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I been walking around
Inside a haze
Between the lines of reason
Hiding from the ghost
Of yesterday
Feels like I'm barely breathing

I couldn't see, I couldn't think...

Heatherpaw was gone. Gone...

I couldn't think about anything but her. Only her... like a fog over my thoughts.

But Deerstep had always told me... StarClan will guide you, Reedclaw. Everything will be okay. If it isn't okay, then it isn't yet the end.

I reflected back on the old elder, who made sure to inform every kit about the blessing of StarClan.

It made me forget. I liked the feeling.

I-I wanna feel the rain again
I-I wanna feel the water on my skin
And let it all just wash away
In a downpour
I wanna feel the rain
Na na na na
Feel the rain
Na na na na

How come it had not rained since that day?

Water fell in front of my face, but I couldn't feel my wet fur, never again would I.

I wanted to, so, so badly.

I've been losin days
The shades pulled down
I still can't face the sun
But I-I'm goin crazy
I can't stay here
I've gone completely numb
I just wanna need someone

I cursed the cat that killed her.

I clawed a tree once, twice.

I stared at my battered paws, the light of the sun finally beginning to shine.

I want to hurt him, hurt me.

I could have saved her...

How come she was the only one?

I began to run, run...

There it was- shelter. But I couldn't stay there, I would feel trapped.

So I continued to run...


There it was.

I leaped.

Splash! I don't call for help, and I don't know how to swim.

I let myself drown in sorrow...

I flinched away from yesterday.

I just wanna feel the rain...
Feel the rain...

It surrounded my skin, that rain.

Next to her, I finally could.

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