpaw and Leafpaw padded up behind him, carrying a few wads of moss and reeds with them. Carefully, they walked into the nursery, careful not to wake the kits. Meadowspring was inside, dozing in her warm nest.

Reedpaw noticed how swollen Meadowspring's belly was and sighed. That should be Fernwhisper! He thought. She deserves love from Minnowblaze more than she does! He watched as Fernwhisper, his half sister, glared at the nursery angrily. Reedpaw's eyes blazed as he watched her stare towards Meadowspring, coming closer to the nursery. Don't worry Fernwhisper! I'll make sure she doesn't live, along with her kits! They don't deserve to live, they all deserve to die! I promise you my half sister, I will make sure that Minnowblaze suffers! Anything for you!

"Reedpaw!" Troutpaw called. "Are you coming? Willowclaw is taking her kits outside so that we can change the bedding! And Leafpaw is going to help Swiftpaw and Firepaw clean out the elder's den!"

Reedpaw rolled his eyes, and half-heartedly nodded at her. "Yeah, yeah I'm coming." He sighed as he padded towards the nursery, watching as Fernwhisper turned around and stomped out of camp, following behind Vinefoot and Redclaw. Reedpaw turned and grabbed a small bundle of moss in his jaws. He padded over to Willowclaw's nest and set it down, watching Troutpaw scrape the old bedding up.

Troutpaw angrily rolled the bedding into a ball and opened her mouth to speak. "You could've helped you know!" She snapped. "I'm not doing this by myself! In fact, I'll go do Meadowspring's nest instead!"

"No!" Reedpaw hissed. "You're not going to help Meadowspring do anything! I'll do it after Willowclaw's!"

"Oh, okay." Troutpaw answered, taken aback by his hostility. "Then I'll go help Leafpaw and Swiftpaw with the elders."

"Good." Reedpaw mewed bitterly. "The last thing I want is you talking my ear off!"

Troutpaw's ears drooped as she padded towards the elder's den sadly.

Good. Reedpaw thought. Now she can't stop me from not changing Meadowspring's bedding! She would never believe that Meadowspring didn't deserve a new nest! She won't need it anyway. She'll suffer soon, before her kits can ever be born! He smiled as he patted bedding down into Willowclaw's nest, plotting how he would kill Meadowspring away from the rest of the clan, then throwing her body in the river to hide the evidence. Yes! He thought. It will be the perfect plan!

* * *

Reedpaw dived under the murky river water skillfully, opening his eyes and navigating towards a large school of salmon. He kicked forward, jaws open, and he grasped two in his jaws. He swam back up to the surface and paddled towards the shore. Dropping the fish on the ground, he quickly killed them before they could get away. He smiled in triumph as they went limp in front of him. Just like the way you will die, Meadowspring! Going limp under my paw, just to get thrown in the river!

"Reedpaw!" Leafpaw gasped, panting. "Petalnose wants us back at camp! Grab your catch, and hurry!"

Reedpaw narrowed his eyes, then shrugged. He grabbed two of his fish in his jaws and pushed the other one along with his paws. He padded down the stone ledges into camp, dropping his catch on the fresh kill pile. He gasped in shock as he saw Meadowspring laying on the ground, wounded badly. The ground around her was stained scarlet, and Dandelionpelt and Blueleaf were frantically grabbing herbs from their supplies, and Minnowblaze was pacing around near her, worried for their kits.

Reedpaw looked over to see Fernwhisper smiling down towards Meadowspring, clearly happy that she was weak. She did this! Reedpaw gasped, happily. She's trying to kill her! But Meadowspring is only wounded and weak... unless. She's planning something bigger...

Chapter Six

Echoshine padded into the WindClan camp, her jaws full of thyme leaves. All around her, her Clanmates rested in the newleaf sun, gorging on prey that laid in a heap on the fresh-kill pile. This season had been kind. Splashwave’s kits continued to grow big and strong, and apart from Pouncepaw, who had died from a fox, their had been nothing serious.

