“Star you are now Fernystar!”

I pushed my black pelt forward.

Did Starclan actually think that this clan was going to be safe in my paws.

As I let out a laugh Starclan Cats began to dissolve with sad faces.

“Oh Sister Tawny, my reign has just began.”



Leader: Fernystar- Black she-cat with green holly eyes

Deputy: Blackember- Black Tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Twistedpaw

Medicine cat: Wrensong- brown tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes

Guards: Greymist- Grey she-cat with a light grey tabby stripes

Dragonheart- pale grey Tom with amber eyes

Warriors: Gingerfrost- flame-colored tortoiseshell she-cat with a red tuft along with crystal-blue eyes

Haremoss- Hare-colored tom with moss-green eyes

Frogtail- Light brown tabby Tom with soft green eyes and a long tail

Frostfeather- white she-cat with distinctive amber eyes

Tigerfeather- dark tabby Tom with amber eyes and a scar on his muzzle

Apprentice, Ironpaw

Slashingfoot- brown Tom with amber eyes


Twistedpaw- black she-cat with a twisted paw

Ironpaw- white-grey Tom with blue eyes

Queens: Soot- White she-cat with amber eyes

Icytail- Brown she-cat with blue eyes

Mistytail- Grey she-cat with an fluffy big white tail

Kits: Lightkit- Grey she-kit with a fluffy tail

Fogkit- Dark Tabby Tom with green eyes

Daisy- White she-Kit with amber eyes

Fawnkit- Fawn-colored she-kit with blue eyes

Doe- Doe-colored she-kit with amber eyes

Elders: Hareeye- Doe-colored Tom with blue eyes

Prisoners: Aspen- old brown tom with yellow eyes

Sunnykit- Bright cream colored she-kit with amber eyes

Dandeliontwist- Cream colored she-cat with Green eyes

Mudpaw- Dark Brown Tom with darker paws then his body

Tawny’s Group / Tawnyclan

Leader: Tawny- Brown Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Frostnose- white Tom with soft cream-colored paws

Medicine Cats: Fawn- White Javanese She-cat with a black tipped tail and paws

Doe- Brown she-cat with amber eyes

Guards: Sootfeather- Deer-colored Tom with grey eyes


Warriors- Toad

Apprentice, Dawn

Apprentices: Dawn

Mudpaw (Stolen by Amberclan)

Queens: Dandeliontwist (Stolen by Amberclan)

Kits: Sunnykit (Stolen by Amberclan)

Elders: None

Prisoners: None

Chapter 1

I flailed my paws in the air, smelling the cold Leaf-bare air. “Dawn!” A cat yowled. From the voice I knew it was my mentor Toad. I pushed my legs up, today was the day we would fight to get our clanmates back. From what I heard Amberclan was vicious. I had just became an apprentice with my brother Mudpaw 3 Moons ago. It still felt like ages until we were warriors. I greeted our leader Tawny. She nodded in response. ”Hi Dawn, Toad.” Seedmoss said. Her grey fur shining in the dim sunlight. “Hi.” I greeted back. I padded up to my mentor. “So, Dawn from what you know, your brother Mudpaw was taken, along with Sunnykit, and Dandeliontwist. We need to get them back.” He said. I stretched my tabby fur out. I knew what I had to do. The killing bite was the only thing. I walked around my mentor. I then let my paw go in front of him and then let my hind legs push myself on his back. I held on to his back as he shook me off. I then put my paws around his neck and bit it not to hard. “Great job Dawn!” He said. I nodded. It was finally time I was noticed.

Chapter 2

”Must every cat in Tawnyclan be so rude?” Fernystar hissed. I swelled my paws to her face .

I shot my eyes open by the dream. “Just a Dream.....,” I murmured. Maybe I would do some hunting for my clan. I padded out of camp. I then hissed in anger, “Amberclan!” I spat. I followed their scent to see them carrying off Seedmoss. “Get off if her!” I yowled, rage taking over my voice. I pounced at the Tom, “Maybe it’s time you got captured?” I said.

I dragged the Tom back as Seedmoss did the same with the other. “Let us go!” One spat. “Dawn what have you brought us?” Tawny asked. “These warriors were taking Seedmoss I got to them before she could get over their border.” I said. She nodded. Her brown tail swaying, “Today were fighting back! We’ve taken my sister’s kits!” She yowled. Cats purred agreement

Chapter 3

Dawn raked her claws over the ground of the battlefield. 3 warriors lined up beside her. They were going for a sneaky attack. Dawn crept closer to the camp. If she got a kit maybe it would be more successful. She then spotted Sunnykit. She let her hind-legs push her up. “Hah!” Sh yowled in Triumph. Cats let out startled yowl.

She sprang her paws towards the kit. A Warrior then pushed her back. “Go away!” The she-cat spat.

“You took my Clanmate!” Dawn then pushed the she-cat back holding her dow. “Run Sunnykit!” Dawn meowed at the kit. She nodded and took no time finding her mother.

“Ravendung!” The cat spat, underneath Dawnpaw. ”Sure.” She scoffed.

She then let her grasp free the car under her when she heard Tawny’s yowl. “We’re victorious!” She purred.

Chapter 4

“Fernystar, we’ve lost Haremoss in the fight.” Frosttail murmured.

Fernystar missed the company of her son and deputy, Blackember. But that just fueled her to get them back from Tawnyclan more.

“Send a patrol to Tawnyclan border, take Ironpaw and Slashingfoot with you.”

“Yes ma’am.” She gushed.

”Why would they take my kits.” She stopped the young cat.

“Revenge for taking their clan members.” Frosttail mewed, before padding out of the den.

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