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Chapter One

I squirmed. The battle was harsh.I paraded outside the medicine cat den.

Hawkclaw, our medicine cat, walked out. He met my eyes briefly, and turned away. I couldn't detect the emotion shining on his face. Please let no one die. I thought desperately.

Stargaze(Stargaze66), Nightshimmer(XD) and Tanglefrost(Tangle) lay weakened on the floor. Tanglefrost wasn't too bad. But Stargaze  looked close to dying.

"Stargaze!" I rushed forward, and dug my nose in her fur. "'t leave me."

"Its our time." Stargaze meowed. Her head under my paw, she died, in my paws.

I scream. I yowl. I shriek desperately. I turn to Tanglefrost, then turn around, before shrinking into the ground.

A death. How? Why? I shriek. 

"I didn't believe it would be like this, Finchfall.." A small voice mewed. I turn, to see Tanglefrost holding Nightshimmer in his paws. Nightshimmer licked his face. 

"Not you too!" I shrieked, but Nightshimmer had died, eyes wide open, the emotion of pain still etched on her face. Tanglefrost gently closed her eyes.

"The Clan knows. They can hear us..." I meowed, tears streaking down my face. 

Tanglefrost put a paw on my shoulder. "They had so much to live..."

I shook my head. "Anything in my power to postpone anything like this I will do so until my time." 

"Well said, well said..."

"Dark times...." I murmered. 

I thought bitterly as Stargaze lay in my paws. I gently let her roll to the ground. 

Stargaze and Nightshimmer lay peacefully on the ground, their paws overlaying each other, their noses touching, making a perfect triangle. 

"The signal of death.." I murmured to myself, so Tanglefrost couldn't hear. 

Chapter Two

Girlie licked her lips. The loner (Stormy's cat) arched her back. The prospect of a mouse in her mouth was delicous. Warm, juicy, melting in your mouth.....

She sniffed the air, and walked off, keeping well off the Clan's territory. Finally, she got a whiff of mouse. Crouching exictedly, she stalked forward. 

Suddenly, the mouse scattered. Girlie cursed whatever made her lose it. She turned around. 

A mouse! Licking her lips again, she darted forward. 

A roar deafened her. The freshly caught mouse in her mouth, Girlie looked to the side.

Bright lights blinded her. Trying to escape, she bounded across the Thunderpath. 

No luck. There was a sickening crunch, as the monster hit her. 

Across the treacherous road, Finchfall was standing stockstill, looking at Girlie.  _________________________________________________________________________________________

I screamed and ran forward, dragging the loner off the Thunderpath. 

I crouched over her body. She was miraculously still breathing. 

"W-hat?" She meowed. "Omigosh, am I dyi-" Her eyes faded, until all I could see was Nightshimmer's dull eyes reflected back at me. 

I screamed. I wish I had Stargaze's kindness with me. 

I weakly carried her to camp. It looked grave. 

Too grave. I realised that most of the cats were darkly whispering. 

Like the day of the battle.

Bramblepath(Arti) ran over to me. "Thunderpath." was all I could say. 

She nodded, gesturing to take it from me. I refused and carried the loner into the medicine den. 

Splashpelt(BCEngine, TTTE Warriors) crouched over her grandfather, Tornadostrike(TTTE Warriors). She was whispering fast and so did he, but slower. 

Hawkclaw looked at me. "He is in the paws of StarClan."

Tornadostrike murmured something. "Don't give up, ever."

His eyes closed as I shrieked, Splashpelt letting out a long wail of grief. 

The loner rolled out of my paws, next to Tornadostrike. 

Their noses touched as their paws were overlaying each other.

The signal of death. 


Chapter Three

Silverstar was calling to his clan. 

"Clanmates! I have served you many years. Tonight, I rest my final night as your leader, and tommorow, Coldrain will suceed me as Coldstar!" 

I cheered with the rest of the clan. Mysterypaw, Snakepaw and Eaglepaw were chanting loudly. I could also see Strikepaw, Maplepaw,Oakshard, Foxflash cheering loudly. Darkmist was by Oakshard's side, cheering too. I couldn't help see that Darkmist was shooting dirty looks at Mysterypaw.

Ah, yes. Mysterypaw likes Oakshard too. I thought. She-cats. I rolled my eyes.

I looked at Silverstar. He was old. I saw the triangle flash in my mind. 

No. I thought firmly. He would not die. I realised I was the only one left in the clearing. Embarssed, I ran to the warrior den, scarlet. 

I slept restlessly that night. Burning camp, shrieks of my own and others...the fire scorched me inside but not on my pelt...I watched others die around me. 

A huge, black face shone at me through the darkness. The dark tabby tom opened his mouth, his eyes staring at me with a orange glare. Chillingly, I realised that the triangle was on his head, glowing bright in the flames and the dying. 

"NO! NO! Silverstar! Don't leave me!" The tom shrieked in a girly voice. 

I opened my eyes. I didn't want to believe it. 

Running out of the warrior den, not caring I tripped on a tail, I streaked into the leader den. 

