Dawn of Secrets was originally written by Nighty and Talon, then adopted by Rainy, then given back to Nighty. Confusing, I know.

The Six Books:

1: Dawn Of Secrets

2: Darkness Arises

3: Strike of Lightning

4: Thundering Skies

5: Light in the Clouds

6: Clear Skies

Dawn Of Secrets

When the leader of BirdClan dies, it unravels a trail of secrets. Showing the many secrets that have been kept for so long. What will happen next after this treacherous loss?

Darkness Arises

A young warrior named Brindleclaw betrays his Clan and makes a new band of cats exiled or willing to join. Known as the Slashclaw rogues they begin to try to take over the Clans.

Strike of Lightning

As the Clans try to fight alone, they come to the conclusion that they, for the first time, need to work together. But the Slashclaw rogues are ready for anything.

Thundering Skies

This Clans work hard together to fight of the Slashclaw rogues. The Clans are falling apart to try to stop this treachery.

Light in the Clouds

After many sacrifices the Clans are finally defeating the Slashclaw rogues. But who else will go?

Clear Skies

The Clans part and begin to rebuild. But a new darkness has come into their old camps.

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