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Double the Darkness


This is one of the best things I've read on this wiki! You are definitely improving! --BuzzySEID IHR DAS ESSEN? NEIN, WIR SIND DER JAGER!Bee 16:05, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

I love this! And the sea was a reminder, mirror of givenlight

Haven't read all of it, but it's really good! you can't run away from your fears. you must face them head on.

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Hailstar - a white tom with black paw, ears, stripes, and part way down his tail.


Ravenfire - A Black she-cat with white, paws, ears, stripes, and part way down her tail.

Medicine cat

Newtspot- a dappled tom with a white chest.


Rustwillow-A red-brown tabby she-cat with white fur on her muzzle and tail

Frostsnout- a grey and white tom

Pricklesoar-A dappled thick-furred tom

Dustspots-A Golden and white dappled tom

Cinderflight-a silvery-grey she-cat

Chestnutstem-a brown tabby-dappled tom

Rainstreak-A silvery tabby she-cat with a white underbelly and chest

Lakecreek- A murky brown tom

Specklefur - a speckled brown she-cat with lighter flecks.

Apprentice- Swiftpaw

Robinflight - a stubborn brown and black tom

Owlsong - a white and black spotted she-cat.

Apprentice - Whitepaw

Shadefang - a grey tabby tom with dark grey flecks

Waterflower - a blue-grey she-cat

apprentice - Squirrelpaw

Reedclaw - a reddish-brown tom

Spottedtail - a dappled she-cat with a grey spotted tail

Pheasantfur - A brown tom.

apprentice - Foxpaw

Cloudpetal - a grey she-cat with white flecks.

Lilysplash - a ginger she-cat

Mothnight - a grey tom


Swiftpaw - a grey dappled tom

Whitepaw - a white she-cat with one gray paw.

Squirrelpaw - a dark brown fluffy she-cat

Foxpaw - a ginger and white tabby tom.


Willowfur - a dappled grey tabby she-cat, mother of Palekit (a blind white she-kit ) and Twigkit ( a Brown she-kit )

Leafglade - a brown tabby she-cat, mother to Cherrykit (a dappled she-kit ), Ashkit (a dark grey tom with light grey flecks on his paws ), and Darkkit (a Black tom).


.Ripplewave - a blue-grey she-cat with one white paw


The deputy stood over the limp form of the once leader, licking blood from his stained paws. His sister sat beside him, checking the corpse for any evidence of the murder they had caused. He looked down at the crimson stains of the sea-colored grass. He grinned, the murder had made him feel somewhat...satisfied. An activity he got to do with his dear, loving sister!

"Is that all of her lives?" His sister's soft yet high pitched voice spoke beside him. He narrowed his blazing eyes at the corpse, searching closely for any signs of movement. His sister suddenly sprang up, just as the brown shape in front of him let out a gasp, and as quick as a snake, before he could even react:


His sister had broken the leader's neck, her amber eyes showing the fire of frustration. His sister took a deep breath before sitting back down to finish cleaning the crimson off her snow-colored paws. The shadow and snowy color clashed together on her pelt, and it was the same for him. He was a large tom, with a great power, enough to take on a fox, whilst his dear littermate had a thinner frame, quick and agile. His cerulean colored eyes darted around the shadowy clearing, making sure no-one was there to witness the death of their very leader.

"I'll be deputy?" The tom looked back over to his dear sister and chuckled.

"Of course you will, dear Ravenfire. You and I, will be the ones to rule SkyClan forever." The sky roared as if protesting against him and his sister, it darkened with clouds ready to pour their tears. At least it would clean the crimson mess they had made of their leader.

"I can always trust you, Hailfire, you know that?"

Chapter 1 (Ravenfire)

Ravenfire starred down at the clan below her, she and her dear brother had spent moons planning for this moment! Planning the perfect rules that would apply to the clan! Ravenfire waited for the signal of her brother. Ravenfire was staring up at the shadowy cave her brother chose to sleep within. A pair of blue lights flickered in the darkness: it was time. Ravenfire quickly leapt up on the sky stone, then let out a yowl.

"All gather for the fierce and unforgiving Hailstar!" Cats began to gather below, one of the warriors, Robinflight, glared up at her with suspicious eyes.

"It's not your place to call meetings, Ravenfire!" Ravenfire narrowed her firey eyes at the brown and black form below, then let out a hiss.

"Well, it is now, so if I were you, I'd just get used to it!" Pawsteps echoed as claws hit rock behind her, Ravenfire looked back to see her own brother standing there. Ravenfire dipped her head in respect to him, and he purred to his sister and simply flicked his tail.

"That's enough, Ravenfire, thank you." She nodded to her brother and slid down to the lower part of the rock. She narrowed her eyes at every warrior. She needed to know their true loyalty to SkyClan. Would they stay because of their bloodline? Or because of the loyalty to their little 'code'. She knew the apprentices would stay, of course! The queens wouldn't be able to manage the kits on their own! Most importantly, the warrior code says 'the leader's word is law.' They'd need to stay here to obey the very code!

Of course, the only ones who will stay due to me and my brother's leadership would be Pheasantfur and Specklefur... The voices within the clearing were cut off by a booming voice from above on the sky-rock.

"Enough! We're here to set down some new rules for SkyClan that we have been planning. Like them or not, you're putting up with them or we'll take you to the new punishment den, it's lined with two-leg vine on all sides, we call it the 'stone den'." No-one in the clearing dared to speak.


"Now, anyone to protest to these rules will be punished. Let us begin, rule one: once kits are two moons old, they will be tested for an apprentice ceremony. They will be put outside of camp with trusted warriors searching for them, if they are found, they are brought back here and killed, however, if they are not found by dawn, they are brought back to camp for an apprentice ceremony." Ravenfires gaze swept across the entire clearing, the fur of some of the cats rose in alarm, just as she was about to nod for her brother to continue, a yowl came from one of the cats:

"You cant do that!" Ravenfire snapped her gaze over to where the yowl had came from, her eyes narrowing.


Ravenfire leapt down from her place on the rock, and stalked over to where the angry tom was. Ravenfire shoved her muzzle into his face, forcing him to look straight into her blazing fiery eyes. The tom showed no fear towards Ravenfire, and this only made her frustrated, without her brother's order, all she could do was threaten this piece of fox-dung!