The scene awaiting me was horrible. Mysterypaw crouched over a dying Silverstar, shaking her head and breathing hard. Snakepaw, Eaglepaw, Strikepaw and Maplepaw were by her left side. Oakshard, Foxflash, Hawkclaw and Coldrain, the deputy, were by her right. 

"It is my time. StarClan, wait a minute, my friends. Coldrain, I wanted to call her last words to all of you are...

"Snakepaw, Eaglepaw, Strikepaw and Maplepaw. You all prove to be good apprentices. Oakshard, you will be a brave warrior one day, maybe take a role of leader. Darkmist, do not worry. Oakshard is yours. Foxflash-I value your skills and love. Coldrain, you will be a great leader. Just take the right steps. Hawkclaw-you are a brillant medicine cat. I will watch all of you." 

Mysterypaw was shaking her head. "A little longer, please..."

"At last, favourite granddaughter. May StarClan-and me-follow your path. I love you." He died, his eyes closed. Mysterypaw wailed with grief and-shuddering on the ground, cried. 

Twisterfur(Eeveestar's cat, Twister) walked in. "S-Silverstar? No!" He rushed forwards to mourn the body.

I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it. Silverstar wasn't dead. But there was no pretending myself out of this one. 

In horror, I saw a snake silther across the ground towards Twisterfur. I opened my mouth to yowl a warning-but it struck. 

Fangs sunk into his pelt. He staggered, the crowd swerving away, mouths open. Twisterfur fell by Silverstar, and Oakshard killed the snake quickly. 


Not again. 

Twisterfur and Silverstar were entwined, paws overlaying each other, noses touching. A perfect triangle. 

The signal of death. 

Once again.

Chapter Four

"Finchfall! Finchfalll..." I hear. I reluctantly get up. 

Dawnchance(Takeachance32) was at my paws. She was called that because she often escaped death and everything. 

"What?" I murmued sleepily. Hawkclaw had given me poppy seeds to sleep-I couldn't sleep without the haunts of a triangle in my mind. Haunts of Silverstar, Twisterfur, the loner, Tornadostrike, Stargaze and Nightshimmer. I flinched as she touched me. 

"I bring news. Leopardspot's kits are finally born!" She mews exictedly.

I shoot up. New kits will be good news. Finally, a birth and not a death. 

It had been ten sunrises since Silverstar and Twisterfur's death. The clan was in pieces. Coldstar was a great leader, but I couldn't help feeling that he wasn't a patch on Silverstar. Whitetalon had become deputy, and I approved of Coldstar's good choice.

"Come on!" Dawnchance snapped me out of my thoughts. We walked exictedly towards the nursery. Well, she walked, I skipped.

Leopardspots and her kits were adorable. "They're called Starkit-" I ached with the feeling of Stargaze. "-Nightkit, Rainykit and Forestkit(Forestpaw13)." She mewed. After Rainyskies, her late mother, Forestpaw, her late brother, who died in a fight, Stargaze and Nightshimmer. 

"They're beautifal..." I mewed. The kits suckled heavenly. 

"Leopardspots, Leopardspots! Are you there?" A frantic vioice mewed. Leopardspots laughed. 

"Tigerblaze, their fine." She mewed to her mate and father. I smiled at the happy family as she snuggled her father.  

I left with high spirits. I loved kits. 

"Hey, Finchfall! Patrol, up to it?" Reedfur meowed. I smiled and walked off. My life was happy. 

I woke up early that morning. No triangle dreams. Whoohoo! I decided to bathe in the sun outside.

It had been a two moons since Forestkit, Rainykit, Starkit, Nightkit were born. 

Mmmm, the feeling of warm sun on your fur. I thought of a nap when I heard a shriek. 

I ran into the nursery. Leopardspots was crouching over her kits. The other queens were getting up. 

"Forestkit, no, no, no no!" She meowed, screwing her eyes up. I got a glimpse. 

Forestkit, the weakest, was laying out like a sleeping cat. His eyes were closed. Rainykit and Nightkit just looked confused. Starkit's eyes trickled with tears. She was mature enough to understand what I didn't want to. 

In my head, I couldn't help echoing Leopardspot's screams. 

Dawnchance walked in. She gasped, taking in the situation. Shuddering, she staggered. 

I saw it all.

Leopardspots, sad and confused, the other queens and me watching, mouths open, as something-anything we didn't know-happened. 

Blood splashed from nowhere as Dawnchance fell, choking, next to Forestkit. 

No no no no. 

Again. Not again. 

Triangle, paws overlaying. Noses touching. 

Signal of death. 

Chapter Five

"Nice catch." 

Tanglefrost complimented my catch. I nodded thanks to the older warrior. 

Tanglefrost right now, was one of my only friends, because of this death amongst the Clan. It wasn't long since Dawnchance and Forestkit left to StarClan. StarClan... Were they watching over us?  I sighed. 

"Your thinking of Dawnchance and Forestkit, aren't you?" He murmured. I sighed again.

"It just, its just weird. How did Dawnchance die? No one there attacked her." I mewed.

Tanglefrost just kept silent. We traveled back to camp with our catch.  |} |}

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