This is the sequel series to Poisonous Perfection.

Three Cats

Three Secrets

Two Mysteries

One Final Stand...

Violetdusk and Bluefeather are two sisters growing up in the newly-formed SnowClan. On the outside, their family appears quite normal. Their dad is the Clan leader, their mother the deputy, and they've just become warriors. Perfect right? But when their brother, Snakefur, starts acting odd and hearing strange songs in the night, the two sisters realize dark secrets haunt their past. How much have their parents really told them about SnowClan's last battle? And how many of the lingering effects remain, waiting to ruin their lives? 

Main Characters:

Violetdusk- dusky, long-legged gray she-cat w/ darker flecks; large moon-shaped violet-blue eyes 

Bluefeather- fluffy blue-gray she-cat w/ white patch on chest & round blue eyes


Violet Fields

Coils of Evil

Uncovering Truth


Thanks to Brighty for being supportive and drawing a picture of Bluefeather. You're an awesome friend! <3


Hey guys! I am in desperate need of pictures. Anyone who would be willing to draw a picture of Violetdusk, Bluefeather, Snakefur, or any combination of them, please message me here or leave it in the comments. I'd be muchos grateful, and you'd obviously get your name in the credits. Thanks! <3

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