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In the middle of the night, a prophecy began.

The leader of LeafClan died suddenly by a wolf, no lives to protect him..

A kit and a warrior were sent to StreamClan by the Sisters, with their strength unimaginable..

All of RockClan but three apprentices, three kits and an elder were killed by a rockslide..

A group of rouges overtook BirdClan.. Lucky ones hid underground.. The others were slaughtered..

And a mountain grew out of nothingness.. surrounding the clans in shadow..

It would destroy them all..

Chapter 1: Pikepaw

It was a hazy morning when Pikepaw woke, realizing his father wasn't beside him.

His mother was gone.

He could barely breathe

The entrance of the apprentice den was blocked off by rocks


"Where are we?" replied a quiet voice rubbing close to him,


Crying a bit, Pikepaw called out for his mother and father...

"Pikepaw. I'm also here, you know."

It was Sandpaw. Pikepaw wasn't too happy that he was alive, but oh well.

thinking it was a good idea, he nudged his way towards the entrance, and clawed at the rocks. They started to crumble.

This gave him hope.

Chapter 2: Finchkit

Jumping up and down over and over again, Finch couldn't wait to see Raven get her warrior name

"You're going to trample all the other kits in here, Finchkit!" scoffed Ivykit.

This made her confused. How would she trample them? She was at the entrance of the nursery!

"Its just Finch, not Finchkit! That's just silly!" replied Finch, knowing it was the truth.

"Not anymore. Now go to sleep. Its too early." yawned Firekit.

This shocked her.

This made her almost cry. If she was the kind of cat that cried.

Instead, she stormed out of camp unnoticed.

Because who would notice an invisible kit running out of camp?

Chapter 3: Sunpaw


All she heard was laughing.

Then screams as drips of blood slipped through a crack in the cave entrance.

One that if was fixed could give away their hiding spot,

then they would be dead.

Shivering in the cold, she cuddled up next to her best friend Icecloud, but it brung her no warmth.

Her mother and father were grieving for their friend somewhere deeper in the cave, where Scoot or Cobalt could not find them.

They are little cats.. but they're so scary...

suddenly the entrance to the cave crumbled down. in silent horror, all the cats ran to the Gathering Spot. Breathing fast. not daring to move. They blocked off the area before realizing a kit was out there.

her little brother, Tigerkit.

crying silently, it was over.

he was dead.

Chapter 4: Peakstar

Lying near a rocky stream,

Peakstar lay bleeding out life after life until she had only one left

Then the bleeding stopped

She felt like a twoleg bag... she felt ...


Peakstar started to crawl towards light...

And a small black kit met her.

"HEELLO?" mewed the kitten very loudly

"Hi...." replied Peakstar... hoping Scoot wouldn't come

And he did.

"Hello Kiri. What have you got here?"


then wailing loud as thunder erupted from a cave nearby




Chapter 5: Sunpaw

Running. Endless running.

Pawsteps running thudding softly through the tunnels

Hope is all we have now,

Hope that Tigerkit is safe,

Hope that Scoot isn't as deadly as he seems,

maybe he's nice???

Scoot was probably the worst cat exsisting, she told herself, maybe even worse than Appletuft's tales of SkyClan and Darktail. As if he could hear her, he mewed "Nettlesplash made Darktail sound way worse" Still they all ran. Sunpaw was ahead of everyone now, focused on forward untill she heard a muffled wail, louder than it actually was amidst the silence. Had Tigerkit managed to escape? Turning around, it wasn't Tigerkit. It was Icecloud. One of the rouges had slipped in unnoticed and was trying to shred him, her only friend, almost family. Fury burning inside her, she rammed straight into it, claws out and tearing into it's flesh. Swinging aimless blows at her, Sunpaw managed to get hit by one, cutting at her eye and sending her tumbling backwards. The rouge creeped towards her, whispering in a harsh voice, "You actually thought you could beat me, little kit?" right before it even lifted a paw, Icecloud stumbled and rolled before placing unsheathed claws on it's head, killing it through his weight. Icecloud slumped over, eyes glazing and blood pooling around him, he started to die too. Forgetting how weak she was, Sunpaw ran for cobwebs, pressing them against his wounds, then cuddled up next to him, no matter how gross the blood was, and licked his matted fur clean. Slowly growing tired, Sunpaw closed her eyes to feel warmth again, and a familiar sound. Icecloud was purring.

Chapter 6: Pikepaw

Cracks of light peered out of the walls,

sounds of digging neverending.

Panting, inhaling the limited air that they had.

Even Sandpaw was helping.

In a way he had not known before.

All he knew of Sandpaw was that he was mean, lazy and a pessimist.

Sandpaw was scraping at the falling pebbles, worry smeared across his face.

Was Sandpaw even from RockClan? Had I just never noticed him before?

Or is he not from RockClan at all..

While Pikepaw and Berrypaw were good at leaping and climbing, Sandpaw was better at running and hunting.

Pikepaw and Berrypaw were more muscular, and Sandpaw was skinnier and was struggling to keep up,

weakly flailing at the pebbles in front of him.

Its just a small difference, some of the other cats were like that too. But as much as Pikepaw tried to push the thought away, he doubted it still.

"We will do this" He mewed. "We will make it out of here."

Chapter 7: Blackstar

Everything is going according to plan.

This will all work out just the way I want.

Grass withered at Blackstar's paws as he strode faster.

How ironic that all I wanted before was to serve LeafClan, his clan, the best clan,

But now I am going to destroy it.

... Crawling deeper into the small cave, Blackstar realized how much he'd ruined it.

His cave.

The one he would sit in, crying out to his mother,

his dead mother.

Now it was full of deathberries, deadly nightshades and other poisonous stuff.

this was a weird plan.

The thought shot at Blackstar like sharp claws.

Why did I do this.

This was a horrible idea.

But it was little too late.

The liquid shadow behind him quivered slightly.

Just a little too late.

The End

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