Wild as Ice

Lovefrost is a she-cat who gently makes excuses for murder. She has killed plenty of cats-Wildfang, Kinkscar, and many others. 

Fire Shadow

Lakeshine is a shy young she-cat, who just earned her warrior name! But, she has made a mistake-now, and must live with it.

Extra info

  • Each book has 5 or 4 chapters.
  • Novellas have 3 chapters.
  • Specials have 10 chapters
  • The First book is about Lovefrost. Go here for more info: Killers Allegiances
  • The author of these books are: Texaswild


  1. Wild as Ice
  2. Fire Shadow
  3. Blood Pool
  4. Shadowed
  5. Raging Lake
  6. Frost Bitten
  7. Night Killers
  8. Silver Moon
  9. Light of Hope
  10. Orchid of Light,
  11. Tiger's Eye
  12. Dropping Rain
  13. Water Rising


These are made by Silvercloud, a pen name given to Drawing Person and Silvermoon.

  1. Loveheart's Betrayal (Written by Silvermoon)
  2. Silverstone’s Hope (Written by Silvercloud)
  3. Silvermoon's Heart (Written by Silvermoon.)


  1. Wildfang's Hope
  2. Orchidlight's Anger
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