Dovewing ran, ran, ran to the ThunderClan camp. yes, the Clan that she had betrayed. only Dovewing's kit, Lightleap and her kits, Whistlepaw, medicine cat apprentice, and Parrenpaw, warrior apprentice remained alive from that terrible attack from the brand-new gorge cats. even Tigerstar got killed. her sharp hearing sense told her that nobody was following them. "okay. Lightleap? let's rest a bit." Dovewing said. "D....O....V....E....W....I....N....G.... where are you... I am looking for you!" familiar voice of Tigerstar rang all over the forest. "run!" Lightleap whispered to them. they ran, ran, ran and they had finally reached the ThunderClan camp. Bramblestar, ThunderClan's leader, greeted Dovewing, but not friendly. "what's up with all those noise, Dovewing, and why you came to the Clan that you betrayed?" "no time to explain. let me in, please! spirit of Tigerstar is following me!" "you were his mate!" Bramblestar let out a terrified meow. "and what? Tigerstar dead?" "I will explain when you let me in!" Dovewing replied.

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