This is the first book in the third set of the Transformer series.


I stared.
In my dreams, there were two cats- Ravenflight, and a smaller version of Goldfoot. But he had Ravenflight's blue eyes...
In my dream, Ravenflight turned to the kit. "Rustkit," he said, "you're my son. So you're special."
Rustkit stared into his eyes. "How special?" he asked in a squeaky voice.
"Very," Ravenflight whispered. "You're part Twoleg, Rustkit."
I gasped and woke up.
I couldn't stop thinking about my life back as a Clan cat, in ThunderClan.
But that was over now. I was Water.
I was trapped.

Vinekit watched as Rustkit leaped on Owlkit again.
Beechkit, sitting next to her, whispered, "Stupid toms, always showing off."
Mosskit overheard and shot her a look. "Why don't you two play with us?"
Vinekit shook her head stubbornly, but Beechkit jumped up. "Sure!" she mewed eagerly.
Vinekit watched as her brother lost his advantage to Owlkit.
Silverheart's kits, Owlkit, Beechkit, and Mosskit, were all special, Vinekit knew. Same with Rustkit.
Why not me? Vinekit asked herself sadly. Why is everyone else special and not me?
She knew that their fathers, Ravenflight and Hawkwing, were special like that, too. And the medicine cat, Crowsong.
She had heard stories of their mother, Waterheart. She had never met Waterheart.
So why is everyone else special and not me? Vinekit asked herself again sadly.
She felt so left out.

Chapter 1

I allowed a snort.
"Make yourself a Twoleg," Ravenflight directed.
I sighed. "Why?"
Ravenflight became stern. "Because, Rustkit."
"Why isn't Vinekit here?" I asked.
"She isn't the same as you," Ravenflight said bluntly. "Come on, transform."
I searched inside of myself and found a brick wall, something like it.
I pounded on it with all the strength of my mind and suddenly, I was much, much taller than Ravenflight and I felt weird.
"Good," Ravenflight meowed. "That's great, Rustkit."
"Can you do it, too?" I asked. After all, he's my father, I thought happily.
Ravenflight nodded.
I looked in a nearby puddle of water and gasped.
I had no fur. I had a pale, hairless pelt.
I looked closer: there was a pelt on my head! It was reddish.
"Twolegs are weird," I commented.
Ravenflight nodded, his blue eyes glowing.
"Can I be a cat again?" I asked.
Ravenflight shook his head. "No. Try to stand up..."
I did so easily.
Ravenflight's eyes glowed. "Good," he praised. "Walk."
I took a hesitant step forward, and another.
"You're good at this," Ravenflight purred.
"Thanks," I replied. I stopped short and said again, "Thanks."
It sounds weird, I thought. No! What's happening? How come Ravenflight sounds normal and I don't?
"Rustkit," Ravenflight warned.
Now he sounds weird! I realized.
"Wha- what's happening?" Worry tinged my voice.
"You're talking Twoleg. Bend down and grab that leaf."
I didn't. "Don't you have to learn it?"
"Grab it," Ravenflight warned. But he answered my question. "No. We don't. I think everyone else has to."
I bent down this time and reached out my front paw.
"Wrap your fingers around it," Ravenflight snapped. "Like you would with claws."
I did and, to my surprise, I could clutch the leaf with two of the fingers.
I felt myself grin. "Easy."
Ravenflight nodded. "Yeah. Let's go back to camp, shall we?"

Chapter 2

I was punched, hard. But it didn't hurt.
"Ha!" I yelled again.
He mean kid wrinkled his nose at me. "Idiot, you know it hurt."
I shook my head happily. "Nope."
"Rust-..." Owl saved himself by cutting off the last part of my name. "He's done."
I shook my head. "No, he's not. He wants to hit me again." I danced around him.
The mean kid spat in my face. "No, I don't, stupid."
I grinned evilly and he stormed away.
"Owl, what? It's fun being invincible."
"It's weird," Owlpaw snapped back.
"Let's get back," I said quietly.
Owlpaw shook his head. "Rust, we can't, not yet. Ravenflight clearly asked for a hamburger."
"Hamburger, schmamburger," I replied. "We have life in the Clans."
"The Clans?" a small voice asked.
I spun around.
"Blue and Brownie," a girl said, grinning.
I looked at Owlpaw. "Eh?"
Owlpaw shrugged. "Look, we've really got to go back..." he said. His voice cracked as he added, "We've got a family that worries easily."
The girl grinned, then. "You can tell them that you met me."
I shook my head. "No. We're going now."
I turned to go, but the girl grabbed my arm. "Then bring me with you." Her eyes were desperate, as if she really needed me.
Owlpaw nodded. "Okay. What's your name?"
I sighed. Owlpaw is weak!
I didn't say anything, but led Owlpaw and the girl- named Emily- into the nearby forest, where the Clans lived.
"I'm not sure this is a good idea," I murmured to Owlpaw.
"Emily's cool."
"We can't give the Clans away," I snapped back. "We'll get rid of her at Fourtrees," I urged.
Owlpaw nodded sadly.
I turned to the right, speeding up my pace. Owlpaw led Emily with him.
When we arrived at Fourtrees, Emily's eyes widened. "This is Druid's Hollow!"
"Druid's Hollow?" I mouthed at Owlpaw.
Owlpaw shrugged. "Look, Emily, I can't take you any further. Raven will be waiting..."
"Raven?" Emily asked, sitting on the Great Rock.
I gasped and pulled her off. "No," I said. I struggled to keep my voice level. "That's special. Nobody touches that."
Emily's eyes clouded, confused, but she shook it off. "Your friend is weird," she told Owlpaw.
"Rust isn't weird," Owlpaw protested. "He's just like me."
I drifted towards ThunderClan territory, leaving Owlpaw to say goodbye to Emily.
I stepped behind a tree and turned into a cat once more, and revealed myself again. Emily hadn't noticed.
Owlpaw ran towards me, and as Emily turned away he leaped into the air and landed as a cat.
We nodded and headed back to camp, relieved to be rid of Emily.
But as I glanced at Owlpaw, his eyes were glazed with sadness.

Chapter 3

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