Echoshine padded in her den and dropped the bundle of thyme. She sorted through them and put all the stalks away, then sorted through some piles of Rosemary and borage Frondfleck had gathered for her yesterday.

”Echoshine!” Echoshine turned around and saw Yellowpaw burst into her den, his amber eyes full of grief. “come and see” he said, and led the medicine cat outside into the clearing.

Echoshine gasped. Lying there, in a circle of cats, was her sister Swallowfern. Echoshine stared in shock. Swallowfern was dead. “What- what happened?” she finally managed to choke out. Robinflight began to speak but Echoshine didn’t hear her. She stared at Frondfleck, whose paws were covered in blood. He killed her. She thought. He will pay. An image former in her mind of Splashwave and her four kits. Echoshine knew what to do. His beloved family must die.


Echoshine watched as Redstar led his Clan out into the clearing. Quailpaw had developed a fever, and Echoshine had used she-cat as an excuse to stay behind. She slipped into her den and reached into her storage for feverfew. We’re out. She thought. Yesterday her stock of borage and lavender had been messed up by Breezekit and Frogkit, who were part of Redstar’s third litter. The feverfew had been all Echoshine had. Glancing at Quailpaw, the medicine cat decided the brown speckled she-cat could last until morning, where she could gather some more. Echoshine pretending to fall asleep until everyone else had settled down for the night, then got up and padded to the nursery. The two queens, Poppyflight and Splashwave were curled up in their nests, asleep.

Echoshine bent down in Splashwave’s nest. Her four kits were all cuddled up in a bundle of fur. They were so young, so innocent that for a moment Echoshine was about to leave the den. Then she remembered her dear sister’s body and Frondfleck’s claws shining with blood. Echoshine picked up Rosekit and carried her out of the nursery. She set the tiny creature down outside the camp under a gorse bush and went back for the other three, until they were all there. Then, Echoshine quietly slit their throats and stuffed their bodies under the bush, taking care to wash her paws before coming to camp. She slid into her nest and fell asleep, with no dreams.

Echoshine woke up bright and early the next morning, happy and bright. But as she checked on Quailpaw, she realized with a shock her patient was dead! Taking to time to carry each kit outside and murder all four took up time, and Echoshine didn’t think to check on the sick she-cat when she got back. and now she’s dead. Echoshine thought. And its all because of me.

Chapter Seven

After the meeting with Fernwhisper, Antbreeze, Blazingtail, and Curlclaw met under a big pine tree outside of camp. "Thank you, Antbreeze, Curlclaw, for deciding to help. We shall make those cruel cats pay for what they did to us..." Blazingtail mewed ominously. The other two cats nodded solemnly in agreement. "Yes, we're glad to have a Clanmate like you." Antbreeze's mouth formed an evil smile.

"Yeah, we needed some help!" Curlclaw chimed in, his long claws unsheathing and sheathing into the earth.

Back at camp, Blazingtail was eating a squirrel alone. The other cats had formed groups, mewing things others couldn't hear. Blazingtail decided to go to his friends. He stood up, his squirrel in his mouth and padded up to his two friends who were eating together.

"Hello, I was wondering if I could join in." Blazingtail meowed, setting down his fresh-kill.

"Yeah, sure, join us!" Antbreeze welcomed, Curlclaw purring.

It was night and the camp was sleeping and silent. Blazingtail wasn't. He stalked up to Curlclaw and Antbreeze and whispered, "Let's go kill Blackwhisker. He's standing guard tonight." He flicked his tail towards the black tom sitting silently in the dark camp.

Curlclaw and Antbreeze nodded silently.

The three cats fanned out, stalking silently towards Blazingtail's enemy. Blackwhisker was gazing at the camp entrance, not aware that three cats were coming to kill him.