"Unless you want to be sleeping in the cold without a nest, or be sleeping in the stone den, you can respect the new rules of your leaders!" With that, Ravenfire whipped around as a quick as a snake, and stalked back to the tall rock that towered above the clearing for all to see, jumping back to her place.

"Ahem, as I was saying," her brother continued on, as if the threat Ravenfire had given to the warrior had never happened.

"Rule two: All blind, paralyzed, and other disfigured kits will be Servants within the clan!" no-one spoke, but the fur on Robinflights neck rose, Newtspot flattened his ear in shock. The other warriors didn't know how to react, only Pheasantfur and Specklefur reacted the correct way. Smirking, tails flicking in wonder of what the leader-- their leaders-- would come up with next.

"Rule three: StarClan does not exist, no one is to enter the Whispering Cave!" Newtspot stepped back from the crowd in shock. Ravenfire narrowed her eyes and looked up at her brother, the tom looked back down at her with an icy gaze, unlike her fiery one. It was clear they were both thinking the same thing:

Newtspot can't be trusted!

Her fiery gaze went back down to the shocked tom. She flicked her tail to make him sit down. He didn't, and Ravenfire let out a cold hiss to the medicine cat.

"Sit down!" Her voice was harsh, making the small medicine cat flinch, then quickly take his spot back in the crowd of confused and angry warriors. Ravenfire kept an eye on the medicine cat, as her brother continued with the newer rules.

"Rule four: Toms can choose she-cats as their mate, and the she-cats can not protest. This rule does not apply to my dear sister and deputy: Ravenfire." A gasp came from one of the cats in the crowd. Ravenfire growled, and shot an icy glare to the warrior who dared to interrupt. Lilysplash! She let out a growl to her brother to get his attention, his gaze down at her once again, ears pricked to listen closely. She flicked her tail over to Lilysplash, the one who dared to interrupt, at least Robinflight had waited for Hailstar to pause!

"Someone thought it was nice to interrupt you, brother." Hailstar's eyes swept the clearing, landing right on Lilysplash. He glared at the trembling ginger form, and the she-cat stepped back in fear of what would happen to her. He gave a curt nod to Ravenfire, and stared into her fiery gaze with his icy gaze for a moment, and she got the message.

Take Lilysplash to the stone-den!

Ravenfire did not hesitate to jump down from her place on the rock. The warriors cleared a path for her to the she-cat. Lilysplash whimpered, yellow orbs of eyes wide in terror. Ravenfire flicked her tail for Lilysplash to follow, and with shaking paws, Lilysplash slowly followed, tripping in the soil ground and stone. Ravenfire didn't stop, making Lilysplash scramble to catch up with her. They stopped at a newly dug out, very small den lined with two-leg vine, no nest, and had two-leg vine to the side so they couldn't get out.

Ravenfire snickered, she recalled on how they got the vine...

Ravenfire held the squirrel and blue jay firmly in her jaws, her and her brother padded side by side, pelts brushing. Her nose wrinkled as a rotting smell filled the air, twoleg waste and crow-food. She held back a gag of disgust, and pressed on into the flattened grassy area. They entered a shadowy place, reeking of waste and more rotting smell. She stepped in something wet and hot, it was leaking from the waste. Ravenfire hissed through the prey in her jaws. How could the rogue live like this?!

"Here we are." Her brothers voice snapped her out of her thoughts, Ravenfire dropped her prey on the ground carelessly, then let out a sigh of relief.

"Finally!" Her brother looked over at her with an amused smirk, then chuckled, flicking his tail playfully.

"We'll be out of here soon, sis." Ravenfire let out a huff, and lifted her paw in disgust to try an avoid the litter. It was hard to believe they needed to come here to get the vine they needed for the stone den! All this cat needed was some prey, they had five pieces, enough to satisfy him. Why couldn't this flea-bag do it himself!?

"Scarf! We have the prey you wanted!" A ragged-furred tom peeked out from a strange square piece of litter. The tom let out a raspy purr.

"Oh! The prey! Hand it here!" Scarf jumped down to get it. Ravenfire's eyes narrowed in suspicion, she didn't come to this horrid place after working hard to hunt prey for an outsider to be tricked! She quickly leapt forward in front of the prey, blocking Scarf from getting anywhere near it.The rogue flattened his shredded ears, then stepped back.

"You know what I want! Give us the two-leg vine, then you get the prey!" She could feel her brother smirking behind her. Scarf growled, then disappeared into the shadows of the dark, stinking place. Ravenfire wanted to vomit, this cat didn't sleep in a moss nest, he slept in a soaking wet piece of twoleg litter! He even had to eat rats! She shivered in disgust. A moment later, a pair of sea colored eyes peered out of the darkness, Scarf emerged with a clump of the twoleg vine. He spat it out on front of them, glaring.

"Alright, now you can have your prey." Ravenfire carefully picked the wire up in her jaws, then backed away to let Scarf have his prey. She gave a nod to her brother; she was ready to go. Hailfire gave a quick goodbye to Scarf, before the two set off back to their camp.

Ravenfire was pulled out of her memories by a whimper of horror coming from in front of her. She looked up to see Lilysplash looking into the stone den. Honestly, Ravenfire was surprised no curious warrior had taken a peek into the den... Ravenfire smirked, and averted her fiery eyes to the clearing, Hailstar was sitting there waiting for her, letting her take her sweet time. She smiled, her brother was so patient with her...

"That's the stone den?! Two-leg wire is everywhere! Even on the floor!" Ravenfire chuckled, and got ready to shove her into the den. She unsheathed her claws; Lilysplash wasn't going to in there without a fight if there was some... off timing...

"Yep, have fun!" Lilysplash whipped around in terror just as Ravenfire shoved her into the stone den, even making sure the thorns of the den dug into Lilysplashs soft fur. She yowled, and Ravenfire grabbed the vine off to the side, this one was thicker than what was in the den, to ensure no-one snuck out. Ravenfire began to cover up the den, making Lilysplash yowl in panic.

"No! No! Please! Don't leave me in here!" Ravenfire ignored her, and finished dragging the vine over the exit of the den, then proceeded to grab brambles and drag them over the stone den as well. Finally, Ravenfire stalked off, back to the sky-rock. Her brother sat there, waiting patiently for her to continue the meeting.

"You took your time?" Ravenfire smiled, and nodded, daring to lock her fiery gaze with her brother's icy one.

"Of course I did, I knew my brother wouldn't mind!" Hailstar chuckled, and playfully flicked his tail at her.

