Poor Dusk. <3 Everyone knows that attracting she-cats are hard. Use these techniques to (not) win her over! The genre is humor, so, try these techniques and see where it gets you! Have fun and laugh your head off.

Duskfeather: *blushes at a she-cat*

She-cat: *blinks*

Duskfeather: *gives her a wink wink and smiles wide*

She-cat: *stares*

  • Greystripe walks over grinning.*

Greystripe: Dude, you should totally give her your heart! *winks at the she-cat*

Duskfeather: Yeah, but then-

Greystripe: C'mon dood!

Duskfeather: *sighs* Okayy! *turns around and pulls something from the ground*

Greystripe: *Hears a Rrriipppp!* Dood, what are you-

She-cat: *snores*

Duskfeather: *turns back around and hands the she-cat his heart* I wuv u.. *dies*

Greystripe: *rolls around and drags the she-cat with him.* Mine mine mine, muhaha!!!!

R.i.p Dusk... ;-;

Duskfeather: Greystripe, there's a moonlight dance tonight. Comin?

Greystripe: Totally dood.

Duskfeather: Who are ya takin?

Greystripe: Silverstream.

Duskfeather: Cool.

Greystripe: You know how to attract Sandstorm?

Duskfeather: No. How?

Greystripe: You give her a kiss.

Duskfeather: O.k

        • Dancing in the moonlight***

Duskfeather: Sandstorm, I have a surprise for you.

Sandstorm: Wut?

Duskfeather: *leans in and kisses her cheek*

Sandstorm: *screams and then burps in his face* FIRESTARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

      • Firestar bowls into the dance***

Firestar: Now watch me whip, watch me kick kick, now watch me whip whip whip Duskfeather!!! *puts on his sunglasses and dives towards Duskfeather*

Duskfeather: Nobody loves me!!!!

Cinderpelt: I think you need some medicine.

Duskfeather: What kind of medicine?

Cinderpelt: This medicine. *kisses his cheek*

Duskfeather: Awwh, me wuv you Cinderpelt!!

          • 1 hour later****

Duskfeather: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 burrs!

Cinderpelt *sighs as he grooms her*

Greystripe: Dood, medicine cats can't have mates..

Duskfeather blows up*

hey guys, gimme some ideas! Thanks for reading. More coming soon.

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