A Fanfic by Lyrics


Her fur was silver and gray and black altogether, rippling like a fish tearing its way through a glittering stream, like the moon casting shadows onto the earth, drawing long and thin strokes onto the pristine land.

She looked up; her bluish eyes reflecting nothing but the specks of glowing dust that was scattered across the galaxy. Hearing a soft shuffle, she turned around abruptly, but instead met nothing except for an empty trail lined with pine and spruce and evergreens- a familiar path that she had been walking through ever since she was old enough to tread the unknown lands that lay from the Academy. She figured it was probably just a stray mouse scuttling around.

This was, however, her first time walking here at night- and hopefully her last time, as well, because this was a test for her to become a Scholar, and she'd been waiting for exactly eight and a half moons for this night to come. She was but an excited bundle of fur and claws- instead, she was determined, calm, and more than ready to face it. The Stars, the Patron, whatever you wanted to call it- though, to her, it was a mere dead rock.

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