"What brother of yours do I not know about?" Ravenfire playfully rolled her pumpkin colored eyes, then let out a playful purr to her dear brother.

"Get on with the meeting you fur-brain!" Hailstar rolled his eyes, before turning his gaze back to a cold stare, and glared back down at the crowd of cats.

"Rule five: Followers of these ways may sleep in the dens, non-followers must sleep outside in the cold without a nest." He nodded to Ravenfire, and stepped back, Ravenfire smirked.

I'm happy my dear brother trusts me for mentor reassignment!

Ravenfire leapt on top of the sky-stone, her brother's pelt brushing against hers. She looked down at the cats below her, then began to speak.

"Non-Followers may no longer mentor apprentices, so, we are having mentor reassignment." Her brother came forward and she smiled, Ravenfire loved the thought of doing meetings together as one, not just the leader speaking to the clan.

"We have been planning for a while to reassign two certain apprentices to new mentors that are more... fit... for the mentoring task." Ravenfire brought her fiery gaze down to the cats below, Squirrelpaw and Whitepaw, apprentices of the disloyal warriors, such as Owlsong and Waterflower. She felt her brother's tail brush down her back: it was her turn to speak.

"The apprentices we are choosing to reassign will be Squirrelpaw, and Whitepaw, both of you come forward, and hear out the choices me and my brother made for you two for better learning and training." Squirrelpaw looked up at Owlsong before darting under the sky-rock, the brown form flicking her fluffy tail. Whitepaw hesitated, frozen in shock, sea-colored orbs wide in disbelief. Finally, after what felt like lifetimes, the snowy she-cat stumbled forward below the rock. Ravenfire narrowed her eyes: this apprentice was disgustingly weak!

Why would the former leader even think about assigning her to a fragile warrior like Waterfower?!

"As me and Ravenfire discussed, we will be mentoring these two apprentices, they will be spending the rest of their training together, just as how me and dear Ravenfire were." Ravenfire nodded in thanks, before taking her part to speak to the crowd of splattered colors and different fur patterns below.

"As me and Hailstar finally agreed, I will be taking Whitepaw, whilst my brother will be taking Squirrelpaw. We hope the former mentors have learned their lessons of training an apprentice correctly, the clan is now dismissed until next meeting." Ravenfire half jumped, half slid down the graphite colored rock, down to the snowy form of Whitepaw. Her brother trailed after her, not far behind.

"Let us start with battle training." The two began to lead their apprentices up the steep slope of the camp, before she said the same familiar thing she always said, whenever they succeeded in doing something.

"I can always trust you, Hailstar, you know that?"

Chapter 2 (Ravenfire)

Ravenfire and Hailstar padded side-by side in the sea-colored blended with a peaceful emerald blended with a slightly darker shamrock colored forest. Their new apprentices were tripping over jagged roots and jutting stones not far behind them. The two took them to a clearing, where the grass changed from the dark basil color, to a very light mint and seafoam color. Ravenfire turned her fiery gaze to meet her brothers icy gaze, for a moment, they stared at each other, as if they were speaking to one another without the words to speak needed. Finally, they each turned around to face the two young cats behind them. Hailstar was the one to speak;

"Here, we will be working on battle training on either side of the clearing: this will be just like a real battle. But you will learn newer moves that only the special cats can learn. Understood?" There was a moment of silence, as the wind whispered a song of agreement, the trees groaned in protest, as if the entire forest was divided within the SkyClan territory of the twins' leadership.

"Y-yes, mentor Hailstar." Squirrelpaw had been the one to speak, her light mint eyes not daring to meet with his cerulean ones, or Ravenfire's pumpkin colored ones. With a curt nod to her brother before the two went different ways to train their new apprentices, Ravenfire remembered this clearing: it was the clearing they had killed the former leader in. Oh how she had enjoyed it! The two on one kill, the fact she wouldn't have had to hide anything from her dear brother! She still remembered the very night they had struck for the kill...

Ravenfire picked her way through the messy, tall, wet, grass in the dark. The only thing giving her away was her jagged albino colored stripes and pumpkin colored eyes. A cold breeze tugged harshly at her fur, hissing for her to stop. But they did not. Ravenfire looked back at the leader and her brother. The two were going to... 'show her a fox den'.... Ravenfire continued to push through the sea-colored leaves and into a dark emerald clearing. The leader's eyes narrowed, there was no fox den. Just her, and her brother.

"What's going on here, Ravenfire? Hailfire?" Hailfire suddenly let out a battle screech, and threw himself at the leader. Ravenfire wasted no time throwing herself onto the brown form. Screeching filled the clearing, sounds of rage and pain.

Ravenfire felt a burning pain in her flank, and watched as the leader raked her claws across Hailfire's shoulders. The she-cat stood no chance against her and her brother! Ravenfire raked her claws down the back of the leaders neck, while Hailfire suddenly batted her side. Ravenfire nodded. The two had created their own ways of saying what attack to use or what to do.

Brushing the tail down the back meant: speak, or let's speak. Batting the side means: Let's use one of the attacks we made. Locking of the eyes meant they were in fact speaking. A flick of the ear means: "be careful!", and so on.

I darted in front of the leader to let her rear up before Hailfire ran behind her, then dragged her down by her shoulders, exposing her stomach. Ravenfire leapt up, then sank her claws into the leader's stomach, making her yowl. Hailfire twisted around as quick as lightning, and slammed her to the ground to prevent her from crushing him beneath her weight. Ravenfire held the leader down by her shoulders, whilst Hailfire put a paw at her neck.

"Goodbye, Rabbitstar!"

Ravenfire snapped herself out of her thoughts, there was no time for good memories of her and her dear brother. She had an apprentice to train now, she wasn't going to fail at such a simple job of keeping a young cat under control!

"Alright, Whitepaw. We're going to test what you have learned so far, understood?" Whitepaw gulped, then nodded, Ravenfire flattened her ears at the fragile looking apprentice: Squirrelpaw would surely finish training before this poor excuse for a wildcat. Ravenfire didn't waste any time throwing herself at Whitepaw, claws unsheathed. Whitepaw let out a screech in response, kicking out her hind legs in a flurry of panic. Ravenfire hissed, clawing her cheek.

"Fight like i'm a rogue that seeks to kill you, mange-pelt!" Whitepaw panicked, and unsheathed her claws as quick as lightning, before jumping up like a rabbit to try and prepare herself for the next attack. As quick as a snake, Ravenfire had knocked Whitepaw off her soft paws with a harsh thump, Whitepaw was on the ground whimpering in fear. Ravenfire rolled her eyes, and prodded her with a paw.