When the three cats got close enough to leap, Blazingtail leaped at Blackwhisker and pinned him down on his belly. Blackwhisker tried to let out yowls, but they were muffled. Antbreeze and Curlclaw came over, landing blows at Blackwhisker's back. Blazingtail finally slashed open Blackwhisker's throat. His enemy gurgled, and his choppy breaths drew to a silence. The three cats looked at each other quietly with victory, and washed their paws with water and rolled off Blackwhisker's scent.

They went back to the warriors' den as thought nothing had happened and fell asleep.

The next morning, Blazingtail woke to a screech splitting the morning air.

Chapter eight

Jaggedscar woke in her nest at dawn and padded out of her den to the camp entrance. “ Where are you going?” Her mate, Wolfmist said as he blinked sleepily at her. “ I need to go to Riverclan territory. It’s time for me to meet with Fiercewing.” Jaggedscar mumbled. “Again? But you meet with her every day at sunrise. Come back to your nest.” Wolfmist sighed as her flicked his tail at her. “ Fine. But she’ll wonder why I’m not there. Remember, I made a vow that I would always meet her at dawn to discuss what Glowblaze had taught us.” Jaggedscar said as she walked over to Wolfmist and sat down. “ she’ll be okay without seeing you for one day. Besides, you can always try to meet up with her in the dark forest before Glowblaze teaches you.” Wolfmist said, closing his eyes. “Shhhhhh! Not so loud!” Jaggedscar snapped. “ you know the clan is already suspicious that I’m not as loyal as I claim to be!” She said as she glanced around the camp to make sure no one was listening. “ fine, just relax and try to sleep longer.” Wolfmist meowed. “ Ok.” Jaggedscar sighed as she settled into her nest next to Wolfmist and fell asleep.

Chapter Nine

Fernwhisper waited at the fox's den, awaiting its return. She saw the fox's kits huddled in the corner of the tree, and she growled. Even this fox can have kits? Why not me Starclan? Why not me! Suddenly, a bark spilt the silence in the air, and a fox darted towards Fernwhisper. Fernwhisper smiled and ran towards the back entrance of the den, close to then nursey.

The fox snapped its jaws at her, but Fernwhisper was to fast. She lead the fox towards the pile of prey leading to the nursery. Distracted, the fox followed the trail, grabbing the prey in its jaws. It walked ran into the nursery, spotting Meadowspring in the corner. It lunged for her, and Meadowspring awoke as it slashed across her muzzle. Screeching in fright, she ran out of the nursery. the fox on her tail.

"Help!" She cried out. But most of the clan was out on patrols.

Fernwhisper smiled and padded out of the back entrance, creeping towards the front. She watched as Meadowspring was trying her best to defend herself, but she was heavily wounded. I want her weak not dead! She thought, realizing that Meadowspring was too weak to defend herself. Fernwhisper ran forward into the camp, unsheathing her claws. She lunged for the fox, raking her claws across its flank. Standing in front of the fox, she landed many blows on its throat. Yelping, the fox ran out of the camp, a trail of blood followed behind.

A patrol of cats arrived in the camp, horrified. Fernwhisper stared down at Meadowspring lying on the ground, steadily breathing. She's not dead! My plan worked! Fernwhisper thought.

"Fernwhisper!" Petalnose gasped. "What happened? Did you do this?"

"No!" Fernwhisper meowed. "A fox did, but I chased it off. I'm the reason Meadowspring is still alive! She couldn't even land a blow on that mangy thing!"

"Her kits are due in a moon! What did you expect?" Minnowblaze growled. "She could've gotten killed! Along with our unborn kits!"

"All you care about is having kits of your own Minnowblaze! Don't you realize that?" She growled. "It's why you let me for her! You don't even love her! You just want her to give you kits. Don't deny it, because I refuse to believe you." Fernwhisper turned around and stalked off, not waiting for a reaction. She sat down and glared happily at Meadowspring's wounded body. Don't worry Meadowspring! There's more to come, this is just the beginning of Minnowblaze's suffering!

