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Hey there, {{{1}}}! I'm Hollywhisker and I'm gonna write a fanfic/spoof/series(it's gonna be a fanfic and a spoof and some of it is in a series)! This fanfic/spoof will be based on conversations from WFW's discord server. Also this is still Warriors related, because all the characters are not going to be people, they're gonna be CATS instead. Anyway, enjoy!

BTW, I'm not on the discord server as much as I used to anymore. If you, yes YOU, as in {{{1}}}, know of anything funny that happened on the server, feel free to comment about what happened and I'll do my best to make a page on it!

Flamey's Name Series

Flamey has changed her name a lot, so I've decided to do a series about all of them that I remember!

Flamey is depressed


Bluestar is a drama queen

Cloudtail is a white ball of sass

Scourge is EdgyClan leader

Emoteenstar is EdgyClan leader

Flame created Sasseon

Silently suffering

and you're gonna hear me- mew!

Sparkling Aria

That One Depressed Flamey


Green Day Rebellion Leader


Joining DiscordClan Series

Here are the stories of cats joining DiscordClan

Ninja joins DiscordClan

Clever joins DiscordClan

Brighty joins DiscordClan


Fanfics/spoofs that doesn't fit into the series above.

Dog and Blazey are TWINS!

DiscordClan gets revived

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