"Get up!" Whitepaw jumped up in alarm and shock, Ravenfire let out a groan of frustration: she couldn't believe how terrible of a mentor Waterflower must have been! Ravenfire circled around Whitepaw.

"We're trying again, and this time, don't be such a kittypet!" Ravenfire threw herself onto Whitepaw once again, and the little she-cat screeched in pain as crimson liquid splattered then stained the ground. Ravenfire began to grow more frustrated with Whitepaw, then finally just kicked her away.

"You know what? Hunt!" Whitepaw flattened her ears in shock. The apprentice slowly rose to her paws, as if she were treading on ice. Ravenfire flattened her ears, then bared her teeth.

"Now!" Whitepaw was gone like a flash of lightning. Ravenfire growled, but then forced her shadowy fur to lie flat. She treaded over to where Hailstar and Squirrelpaw were training together. Squirrelpaw's once sleek smoke colored fur was now raggedy and stained with a scarlet liquid that clung to her pelt, and it was the same with her brother, shadow and albino pelt ruined by the crimson stains that covered the shamrock grass around them.

"That's enough, Squirrelpaw, not bad, not bad at all." Ravenfire ran her tail down Hailstar's back, her brother nodded, then gestured for Squirrelpaw to go and hunt. The smoke-colored she-cat darted off like a snake. Her brother turned his icy gaze to meet her fire-filled one.

"What is it, sister, dear?" Ravenfire let out an annoyed growl, it was taking everything in her not to let her very fur stand up in front of her brother: a good deputy showed patience! She sighed, and opened her jaws to speak.

"I have a naming request for Whitepaw..."

Chapter 3 (Hailstar)

Hailstar leapt up onto the sky-stone, his sister following not far behind. He watched as Ravenfire sat on the side of the rock, then sighed, this made his sister look like an underling! But they were both the rulers of SkyClan!

"Come sit here, Ravenfire." He brushed his snowy tail over a just a slightly lower and flatter part of the stone, he couldn't help but smile at that harsh, firey gaze his sister held. The gaze that made her look strong, the thing that completed a piece of Ravenfire: the snappy, independent, strong, fast warrior.

"Let all cats gather below for the fierce and unforgiving Hailstar!" Hailstar smirked at his sister, then raised his voice for the clan to hear.

"As well as the independent and strong Ravenfire!" His sister looked at him, surprised, only for him to chuckle, her firey gaze softened for a moment, before the shadowy she-cat glared at the splatter of pelts below. She gave a small nod to ask Hailstar to speak, and Hailstar nodded back. Hailstar lifted his voice to the crowd.

"As one of our apprentices have been proven soft during training today, they will be given a new name as punishment of weakness! This name will last: even as a warrior to the clan. Whitepaw, come forward." The snowy-cat took shaky pawsteps forward, she had wide eyes. Her fur was fluffed up. Her shamrock eyes were wide with pure terror.

"You, you were weak in your training, and disobedient to Ravenfire. For this insult, your new name will be Maggotpaw!" Maggotpaw looked horrified,and she trembled, Hailstar looked over at Ravenfire. His sister was smirking... He watched as his sister leapt down and whispered something into Maggotpaw's ear. The snowy she-cat whimpered and ran off in fear at those whispered words.

"Clan dismissed!" Hailstar jumped down on the smoke colored rock as the splatter of pelts disbanded from the meeting. He smiled at his dear sister, wrapping his tail around her.

"What did you tell her anyways?" Ravenfire giggled, the amber fire in her pumpkin colored eyes going down a little.

"I told her she would be spending four nights in the stone den if she didn't obey from now on, and sent her to hunt some more." Hailstar smiled, and looked down on the weaker cats of the clan: all of them were weak. Well, just not Ravenfire, Pheasantfur, Specklefur, Foxpaw, or Swiftpaw.

I need to discuss warrior names for Foxpaw and Swiftpaw with Ravenfire...

Chapter 4 (Hailstar)

Hailstar sighed, basking in the sun on the sky-rock. It was a nice day, one of many since greenleaf. So he and Ravenfire decided to relax: just for a bit. He looked over to where Ravenfire was inspecting what the apprentices had brought in. He heard Ravenfire hiss something to Maggotpaw, then send her back out hunting. Hailstar smirked. Skyclan was being ruled over perfectly. Hailstar's eyes scanned over the camp, then stopped on a certain medicine cat.


The tom was heading into the Whispering Cave, Hailstar narrowed his icy gaze at the medicine cat. He then jumped down, padding over to his sister. Hailstar let out a forced, friendly purr to his dear, loving sister.

"Ravenfire? Be a dear and check the Whispering Cave if you will?" Ravenfire nodded, and gingerly padded off to check the cave, while Hailstar waited not far from the entrance to the cave. He could feel a warrior's outraged gaze burning into his snowy and shadowy pelt. Hailstar looked over to the side to see Robinflight's deep emerald gaze burning into his pelt like green fire. A screech suddenly rang out from the Whispering Cave.

Ravenfire discovered Newtspot. Ravenfire was dragging the small medicine cat out of the cave, Hailstar jumped over to meet the two.

"Well would you look at that? We have a little traitor!" Newtspot let out a hiss to Hailstar, and the tom stepped back.

"Ravenfire, take him to the stone den, why don't you?" His sister nodded, dragging Newtspot away. As the shadowy and snowy combined tom watched the poor medicine cat be dragged off, a silent hiss came from behind him. Hailstar whipped around just in time to see Robinflight jump out at him. Hailstar let out a yowl of alarm. This alerted all the cats in the clearing, including his sister. Ravenfire looked panicked for a moment, before her fiery gaze returned.

He saw her give a small nod, she was going to finish covering up the den first. Surely he could hold out that long? Hailstar didn't know, Robinflight was a massive, hard to beat tom.

No! That makes me sound weak! I have to fight back to this traitor! Hailstar swiped at the massive tom's face, hardly doing anything. Robinflight let out a hiss of fury, bringing his claws down to slash over Hailstar's eyes. Hailstar let out a yowl of pain. Having enough, he lashed out his hind claws to the tom's belly, making him stumble back. He needed Ravenfire to fight by his side as they always did!

