This is a fanfic by Brighty, adopted by Gingerstripe.


When Serafina loses everything, she begins to wonder if she made the right choice to be a kittypet. She wants to return to her Clan, but after leaving the first time, she knows she can never again be accepted. After all, she once was Ivystar, leader of RiverClan. And it was because of her mate that she left...


Yawning nonchantly, Serafina pawed a little mouse infront of her. Life as a kittypet was too boring, more boring then she thought. What a disappointment, she soon found out. The food, the play, and the dirtplace. She had to go in a box. 

Ugh! Serafina stuck up her nose, and turned towards the brown thing. It opened and closed, and was her link to the outside world. Scratching and yowling, the Twoleg finally came over and opened the door. 

Serafina shot out. The cool breeze rushed her face as she leaped over and over the fences. She was outside, in the proper world. No litterbox, no disgusting food. 

Now she could think. Settling in a high, weird tree, she stared out to the distant forest. Timber logs were scarely seen, but she could see them.


Timberfall, that cat she 'loved', that caused her to leave. 

But she had a nagging feeling he wanted her back, wanted to explain. That was it, she'd have to journey out. Into her proper place.

And she'll do it...later.

After all, the former leader Ivystar was firm in her descions. She used to rule FlashClan.

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