Darkness Around Us

Story for Brighty's Secret Game.

By Firey <3


Cherrypaw and her sister Rosepaw are usually an inseparable pair. They did everything together, and they certainly loved their sister's company. But when two rogues, Ice and Silver, come into SageClan, the two sister's lives fall apart.


She loved me.

She must have.

I guess I kind of loved her back.

But things must go on like they already have, and I cannot change the fate of hers. Nor can you. What you see in front of me is a Clan.


If only I hadn't stumbled upon this Clan. Then things would have been different between me and her. But I cannot dwell over these facts.

There were two sisters in SageClan. They were a perfect match. But my sister and I, we changed everything.

Nothing you can do about it now.

She let me in, and now I've hurt her beyond repair. Broken her beyond words. What can I do? She needs more than just comfort and sympathy. She needs the echo of my words, the lost rings of love that used to exist.

Her sister is nearly the same. She acts differently about it though.

I guess she's stronger.

But if you asked me who was stronger, I'd say the aforementioned she-cat. She may be broken, hurt, and lost because of me, but she was truly the stronger of the two.

If I wasn't there, she would have been the strongest she-cat the Clan knew.

But alas, that is not the case anymore.

I was searching for something, something I lost when I was little. Something that was hidden from me. I seek it.

I seek revenge.

I seek vengeance.

I seek...

But if I did not seek these things, she would not be where she is now. Huddled in her nest, trying to hold on to the sanity that she'll never acquire again.

I did that to her too.

I regret it, it's my fault. But I cannot do anything about it. Nor can her sister. Only she can change her life to what it was before I arrived.

Her sister despise me. I ruined their lives, broke her sister's heart, left them to fend for themselves. You get where I'm going right?

Well, I can't blame her for hating me.

I guess I deserve the hatred and pain I see in her eyes, the loss and grief that I see in her sister's eyes.

I'll always love her.

But love is different in many ways...

Chapter One

I stretched, yawning as I woke up in my nest. My sister, Rosepaw, was still sleeping. It was barely dawn, and the deputy, Speckshadow was rousing the warriors for patrol.

Just a normal day for SageClan.

Well, semi normal.

There was a commotion at the entrance. Cats glanced at the gorse tunnel, confused on why the scent wasn't familiar at all.


Speckshaow growled and unshealthed her claws, and several warriors joined her. The tunnel rattled some more, until finally, two rogues popped out into the camp.

One was silver with bright green eyes that drew me in. The other was a breathtaking white tom with the same green eyes as his sister. Both looked bewildered, but the tom seemed determined about something. "Sorry to intterupt," the white tom rumbled. Oh that voice. "We were searching for a place to stay."

Robinstar came down from her den with narrowed eyes, "How did you find out about us?" There were other Clans they could have joined, we weren't even the closest to the Wild Lands.

"Several friends of ours told us we could find a Clan called SageClan around here. We scented other cats, but they said SageClan were probably friendlier, so we came straight here. Did we make a bad choice?" The white tom's eyes were challenging now. No you didn't, please stay. I don't know why I felt so strongly for this tom I didn't even know.

"What are your names?" Robinstar decided to ask.

"Ice," the white tom replied, "And Silver," he pointed to his sister, "We wish to have a home to stay in."

Silver nodded, "We've always dreamed of becoming warriors one day." She added with a delicate voice so sweet she sounded like my sister, Rosepaw.

Robinstar nodded warily. They were the same age as me, if not older. "You may stay in the apprentice den." She mewed, "I will decide later this afternoon."

Speckshadow gazed at me, "Cherrypaw, why don't you show your new denmates around?"

I darted forward, nearly stumbling into Ice. The tom blinked and merely stepped back, though his green eyes remained on me, looking over me like a piece of prey. "You must be Cherrypaw," he purred slightly, though it didn't sound very real.

Silver tilted her head at me, and I felt as though they were examining me for a specific purpose, "Yes, I'm Cherrypaw," I breathed out, "I'll lead you to the apprentice den where you can rest."

Ice nodded his thanks, and they followed me back to the den. Rosepaw stirred when I walked in and let out a little yelp when she saw the new rogues. "Who are they?" She asked, eyes wide.

"Ice," the white tom dipped his head and re-introduced himself.

"Silver," this time his sister butted in, dipping her head too.

Rosepaw blinked, "I'm Rosepaw."

I quickly told her why there were here, and again, Ice examined her thoroughly, and so did Silver. What are they doing?

Rosepaw looked a bit uncomfortable, and Ice glanced away, "Do you have spare nests?"

I pointed to two empty nests near the back, "Those are the only two we have now." I explained, "Duskheart and Flowersplash just became warriors the other day."

Silver smiled at me, something that suited her face a lot more than I could have managed, "Thanks, Cherrypaw."

I tried to smile back, but found myself involutarily glancing over at her brother. When I sheepishly glanced back at Silver, she had an amused look on her face. She must be used to the glances Ice gets wherever they go...