He looked up to call for help, only to see a desperate medicine cat struggling to stay out of the den. He needed to be strong now, Ravenfire had her own problem to deal with! Hailstar leapt to his paws in fury, charging at Robinflight. Robinflight reared up, just as Hailstar leapt at him. Robinflight swung a massive paw, knocking him to the side.

Hailstar felt weight slam down on his back, clawing at his shoulders like there was no tomorrow. Claws slashed over one of his ears...


Great! Just great! Now his ear was torn! Hailstar had enough, he twisted beneath Robinflight's weight. He chomped down Robinflight's front paw, twisting it. He didn't stop twisting and tugging, despite the tom thrashing about to get his paw free from his leader's mouth.


Robinflight howled in pain, stumbling back in pure shock. Hailstar leapt up to his paws as quick as a snake, slowly circling around the traitor. Robinflight let out a screech of fury; Hailstar needed to act fast, he threw himself at Robinflight, only to be met with a flurry of blows from the tom.

Blood exploded from Hailstars neck, making him fall tot he ground as blood started to stream out of his mouth. Robinflight let out a furious hiss.

"That will teach you to mess with the ways of the clan!" Hailstar let everything go black for him...

Hailstar awoke within a rotting forest. A haunting, familiar, rotting forest.... StarClan didn't believe he was truly dead, did they!?

"I still have eight lives left you fools!" Hailstar screeched to the sky, he didn't want to end up here yet! He'd only earn his place after he lost all nine of the lives that 'amazing StarClan' gave him! StarClan was pathetic, they were full of weak cats who stuck to their dumb code!

"What you don't know is I can use the code to my own advantage! You're weak StarClan! You hear me?! Weak!" Hailstar looked around for anything useful at the moment, and the tom walked around within the dead forest. Taking in the murky, dark scenery of the place. The place where only the strongest of cats may survive!

Hailstar's icy gaze suddenly widened in shock. There stood, a faint, ever so faint form of him. The tom glared in disappointment. Then opened his jaws to speak to Hailstar...

"I'm surprised your still alive, look, let me cut straight to the point. I happen to know where the four clans are. If you accept my guidance, I can take you to them. You can attack the clans and claim the forest as yours. Don't worry about loyal warriors, The Place of No Stars has that covered." The tom spoke in a odd, distorted voice. Hailstar thought about it. The more cats he had as one clan... The more power he and Ravenfire could have!

"All the clans as one... I'd like that. What's your name?" The tom let out a corrupted laughter, a rather sickening laughter to most cats...

"Oh? You don't remember me Hailpaw? It was just you and me all those nights, until that sister of yours was invited into The Place of No Stars for training. Heh, we're kin, Hailfire. I'm brother to your father. You don't remember good ole' Oakleap?" Hailstar's eyes widened in pure shock.


"Listen, kit. The leader always gets to do whatever they want! I want you and your sister to be happy. Hailpaw, come on, you trust your kin. Right?" Hailpaw nodded in pure happiness, he got his father's brother as his own mentor! While all Ravenpaw got was his father's sister.

"This will be perfect! It'll only be-" Oakleap was cut off by the rustling of the bushes. His father's sister and Ravenpaw came out of the emerald colored undergrowth of the place. Ravenpaw held an odd, fiery gaze. Oddly enough, it sent a shiver down Hailpaw's spine.

"It's not going to just be you and Hailpaw in this, they will train as siblings just as we did. Is that clear?" Hailpaw flattened his ears to his sister in frustration. First day as an apprentice and he still didn't get to have any time away from the annoying she-cat!

"Oh fine, lets start with battle training then..."

Hailstar smiled at the memory, Oakleap had brought him and his sister together like one cat. Now, because of that... They rule over SkyClan... and now, they... they can rule over the entire forest!

"I accept your guidance, my kin. I must go now, I have a clan to lead!"

Chapter 5 (Ravenfire)

Ravenfire threw herself at Robinflight. This traitor had just killed Hailstar! With a screech of fury, she started to send a fury of blows to Robinflight, blood splattering in puddles, screeching came from the two cats as they rolled around in a ball of fur.

Come on, Hailstar, wake up! Ravenfire was thrown back, and she felt the breath in her lungs leave her. She heard something like a gasp, Hailstar was back up on his paws almost instantly. With a yowl, he threw himself at Robinflight, making the tom yowl in shock.

Come on! I...I have to recover! My brother needs me! Ravenfire forced herself to her paws, throwing herself back on Robinflight. The tom thrashed in a wild manner, attempting to throw the two cats off. Ravenfire leapt back, making Robinflight roll over to get Hailstar off. Luckily her brother was able to jump off the traitor just in time, running over to her. Hailstar stood beside her to wait for their next attack.

"Brother, how about we show our clan what happens to the traitors here, but, not too much, we'll decide a death for him in a sky-rock meeting!" Ravenfire smirked, her brother brought his icy gaze over to her, it instantly turned into a gentle, azure one she always knew and loved as an apprentice.

"You are very clever, my dear sister." Hailstar turned to the group of cats. "Followers! To my aid!" almost instantly, Pheasantfur, Specklefur. Foxpaw, and Swiftpaw shot out of the crowd. Ravenfire stepped in front of them.

"Just weaken him, we'll decide a punishment --that will be a certain death-- after, understood?" The cat nodded, Ravenfire flicked her tail in signal to attack, with that, Robinflight was swamped in the pelts of their loyal followers. Hailstar and Ravenfire jumped to their paws to join in the fight. Ravenfire went for Robinflight's face, slashing it in a fury of blows. Blood exploded everywhere as Robinflight twisted to attack and ripped away from others.

Finally, the traitor collapsed, the followers stood back as he gasped for air. He was now blind in one eye, thanks to Ravenfire. The apprentices had done a job of tearing at the claws of his hind legs and biting into his hind legs to weaken him.

"Take him in front of sky-rock, I'm calling a meeting." Hailstar hissed coldly. The followers nodded, going over to the massive tom. Ravenfire could feel his one good eye death-glaring her and her brother. She flicked her tail in response. Her and Hailstar took their places on the smoke-colored rock as Robinflight was harshly thrown down in front of the huge rock.

"All gather for the fierce and unforgiving Hailstar!" Hailstar smirked at her, his azure gaze going calm, before turning back to the familiar, icy gaze that would send a shiver down a cat's spine.

