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As the traitor Hawkfrost died by the riverbanks, an unknown she-cat crouched in the bushes, an equally unknown kit beside her. Her belly resting on the brambles, she tried to keep as still as possible, lest be exploited by any of the clan-cats. "Where's Daddy?" Her kit whispered, nudging her. "Hush, Shadowkit!" The she-cat chided him. "Your father's going away." She lied. "But he'll come back." It hurt her to look at her kit. And to see. See how much he looked like.....HIM. A glossy silver coat, blue eyes and stripes. Stripes like a tiger's. She would raise Shadowkit. See to it he came to no harm. "Come." She whispered, picking up Shadowkit by the scruff of his neck. "Wher're we going?" "Home, little one." His mother whispered. "Home."

Family Tree:



Gingerpelt and Otterfur


A few years went by. Two new clans had been formed, in the plains of Africa of all places. Their names were CanyonClan and DeathClan and they were always warring over something. Prey, Queens, kits, you name it. And then IT happened. 2012. Apocalypse, the twolegs called it. The clan cats and other animals went about their lives like it never happened. But it did. The entire species of twolegs and most other animals disappeared off the earth. For good. Animals were beginning to rebuild cities, make their own enterprises. Not the clan-cats. CanyonClan stayed in their huge canyon in Nigeria, while DeathClan made residence in an abandoned mansion on the serengeti plains. Ivy Hill, it was called, a lonely, desolate place. As time marched on, the clan cats rarely ever did anything futuristic or modern. Till the cloning law was passed. Both clan leaders, Foxstar and Greenstar tried ferevently to be cloned, to ensure that there would be someone... Of the right blood to continue on the clan life. Only Foxstar was able to be cloned, and it was done in secret. In a little shack in the northermost reaches of Oregon, in the United States, not too far off from the original clan territory. No one knew. No one knew.

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