She watched as Reedpaw raced into the camp, staring at Meadowspring's body. He looked up at Fernwhisper, the expression on his face was pure happiness. he wants her dead as much as I do! Maybe he can help me get rid of her for good...

* * *

Fernwhisper blinked her eyes open in a dark, wooded clearing. She curled her nose at the smell of death that reeked around the clearing.

"Hello Fernwhisper." A voice sounded from the other side of the clearing.

A ginger tabby padded out of the wilted bushes and smiled at her. "I see you have finally decided to join us.

"Who are you?" She asked suspiciously.

"I, am Lionspark." He began. "Welcome to the Dark Forest Fernwhisper."

This must be where the living cats receive training! Maybe Lionspark can teach me the best way to make sure that Minnowblaze forever suffers... and that he never gets the kits that he's always wanted...

Chapter Ten

Fernwhisper smiled at the dark clearing, glad to be in the Dark forest. Maybe I can become a better fighter! Or learn more ways to make Minnowblaze suffer! She thought cheerfully.

"Pay Attention!" Lionspark snapped at Fernwhisper. "We don't have all night! You have to awaken soon, and I want to teach you as much as I can. I have someone for you to fight, I want you to show me the skills you already have."

"Who am I fighting?" She questioned.

"Reedpaw." Lionspark replied.

Fernwhisper watched as Reedpaw stepped into the clearing, nervously. I have to fight Reedpaw? But he's my half brother! I can't hurt him! Taking her by surprise, Reedpaw leaped at Fernwhisper. She dodged easily and raked her claws down his hind leg, claws sheathed.

Reedpaw twisted around and clawed her muzzle, making sure to keep his claws sheathed.

He doesn't want to hurt me either! Fernwhisper realized. How can we impress Lionspark if we don't even want to fight each other with our claws!

"Go on!" Lionspark encouraged. "Fight like you where in a real battle!"

Hesitantly, Fernwhisper bit Reedpaw's front paw as he swung his other front paw out and unstable Fernwhisper, but she was ready for him. She balanced on her other legs, using her tail to help. She put her paw back on the ground and lunged at Reedpaw, teeth bared.

Reedpaw spun around and pushed himself into Fernwhisper, using all his strength. Fernwhisper fell to the ground, and Reedpaw jumped on Fernwhisper and pinned her down. Fernwhisper went limp under him, and Reedpaw smiled triumphantly.

Fernwhisper surged upwards under him, knocking him backwards into a rotting tree. Dazed, Reedpaw struggled to his paws. Fernwhisper leaped at him, raking her claws across his flank.

"That's enough!" Lionspark yowled. "You must leave now, but I expect both of you back her soon."

Fernwhisper nodded and Reedpaw shook his head, dizzy. The Dark Forest began to fade under her, and Fernwhisper blinked her eyes open in her nest, blood stained her moss, and her hind leg was bleeding. She cleaned the blood of and hobbled out into the clearing, spotting Mossflower organizing the patrols for the day.

"Fernwhisper!" She mewed. "There you are! Moonstar wants you to come to the gathering tonight.

Fernwhisper nodded and sat down in a small shaded spot beside the warriors den sleepily. She glared into the warriors den angrily as Meadowspring stirred in her nest. You'll see Meadowspring! You'll suffer worse pain than I did!

Reedpaw padded over to her, prey in his jaws. "Hi." He mewed.

"Hi Reedpaw!" She responded cheerfully.

"You did so well fighting me! I can't believe Lionspark is your mentor! He's in all the elder's stories!" Reedpaw smiled.

"Yeah." Fernwhisper murmured. "Maybe he can teach me how to get rid of Meadowspring... you know, better than the way I plan to."

"So you were trying to kill her with the fox!" Reedpaw gasped.

"No. Not kill her, weaken her," She laughed evilly. "There's a group of Thunderclan cats who will kill her with me, so that she feels so much pain at once!"

"I was just thinking of killing her and throwing her in the river!" Reedpaw exclaimed. "Your plan is way better! But how will you hide that it was you?"