"As well as the agile and haunting Ravenfire!" Cats were already down below them, giving nervous glances at Robinflight. The tom looked weak and scared even. He knew he couldn't fight back now, and was at the mercy of his two unforgiving leaders.

"As you all know, Robinflight has been proven disloyal. So, we're taking it upon ourselves to pick out a proper punishment for him." Hailstar began, then waited a moment, then continued on. "After a small bit of planning, me and Ravenfire have decided that the punishment will be a type of death." Gasps of shock came from the crowd below, some shrank away in fear, while others stood there in disbelief. Hailstar looked over at Ravenfire, and she smirked.

"I think we should drown him." Her brother nodded, then brushed his tail down her back, they would plan out more deaths later...

"Robinflight will be drowned, anyone to interfere with weeding out the traitors of the clan will be punished." With that, Hailstar leapt down the sky-rock, grabbing Robinflight harshly by the scruff. The tom opened his jaws in protest, but, no words came out. Her followers ran over, but she waved her tail for them to stay back, they would drag him on their own.

Ravenfire sank her teeth into Robinflights wounded back, causing more blood to splatter out of his back than before. It was hard to believe they were killing off a traitor for the first time. Of course, there will be more traitors in the future, so she needed to get used to it now.

They hauled him over to the river within the camp, throwing him down beside it, close enough to stick his head under. Ravenfire put her paws where his scruff was to hold him down, while Hailstar sank his claws into the back of his head, he forced it under water.

At first, there was no reaction, but, after a bit of holding him there, he started to struggle, it got worse and worse, to the point where Ravenfire had to sit on him and hold onto him for dear life as he tried to get out of their grasp. Finally, the tom fell limp, although he was still alive. So they held him there more, until he fell limp completely, and there was no sign of life in him.

Robinflight had been drowned by Hailstar and Ravenfire.

Hailstar sighed, his fur laying down from when it was spiked up in battle. He turned and left the corpse by the river, flicking his tail for Ravenfire to follow him. Together, they both leapt upon the great sky-rock.

"You have all seen what happens to the disloyal," Hailstar began, scanning the crowd for any signs of disloyalment or anger.

"On a happier note, two apprentices have proven full strength and loyalty to our clan. Swiftpaw, Foxpaw, come forward." The two apprentices stepped out from the crowd of cats, their tails twitched as they stared up with wide, glowing eyes.

"You two are very loyal apprentices to Skyclan, you have proven this by helping us defeat the traitor. For that, I give you your well-deserved warriors names: Swiftclaw and Foxscar." The clan was hesitant, even when Specklefur and Pheasantfur let out caterwauls.

"Swiftclaw! Foxscar! Swiftclaw! Foxscar! Swiftclaw! Foxscar!" With that, Hailstar and Ravenfire jumped down in dismissal. Ravenfire trotted over to her apprentice, Maggotpaw. She was staring at herself in the river water, Ravenfire narrowed her amber eyes.

"Come on Maggotpaw, training." The snowy she-cat sighed, and nodded. Ravenfire turned tail, padding to the camp exit, she could hear Maggotpaw scrambling to keep up with her mentor.

Ravenfire jumped up the slope that they called a camp entrance and exit. But who was she to complain? SkyClan was known for their strong hind legs and ability to jump from tree to tree. It was a rather stealthy battle tactic, a good way to hunt as well. But Ravenfire preferred teaching her apprentice to fight and hunt on the ground before in the trees.

Sure, that may sound soft. But there is improvement, then just plan mean. She remembered the struggle of her and Hailstar trying to cooperate in the trees. It was a... painful experience. She shook the thought away, going into the training clearing where Rabbitstar herself had been killed. Ravenfire turned around to attack Maggotpaw, only for the white she-cat to already have thrown herself at Ravenfire.

The thin black and white deputy hissed, throwing Maggotpaw away from her. Blood welled up on Ravenfires cheek...

"Good, Maggotpaw." She threw herself at the apprentice, Maggotpaw reared up, and smacked her shoulder with one paw, before quickly striking it with the other paw.

Shock rippled down through Ravenfires leg, making her yowl and fall to the ground in pain. Maggotpaw took this chance to attack, clawing at Ravenfires exposed belly, Ravenfire hissed, raking Maggotpaws underbelly with her hind claws, making the apprentice flinch.

As soon as she got feeling back in her leg, she rolled over beneath Maggotpaw, making the she-cat fall on her side with a thump! Blood splattered the sea foam grass below them. The black-and-white deputy let out a purr of approval to her apprentice.

"Now had did you learn to do that?" Maggotpaw looked up at her, scrambling back onto her paws in an instant.

"F-foxscar taught me h-how to do it!" She stuttered, Ravenfire yawned, nodding. Foxscar was supposed to be Little-Clever-Goody-Paws wasn't he?!

"Well, that's enough for today, go hunt." Ravenfire padded off to do some hunting herself. She opened her jaws to taste the air, the satisfying of the scent of mouse flooding her jaws. She looked around for the grey creature, narrowing her pumpkin eyes.

Finally, she found the small, helpless creature. It was trying to find seeds. Letting her tongue run across her jaws, she slowly went into a hunter's crouch... Her paws slid forward in a careful manner, making sure not to alert the creature of its impending death.

Slowly, she crept forward, stopping as the mouse looked up every few moments. Finally, she leaped, a screech was cut off as she sank her teeth into her prey's neck. It fell limp and cold in her paws.

She felt satisfied, but her claws unsheathed, she shivered with a strange urge. She felt like biting into something a hearing a satisfying snap.

She wanted to kill, to feel... powerful. Ravenfire shook the thought away, she needed to hunt. Now was not a time to think about picking away the weak. She looked around for another piece of prey, hoping to at least catch a bird or something...

She froze when a friendly mew was heard, she whipped around. A kittypet was sitting on a piece of wood, it seemed to mewing down at something, possibly someone as well. Now, now would be a good time for flex her claws and feel a sense of relief.

She didn't wait to speak, as she suddenly let out a yowl of battle. Ravenfire threw herself at the kittypet. It twisted around in time for her to throw it off the wood, making the kittypet land with a thump on the shamrock ground below.

Ravenfire unsheathed her claws, bringing them down over the cats eye. The kittypet didn't have time to react as she kicked at its stomach. She suddenly heard terrified mews, she turned around to see...


She must have woken them when she attacked their mother... They hadn't even opened their eyes yet: clearly still in need of milk. She smirked, perhaps... perhaps kits this young could be raised in SkyClan as warriors to the clan. With a wicked grin, she sank her teeth into the kittypet's collar, shaking it around in a violent manner.

