credit for the random prophecy generator for giving me the idea!!

Erin Hunter team were busy finishing another warriors book.

"any messages from Bluestar?" Cherith asked to Kate.

"no. not yet. we need it fast as possible, I know."

meanwhile, in StarClan...

"Spots!" Lionheart called out. "ya there?"

"yeah, I'm just practicing english," Spottedleaf replied.

"Bluestar needs you to help writing message to Erins."

"okay. idea for the silent thaw," Bluestar was talking. "Spottedleaf!"

"I'm here. what's up?"

"we need an idea for the silent thaw. right?"

"yes, and I have just the thing."

"what?" Bluestar is desperate for the idea.

"broken code will threaten the amber once again. nobody but strong gaze and flame sun will save the day. this is the main prophecy of the book. amber is Bramblestar, strong gaze is Bristlefrost and flame sun is Sunshinepaw," Spottedleaf said with a bit of singing voice."and I'm going to deliver this to Erins." and she disappeared and talked to Erins with a dramatic voice.

and she appeared in Cherith and Kate's room.

"bbbbbroken ccccode wwwill (why is my voice trembling?) tttthreaten ttthe aaaamber oooonce aaagain nnnobody bbbut sssstrong gggaze and fffflame ssun wwwwill sssave ttthe ddday..."

and Spottedleaf came back as Cherith and Kate woke up with surprising face.

"was that a PROPHECY????!!!!" they said with amazed voice.

"IT'S DREAM COME TRUE!" they squealed.

"Spottedleaf! how was your delivery?"

"g-good? I guess."

"good. that will be our destiny, Spottedleaf. well done!!" StarClan cheered.

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