"Simple, I'll go on a hunting patrol and steal the prey from the fresh kill pile. That will give me time to kill her!" Fernwhisper replied.

"Minnowblaze has wronged you too much these past moons. And I will not let him get what he wants! He doesn't deserve it!" Reedpaw hissed angrily. "Dear half-sister, I will stand with you to the very end, no matter what you do."

"Thanks Reedpaw." Fernwhisper mewed. "I knew I could count on you."

Chapter Eleven *WIP*

Reedpaw awoke in his nest, and Leafpaw stirred nearby. Reedpaw bounded out of his nest and outside the den, seeing the dawn patrol of Fernwhisper, Featherface, and Troutpaw. I wonder what happened at the gathering last night. I should ask Fernwhisper after she gets back. Reedpaw thought, focusing his attention on Moonstar, who was climbing up onto the Great Willow Tree.

"Let all cats old enough to swim, gather here beneath the Great Willow." She yowled.

Reedpaw obeyed and gathered around the willow with his clanmates, watching as Pikekit, Greenkit, and Rosekit creeped to to the front of the clearing, followed by Willowclaw. They're becoming apprentices! Reedpaw thought, and to his surprise, Troutpaw, Leafpaw, and Firepaw padded to the front of the clearing, heads held high.

"Troutpaw, from this day forward, you shall be known as Troutleap. Starclan honors your courage, and skill in the water." Moonstar cited.

Troutleap nodded happily and stepped back, making room for Leafpaw.

"Leafpaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Leafsong." Moonstar began,"Starclan honors you for your kindness, and excellent battle skills."

Leafsong padded over to his sister, smiling at Firepaw excitedly.

"Firepaw!" Moonstar summoned. "From this day forward, you shall be known as Firetail. Starclan honors your skill in hunting, and your excitement for every patrol."

Firetail dipped his head and stared over at Willowclaw's kits as Moonstar summoned them one by one.

"Pikekit, from this day forward, until you have earned your warrior name, you shall be known as Pikepaw." Moonstar meowed, Fernwhisper will be your mentor.

Pikepaw smiled and nodded to his littermates.

"Rosekit, from this day forward until you have earned your warrior name, you shall be known as Rosepaw." Moonstar restated, Splashfur will be your mentor. "And finally, Greenkit. You have wished to become Dandelionpelt and Blueleaf's apprentice. So from this day forward, until you receive your full medicine cat name, you shall be known as Greenpaw.

Another medicine cat? Reedpaw wondered. Two is plenty! Why do we need more with so few warriors? Is it because of Meadowspring's kits coming? Well, to their surprise, there will be no kits of Meadowspring!

"Clan dismissed." Moonstar's words echoed around the camp, and Reedpaw watched as the dawn patrol gathered and walked out of the camp, leaving to check the Thunderclan border.

This clan will be mine one day. Reedpaw laughed, gazing towards Moonstar. The old she-cat only had two lives left, and Reedpaw knew that he was almost a warrior, maybe even becoming a warrior sooner than expected by excelling in his training. Fernwhisper's... then mine. Oh dear sister, you have no idea what I have planned, now that you have an apprentice, you're the perfect candidate for deputy! Now, to get rid of Splashfur...


Reedpaw slipped out of the apprentices' den where Rosepaw and Pikepaw slept soundly, and soft snoring muffled the sound of Reedpaw's quiet paw steps. He trotted over to the medicine cats den as carefully as he could, wary of the three cats sleeping in one corner of then. In the opposite corner sat their herb stock, and Reedpaw sniffed around for deathberries, spotting a small almost dried out on at the very back of the herb store, and he grabbed it in a leaf, carrying it to the warriors' den.

Splashfur was sleeping in the closest nest to the entrance, and Reedpaw held in a laugh as his plan was working perfectly. Fernwhisper drowsily looked up the see Reedpaw slip a deathberry into Splashfur's mouth, flexing his claws in rage.

"Reedpaw! What are you doing?" Fernwhisper hissed.