Finally, it tore away. The she-cat let out a furious hiss, batting her paws in a pitiful way to Ravenfire, the SkyClan deputy let out a howl of laughter at the kittypet's weak attempts. She went down, putting her jaws at her neck.

She stopped for a moment to let the she-cat struggle helplessly, before then biting down. A sickening snap echoed across the clearing, as blood exploded and streamed from the she-cats neck.

Ravenfire turned back to the kits, then grinned. She pressed her nose to a smoke tabby she-kit.

"Your name will be Stormkit," She went on to a black tom. "And you will be Nightkit," she brought her gaze over to the cinnamon and white she-kit, and the white tom. "You two will be named by Hailstar." With that, she picked up the kits by their tiny scruffs. Then waited for a patrol to come along.

Chapter 6(Ravenfire)

The Skyclan deputy watched, letting the four kits play in the nursery. Stormkit, Nightkit, Fogkit, and Lionkit had opened their eyes just a few days after she had brought them back to Skyclan. The kits got along well, it almost made her want to get her own offspring, to train and raise in the ways of a true Skyclan ruler. Ravenfire flicked her tail. She couldn't have kits, and she knew it. That would be a sign of weakness to other cats.

But, it was so... tempting! These kits were innocent! With her blood within them? Surely, they'd grow to be very strong warriors to Skyclan... She shook the thought away, speaking of kits.

"How old are Palekit and Twigkit?" The Skyclan deputy stood up, walking over to the nursery. There, Palekit lay beside her mother, while Twigkit was tumbling around with Cherrykit, Ashkit, and Darkkit.

Ravenfire tore her firey gaze away from the kits, looking over at the mother. The dappled tabby looked down, her shamrock gaze full of worry and grief. That was all Ravenfire needed, to see. She spared one last glance at the kits in the corner of the nursery. Before forcing herself not to smile, quickly turning, then going out of the nursery.

She padded across the gorge they had chosen to call a camp. There, warriors shared tongues amongst one another. Maggotpaw and Squirrelpaw were sharing prey, Ravenfire took a moment to take in the fact that Maggotpaw had grown stronger ever since she had been torn away from her former mentors training. The black and white tabby couldn't help but be proud of herself for what she had done.

The young apprentices once sleek white fur was now parted across her shoulders with a four claw mark scar. It was due to their last training session, that had been a great success.

Perhaps I can test her mind by taking her out rogue hunting. She can only be strong if she has the will to kill a cat... Right? No! Of course! She has to be able to fight, hunt, kill, and show pure loyalty! Unless she wants to end up like Robinflight! Ravenfire continued on, padding over to the fresh-kill-pile.

The Skyclan deputy took a plump rabbit for herself, and her brother of course. Before then continuing to her way to the Sky Rock. She took a moment to look up at the rock. Her father had told her that the Sky Rock had been the tallest rock in the forest. That only the strongest could get up there.

If they could get up on that stone, then they were the strongest! The bravest, the fiercest, and the most dangerous cats this forest had ever seen. Ravenfire bunched up her hind legs, before taking a mighty leap.

Her front paws landed on the Sky Stone, allowing her to unsheath her claws, scrambling up on the stone. Once up on the sun-warmed rock. She took a moment to look down upon the camp. Everything was alright, the warriors were talking to one another, Maggotpaw and Squirrelpaw had gotten up from the last places she had seen them.

They were now battle training in the corner of camp, the black and white she-cat was about to call out to them, before she noticed a scarlet liquid hit the ground.

That's better. She narrowed her eyes, looking over at the other warriors. Owlsong was speaking to Waterflower, she clearly seemed concerned. Shadefang, Reedclaw, and Spottedtail went up to meet them.

As Ravenfire looked away from the conversation she couldn't hear, she picked up the rabbit. Then, noticed out of the corner of her eye, Newtspot was watching from the medicine den. Ears flattened in terror, he couldn't seem to forget his time in the Stone Den. Ravenfire couldn't help but purr, but feel good inside, she couldn't help but feel high and mighty from Newtspots fear.

That's right you dumb Medicine Cat! Hide like a startled rabbit! We run this clan now, and you can't do anything about it! Ravenfire puffed out her chest in pride, continuing into the leaders den. There, Hailstar raised his head from where he was sitting in his nest.

"Well hello, dear sister." Ravenfire only nodded in response, setting the rabbit down. She then looked out the shamrock moss covering the den, making sure no cat was listening in to their plotting.

"Hello, brother," She looked back at him. "I brought you something to eat, and came to say it's time for Palekit and Twigkit to be tested." Hailstar froze, clearly surprised that it was that time already. Before it then turned to a grin, this meant that they could be hunted by them all night long.

"However, while we're waiting. Let us plot for our plans to take this rag-tag pack to the forest, then fight for the leadership over the other clans that took us out." She purred to her brother, laying down, then tucking her paws under her.

Hailstar did the same, bringing the rabbit over to share between the two. Ravenfire took a moment, these were the minutes she enjoyed with her brother. No stress over leadership, no constantly watching who will betray who. Who is loyal and who is not. So on, and so on...

"I'm thinking we can have all medicine cats confined to their den. Two warriors will guard them day and night. They must have no contact to the whispering cave!" Hailstar nodded in agreement, taking a bite out of their rabbit.

"Agreed, I don't want to have to resort to killing our medicine cat. Not while he hasn't mentored an apprentice." Ravenfire flicked her tail, tearing a chunk away from the piece of fresh kill, before chewing and swallowing.

"Palekit is blind," She reminded. "I wanted to say, I want her as my personal servant." Hailstar looked up at Ravenfire, the Skyclan leader staring at her with his icy gaze, before then nodding.

"Anything you want to-" She cut her brother off before he could finish what he was trying to say.

"Yes, she will be renamed Nosight." Hailstar simply nodded once again, having takenw hat she wanted, Ravenfire rose to her paws, walking out of the den. She then laid down, tucking her paws beneath her. The tabby glared over at the nursery with her gaze of fire, staring down Palekit.

You are nothing to this clan, Nosight. You may not see it now, but, I'll make you realize how useless you really are!

Chapter 7 (Hailstar)

The Skyclan leader awoke in a familiar shadowy clearing. Calmly, he rose to his paws, sweeping the clearing with his icy gaze. It was silent, relaxing if he were to admit it. But, all good things must come to an end. As a yowl of pain split the air, the tabby tom followed the sound, coming upon a training clearing of some sort.