He was truly a handsome tom. He was lean, not muscular, and white pelt shone. Not as elegantly as his sister's, but it was well-groomed for a rogue. And the eyes. His bright green eyes drew me right in. They were like something deep in the forest that I wanted to find.

Rosepaw cut in, "How old are you two?"

"Ten moons old." Silver mewed nonchalantly, "Our mother passed away six moons ago and we were left to wander ourselves."

I felt a familiar pang in my stomach. I didn't even know my mother, or my father for that matter. Rosepaw and I had been found outside of Clan territory, not even old enough to open our eyes. Robinstar herself fed us, since she was also nursing Goldpaw and Lionpaw.

"We're about the same age!" Rosepaw purred, "That means if Robinstar lets you stay, we'll become warriors together!"

She seemed thrilled to have denmates, and I was excited at the thought of hanging out with these two new arrivals.

"That would be nice," Ice mewed, he sounded genuinely happy, but there was something else in his gaze. Perhaps the real reason why he was here?

When he switched his green eyes on me, I nearly flinched away. He stared at me with a specific intensity that made me want to crave more when he looked away.

"Cherrypaw!" I heard my mentor, Darkflecks call out, "You and Rosepaw are needed for a border patrol!"

Mouse-dung. I had wanted to talk with the two rogues for a moment longer. I relished the few moments we had with them.

"Sorry," I apologized, "Got to go."

Ice only smiled and waved his tail in farewell.

"Sleep well." I managed to say before turning tail and running out so I would not make a fool of myself.

Chapter Two

I tried not to sigh again as Rosepaw and I plodded behind our mentors in the border patrol. My sister already looked relaxed, but I was disappointed.

The two rogues seemed polite and nice, though I was unnerved by the way Ice focused on me. Silver seemed more like Rosepaw, calm and situated about the situation.

Rosepaw leaned over, "How do you think about the two rogues?"

I purred, "They're very friendly, right?" Silver seemed friendly enough, she didn't seem rash or easily angered. In fact, she hadn't talked much while we were there greeting them.

But Ice...

Rosepaw purred, "You have a liking towards Ice, don't you?" It was unnerving how my sister knew me so well.

"Yeah," I let out a dreamy sigh, "He is handsome though, right?" Rosepaw rolled her eyes, but she nodded anyways. 

"I like Silver more," Rosepaw admitted, "She's really nice, and well there's something about Ice that I don't like. It's like he's trying to figure out who we are by looking at us. He's been examining us since he came and it's...creepy."

I shrugged, though I understood where Rosepaw was getting at, "Silver's quiet," I agreed, "Ice seems more outgoing."

"Hey you two," Darkflecks purred, looking amused, "Stop mooning over the rogues and let's get to the patrolling. There could be more rogues around asking to join our Clan."

Rosepaw rolled her eyes but closed her mouth, and I followed suite. We walked in silence, but my thoughts were still on Ice and his sister.

"Do you think there will be more rogues?" Rosepaw's mentor, Sorrelbreeze asked, cautious.

Darkflecks frowned, "I don't know, Speckshadow thinks that there may be more lurking, but Robinstar is convinced there are none."

"I wish we had a plan in case we encountered one," Sorrelbreeze fretted. She turned to Rosepaw, "You know that-"

"Yes," my sister groaned, "I know that I should always have a plan before I get into something. You don't have to keep reminding me."

The tortoiseshell she-cat rolled her eyes, but she continued to look fearful about the situation. "The rogues aren't our only problem," I pointed out, "The other Clans might invade or something."

Darkflecks nodded, though his eyes were already resting on a few cats waiting at our border, "Those aren't rogues," he observed.

Sorrelbreeze bristled at the sight of the cats, and she breathed out, "Great StarClan, what is Pinestar doing on our borders?"

Pinestar of HollyClan?

Rosepaw and I exchanged bewildered looks, while Darkflecks padded stiffly towards the border. "Greetings Pinestar, how may I help you?"

Pinestar blinked, "Several of our warriors saw rogues crossing your border. We were considered and we wanted to know if they were attacking."

Darkflecks relaxed at that and dipped his head, "Thank you for your concern," he mewed formally, "But the two rogues only wanted to join our Clan, it was not an invasion."

Pinestar looked slightly interested, but he nodded curtly, "Good to know," he purred, "We didn't want SageClan falling to some filthy rogue's paws."

I bristled. How dare he think that we would be so weak, to be overcome by two rogues?

Rosepaw narrowed her eyes, but Sorrelbreeze hurriedly mewed, "We'll just be on our way then," she mewed, forcefully pushing past Darkflecks and marking the border before turning away, "I'm sure you have duties back at your camp." She added.

Pinestar didn't reply, but he and his warriors turned their back on the border. Sorrelbreeze sagged in relief, and Darkflecks muttered, "Great StarClan, why did he care?"