"Making you the next deputy." He answered, making sure Splashfur had swallowed. "Now get back to bed before you get caught!"

Fernwhisper opened her mouth in protest, then fell over in her nest and falling back asleep.

Reedpaw knew that Splashfur was dead, and he tore at his pelt with his claws, making claw marks in his fur, and ripping tufts of fur out of his pelt, slipping some into Miinowblaze's claws, and dripping blood onto his paws. He hurried out of the den before anyone would spot him, making sure he had masked his scent with the strong tang of blood.

He quietly padded back into the apprentices' den, licking the blood off of his paws and falling into a deep sleep, where he was greeted by Frostpelt, who was his Dark Forest mentor.

"I'm proud of you Reedpaw. The way you killed Splashfur was magnificent!" Frostpelt's rasping voice complimented. "Now you must go, it's almost dawn, and some cat will notice Splashfur is dead soon."

"Thanks Frostpelt." Reedpaw responded, fading out of the clearing as he woke up to a loud screech from the warriors' den, "Splashfur is dead!"

Chapter Twelve (WIP)

Saltypaw watched the other apprentices of Thunderclan pounce on each other, their fun way of training. "What are you looking at?" A cat in that group named Turrentpaw yowled. Kits scampered away from Saltypaw as they saw her glowing red eyes. Elders scowled at her from their den.

"Sorry," she yowled back, then continued grabbing moss to give to Hollyshine, the queen. She would need the materials since another cat would be kitting soon. "No messing around this time," she told herself. "No, no, no."

The queens wrapped their tails firmly around their kits as the crestfallen apprentice walked by. "Er... please leave the moss here... er..." Hollyshine stuttered. Saltypaw bowed her head, not bothering to tell her name to Hollyshine. "Th-thank y-you..."

Turrentpaw was waiting for her at the fresh kill pile, searching every corner of it to find the biggest, juiciest vole. "Aha!" he said in triumph as he swatted his paw at a warm looking vole. Saltypaw's mouth watered. "Get away, Monster," he snorted. Saltypaw looked away, hurt. She watched as her rival stalked off to find something to use while eating. She looked around cautiously before padding over to the juicy vole and dragging it over to the nursery. She paused, changing her mind, and stalked over to the medicine den before simply tossing the vole in.

"Give me a reason to excuse you from training," Waveshine, her mentor, said dryly. Anger sparked in Saltypaw's pelt. When would they understand that she wasn't like her father?

Just then, Junipertail trotted out of the medicine den with Cloudstar close behind her. "Saltypaw, you are excused from training. Waveshine, a word, please?" The clan leader asked. They sprinted into the leader's den to talk. Junipertail wrapped her tail around Saltypaw and sighed sympathetically. "I wish I could do something about this," she muttered.

"You can," Saltypaw sourly disagreed. She turned away, her claws sliding in and out. Junipertail chased after her. "WAIT!" The medicine cat shouted, and the young apprentice shouted, "Leave me alone!" She unsheathed her claws, spun towards the medicine cat, and raked her side. She gasped. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

Chapter Thirteen

"Echoshine has murdered Splashwave, Heatherkit, Stonekit, Mothkit, and Juniperkit"

"Echoshine has murdered Splashwave, Heatherkit, Stonekit, Mothkit, and Juniperkit"

"Echoshine has murdered Splashwave, Heatherkit, Stonekit, Mothkit, and Juniperkit"

Echoshine sighed and settled down in her moss nest, in a hollow log just outside WindClan's border.

They found out. That she murdered them.

And its time for them all to pay.

She knew Frondfleck was responsible for her sister's death. She will get revenge. Splashwave dying was just the beginning. She uncurled her claws and sank them into the moss, imagining they were piercing Russetfoot, not her bedding. Russetfoot was Frondfleck's mother. If Frondfleck was going to steal her sister, she would steal his family.