There sat his kin, staring down at a small cat on the ground. To him, it looked like nothing more than a golden lump of fur. They were trembling, as Oakleap starred them down.

"Now, what were my orders, Marigoldpaw?" the golden tabby she-cat gasped out.

"T-tell Thunderclan that... S-starclan has sent me a dream..." Oakleap unsheathed his claws, digging them into the muddy earth just below him.

"And?" He pressed on. Making her whimper. "T-there a is clan...It's... Skyclan! A-and- and..." His kin was clearly getting impatient with her, Hailstar tilted his head, but, remained completely still. They hadn't yet noticed him.

"T-they need to be brought back!" she finished quickly as Oakleap brought his claws down over her ear, ripping it away completely. She yelped, must be a newer apprentice to The Place Of No Stars.

Finally, the Skyclan leader broke away from the shadows. As Marigoldpaw faded away into nothing. Oakleap brought his icy gaze over to him, only for Hailstar to dip his head in greeting. His kin grunted in response to him, flicking his tail. Oakleap was clearly not happy about something.

Hailstar heard the bushes rustling, Ravenfire broke through the undergrowth, looking around. Hailstars ear pricked, moments later, her former mentor came in after her. Ravenfire let out a purr at whatever the two had been talking about.

"And then we drowned him." She finished, as his sister looked up to see him and Oakleap standing there. She dipped her head in greeting to her kin, before then sitting down in the clearing, waiting for something. Hailstar seemed to notice that the other two had gone silent as well. What was going on?

"We want you to start getting the clan ready to move out." Oakleap began, "Marigoldpaw of Thunderclan will be arriving in a full moons time to show you your way back." Ravenfire straightened up from grooming her paw out of surprise, she then turned her firey gaze to face her brother.

She was clearly as shocked as he was to be getting a move on so quickly. As soon as they got there, they would need a suitable territory, to get situated properly, and so much more. He straightened back up, puffing out his chest to try and look strong for his kin.

"We wont fail, we will be ready, I will assure you. Traveling to find the other clans means there is only a few more steps left to ruling the forest." Oakleap stopped, mid-lick from grooming his fur, before then letting it turn to a twisted grin.

"Is the forest all you choose to accomplish? You'll have the power of five good and strong clans at your disposal! All you're aiming for is the forest?! No! My kin, you must know that we all know that ruling the forest is a simple task! My kin, you two will be the generation to take as much land as you possibly can! Raiding filthy rogue camps and stripping two-legs kitty-pets!" He threw his head up, gaze darting across the two.

"You will leave the two-legs trembling in fear of you! Once they see their poor, poor, kitty-pets bodies hanging limply from their fences by their own flesh and fur!" He went on, before Ravenfires mentor cut in, speaking in the same, furious, intimidating tone.

"You will rip the rogue mothers away from their kits! Just as your sister has done! You will not hesitate to feed the disloyal to the dogs you find! In this world, there is no room for the weak. There is no exile! There is execution! Terminating! Tearing the lives of the weak away, in the most slow and painful deaths possible!" She went on, Hailstar grinned, and jumped up to add his own part.

"Cats will tremble at our very name, and fear our kin! Kits will learn from the nursery tales we leave behind from us-" Ravenfire jumped up as well.

"We will rule a world of red rivers and nests of the enemies fur and flesh!" Oakleap let out a laugh, as the word began to fade around them.

And you, my kin, will change the clans history forever. Every turn will be a fearful one, every camp and cats heart will be tainted with fear of you. You, will have more power than Starclan themselves with the right amount of fear from the cats!

A paw prodded his side, making the massive tom blink open his azure, icy gaze. The Skyclan leader looked up to see Foxscar standing there, Palekit and Twigkit in his jaws, the two moon olds didn't seem to know what was going on, as their mother was being held back by Pheasantfur and Specklefur outside.

"I know, I know." He sighed, rising to his paws, as he squeezed past his follower, his rested his tail tip on his shoulder for a moment. Being a follower meant some sort of praise, right? Right. He went out onto Sky-rock, as Foxscar jumped down, setting the two kits right in front of it.

Now was the time for the test for Twigkit, and for the demotion of becoming a servant for Palekit. Now was the time for the clan to slowly grow stronger, even the weakest leaders were right: every kit made a difference.

He waited, as his sister slipped through the shadows of camp. Glaring at any cats who passed by, before then making sure to leap up on the stone with her brother, looking down upon the two kits below.

"All gather for the fierce and unforgiving Hailstar!"

"And for the sly and deadly Ravenfire!" They watched as the splatter of pelts gathered below. Ravenfire swept her gaze around the clearing, keeping an eye on more cats this time. Such as Chestnutstem, Cinderflight, Rainstreak, Lakepuddle, and more. Rainstreak was oddly fat, maybe she had snatched something from the fresh-kill-pile while the higher ranks weren't looking?

She just shrugged it off, it would have to wait until the assessment was over. She looked over at her brother, letting him know that he could now speak. The black and white tabby puffed out his chest, then opened strong jaws in a loud clear voice.

"Palekit and Twigkit have reached the age of six moons. It is time to give them their assigned ranks. Foxscar, take Twigkit out of camp, and let her run, then two warriors will go after her. She'll be killed if she is brought back. As for Palekit, bring her here." Foxscar snatched Twigkit back up, and darted out of camp. Whilst Swiftclaw grabbed Palekit, shoving her over in front of sky-rock.

"Ravenfire, she's all yours." With that, Ravenfire leapt down, slamming her paw down onto the kits back. Not enough to do too much damage. Before the then flipped her over and raised a paw, claws unsheathed. Hailstar watched as his sister brought her paw down, slashing the poor kits eyes.

"Palekit!" Her mother tried to struggle past Pheasantfur and Specklefur. But, the two followers of Hailstar and Ravenfire kept her firmly in place. The queen looked terrified, and angered even at what had been done to her kit. Hailstar tore his cerulean gaze away, he really didn't care. If she can't bare her kit getting hurt, let her suffer then. All cats will have to fight at some point, right? Right. She's just too foolish to see that. Probably good for nothing but bringing kits to the clan.

Palekit stumbled as she was shoved forward by Ravenfire. Hailstar glared down, his eyes narrowed in hatred for the useless kit.


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