Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction
This page contains a fan fiction written by Shaek55 and Feathercloud479.
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The clan was doing very well, until four kits came to the world and no one would realize that they would cause a disaster.


Allegiances (by Shaek)
Prologue (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 1 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 2 (by Shaek)
Chapter 3 (by Shaek)
Chapter 4 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 5 (by Shaek)
Chapter 6 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 7 (by Shaek)
Chapter 8 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 9 (by Shaek)
Chapter 10 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 11 (by Shaek)
Chapter 12 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 13 (by Shaek)
Chapter 14 (by Shaek)
Chapter 15 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 16 (by Shaek)
Chapter 17 (by Shaek)
Chapter 18 (by Feathercloud)
Chapter 19 (by Shaek)

Character info

Frostkit: frostkit is a white-and-black tom, he is brave and strong, and he can get angry easily.
Rootkit: rootkit is a black tom with white ears and white paws, he is a troublemaker, and he loves fighting, he also likes making alot of cats angry.
Beekit: beekit is a golden tabby, he is nice and gentle, he loves protecting his clan and he loves hunting.
Shadowkit: shadowkit is a small black tom with white spots and has googly eyes, he is very shy and curious, he is also unaware of things.