Slowly, the sun sank down and the moon rose. Echoshine padded out of den, and sprinted towards WindClan's camp. Tonight, Alderpelt was on guard. Echshine smiled. She knew what to do. Just outside camp were some poppy seeds. Grabbing them in her mouth, she climbed up the tree on the camp's border, and jumped down until she landed on Alderpelt. Her left paw covered his mouth. Her right paw covered his throat, claws unsheathed. Her back legs pinned him down. Raising a paw, she slipped the poppy seeds in his mouth.

He fell asleep. Smiling, Echoshine walked over to the warrior's den. She tiptoed past the nests until she found Russetfoot. Then, she slit her claws across the ginger she-cats throat, snagging a few tufts of fur in her claws. Stage One complete.

Then, the former medicine cat walked over to Alderpelt, shook Russetfoot's blood on his paws and muzzle, then tucked her fur in his claws. They'd think its him. Finally, before she left, she ducked into the leader's den and slipped a death berries in his mouth, massaging his throat so that he would chew. One life. The next morning, another. Her work was done.

Chapter Fourteen - Blazingtail

Blazingtail leaped out of his den, Antbreeze and Curlclaw doing the same. The trio raced out into the camp, as though they were really worried. Oh this is going to be great Blazingtail thought, sharing a look with Curlclaw and Antbreeze. "What is it?" Curlclaw asked in fake concern. "It's-it's Blackwhisker. He's dead!" Grayfur replied in horror. Barkstar rushed over, a worried look in his eyes. "What- Blackwhisker is dead?" The ShadowClan leader yelped in disbelief. The four warriors nodded sadly.

"Unfortunately, yes." Blazingtail hung his head in fake sorrow.

Other cats, woken by the commotion, joined the five cats.

"My son! He's-He's dead!" Grassclaw stepped out between the cats to Blackwhisker's body. Her eyes were cloudy with grief, and her tail-tip was trembling. Antbreeze rested his tail on Grassclaw's shoulder. "Blackwhisker will be happy in StarClan." He reassured the grieving mother. Antbreeze and Curlclaw are smart, avoiding suspicion. I hope Blackwhisker goes to The Dark Forest and rots! Blazingtail twitched his ears.

"We shall stand vigil tonight, in honor of our brave warrior." Barkstar announced, everycat nodding. Blazingtail snorted silently. Oh wow, Blackwhisker is such a brave warrior! He bullies smaller cats in gangs and lies when other cats are around!


The cats were standing vigil with the moon over their heads. They were saying some last words to Blackwhisker. "Goodbye, old friend. We had good times together." Wetear dipped his head. Wetear had taken part in making Blazingtail miserable. So making me miserable is fun? Blazingtail thought. Liar! We'll show Blackwhisker's gang who's the strongest here!

"I'll miss Blackwhisker, he taught me some good battle techniques." Curlclaw mewed, her long black fur ruffling in the cold wind. "Yes, he was exceptional at helping others." Antbreeze added. "He also helped me hunt." Blazingtail nodded in agreement. The trio had planned to say this, also planning to tell Fernwhisper to meet up at Fourtrees. We'll get our revenge soon... Blazingtail as Curlclawn Antbreeze and him excused themselves to the Warriors' Den to sleep.


Blazingtail looked up to see a yellow tabby cat pad up to him. The tabby's eyes were sage green, shining in the moonlight. Around them was a rotting forest. "W-where am I?" Blazingtail stammered, wondering if he was dead. "Welcome to the Dark Forest, my dear." The tabby she-cat meowed. "I am Yellowspring, and I'm here to teach you some new battle tatics. Th Dark Forest will help you achieve your goal and support you to the end." Yellowspring purred. Blazingtail grinned. Now that he'd killed Blackwhisker, it was time to take revenge on all the other cats who'd made his friends miserable. Fermwhisper, Antbreeze, Curlclaw. We shall rule the territories and punish all the cats that gave misery to us. We can make sure that no cat can be miserable again! Blazingtail thought, his tail twitching with a renewed excitement.