The Dark Forest...

Darkstripe: Wher's Starclan? Where's my Clan mates? Where's the...light?

Tigerstar:There is no light where we are. Starclan is not for us, now.

Darkstripe:I scent Brokenstar and Clawface.

Tigerstar:They too, reside here. there is no end to this forest. (Tigerstar leaves)

Darkstripe:(head hangs) Oh, if only I didn't follow big fat *beeping* crowfood eater!!! I'll make your sons shed blood!!!

Tigerstar:(hold up a picture of Darkstripe cuddling with a teddy bear) Want me to show this to Brokenstar?

Darkstripe: Okay, fine. (mutters under breath):If only Willowpelt were here.......*sighs*

Tigerstar:Willowpelt is weak. She let that badger kill her.

Darkstripe: I'm going to walk away now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

(switches to a clearing of the dark forest)

Darkstripe: Oh I can't beieve it! I get to go to Starclan on a visit! Well here I go!

Darkstripe:(in Starcaln) WILLOWPELT! WILLOWPELT! Oh where is that she-cat?

Willowpelt:DARKSTRIPE! Where did you come from? Oh, just get away from me! You..You tried to kill my daughter!!! Leave now! Soooooobbbbbb!

Darkstripe:No..No..Wait! I did that because..I for my...mate. Aw man. She's gone. My one chance at love and I blow it. Oh why me, why me!!!??!?

(shifts to a clearing in Starclan)

Darkstripe: What do I do? What do I do? I know...I'll sing my feelings out! She'll understand..oh she'll understand.... (Darkstripe starts blasting out Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

Darkstripe: "I walk this lonely road..The only one that I have ever known..I don't know where it goes..But I know that I now walk alone.. I walk this empty street..It's called the Boulevard of Broken Dreams..Don't know where it leads..And I just can't deny it I walk alone..I walk alone I walk alone..I walk alone I walk a-...."


Darkstripe:"The Shadows are the only ones beside me..My shallow heart's the only one that's beating.."

Willowpelt:Darkstripe is that you?

Darkstripe:(smiling;pulls Willowpelt on stage) "Someday I hope you'll be the one to find me..and now you have so I don't walk alone"

Willowpelt:I get the message. You're a great singer. But..why did you try to kill Sorrelkit?

Darkstripe:She..I..wanted her to be my daughter. Not Whitestorm's. And when you saved was so brave. And Firestar, he did nothing to save you. That made me hate him more. GRRRRRRR! I also didn't want her to know what I did. I once heard deathberries could wipe memory. Oh....I must not have been true!

Willowpelt:Oh Darkstripe!

Darkstripe:Oh Mother of my new kits!!!!!!

Mudclaw:(watching from far away) Oh Bllleeecchh!!!!

Meanwhile at the moonpool...

Leafpool:The kits.. they are a cross between the dark forest and Starclan


(In Starclan-Darkstripe still on his visit)

Darkstripe and Willowpelt:HaHaHaHa! Sleekkit, get off!

The Happy Ending