"Can we go back to camp now?" I perked up, seeing that we had finished the border patrol. And I can talk to Ice and Silver again!

Darkflecks saw my hopeful expression and purred, "We can, though I'm afraid you and Rosepaw are on cleaning duty today, remember?"

I groaned and so did Rosepaw. "You can't be serious!"

Darkflecks flicked my ear, "I don't joke, Cherrypaw."

Chapter Three

Ice knew he was dreaming.

Around him were cats he knew from childhood: Silver, his mother, and his father. There were also a few cats that lived close to them, but Ice didn't pay attention to them.

His eyes were focused on his father, who was tending to his mother.

Silver and Ice were crouched in their nest, watching with wide eyes.

His father saw them and his eyes darkened, "You're mother is dying, Ice," he growled, his anger focused on him instead of both of them.

Ice gulped. He could tell this was fake; his father had not been at his mother's death scene. He hadn't even come back for the funeral. In fact, Ice's father had been long gone two weeks after they were born.

"Ice..." He heard his mother call, "Silver..."

The moment the words escaped his mother's mouth, his father disappeared from the dream. Ice made his way over to his mother's nest, his sister by his side. "Mother...?" Silver asked tentatively, her voice serene and sweet, but engulfed with grief and sadness.

"My poor children," she breathed out, "I fear that I will not last much longer. My body is succumbing to green-cough."

Ice shifted on his paws, "You cannot leave," he pleaded, "We need you."

"My dear kits," his mother closed her eyes, "Four moons old now. You deserve to know before I leave this world and never get a change to tell you."

Silver leaned forward, "What is it, Mother?"

"When your father left," his mother wheezed, "He took your two sisters with him. He insisted he needed memories of me, despite the fact that he was leaving us. You probably barely remember him, and you most likely won't remember your sisters, but they are still out there. I know it."

"We have other siblings?" Ice gaped.

His mother nodded, "I wish you had gotten to know them, it's a shame Smoke decided to take them away so soon..."

Silver blinked, looking as confused as Ice was. "We'll find them," Ice vowed quietly, "I know we'll find them. And when we do, we can finally be a peaceful family together."


When Ice woke up, he heard cats shuffling around in a nearby den and murmurs. It was Cherrypaw and her sister, Rosepaw. The two were cleaning the warriors' den from the sound of it.

Silver yawned as she woke up and sighed, "I dreamed about it again, Ice," she huffed.

Ice didn't grimace, "I did too. Perhaps we are getting close?"

Silver shrugged, "We're far from our original home. Are you certain it's in this Clan?"

"No," Ice replied, "I actually think none of the cats are who we're looking for," he admitted, "We can scout the other Clans from here though."

Silver lay her head on her paws, "I was hoping we'd find them in SageClan," Silver whispered, "Then we'd finally be reunited..."

Ice smiled slightly, "We'll keep searching," he promised, "I know we'll find them somewhere. Hopefully Robinstar will let us join her Clan. If she doesn't, we'll have to go to the other Clans and see if we find them there."

Silver nodded, "We'll keep searching," she repeated, as if it calmed her. Ice knew she trusted his words, and he vowed silently that he would find his lost sisters, and Silver would not be alone with just him.

Plain Ice who couldn't support her.

He shut out the words and tried not to let the emotions flood. He kept a calm and collected face, trying to keep the act that he had kept on since his mother had died.

It's for Silver's sake, I cannot be weak. And later on, it'll be for my sisters' sakes.

The sound of pawsteps came closer, and Silver sat up to groom her pelt. I glanced at the entrance, wondering who it was.

Cherrypaw's head poked inside and her eyes lit up when she saw Ice. "Hey," she purred sheepishly, "Sorry to interrupt your sleeping."

Ice could see how Cherrypaw felt about him, and he loathed to admit he somewhat felt the same about her.

"Cherrypaw!" A meow sounded from outside, sounding like Rosepaw.

Cherrypaw ignored the call, her bright orange eyes glowing with friendship, "There's prey outside if you want. I'm sure Robinstar would spare you a bit of prey. Rosepaw and I are cleaning out the dens, so you may want to-"

"Cherrypaw!" Rosepaw's head popped into the den, though she didn't glance at either of the rogues crouched in the den, "Go do the Nursery like you promised!"

"I wanted to do the apprenticecs' den!" Cherrypaw protested, "Plus, why don't we do this den together?"

Rosepaw rolled her eyes, "Alright, if you want to spend the rest of this evening cleaning out the dens instead of getting to hunt like Darkflecks promised."

Cherrypaw perked up and waved her tail at Ice, "Okay, okay," she huffed, "I'll go to the Nursery." She blinked at Ice, "See you later."

Ice nodded, "See you."

When the apprentice left, Rosepaw pushed her way inside. Her blue eyes glowed with a certain intensity that Ice wanted to know about.

"I need to talk to you both in private."

Chapter Four

I sighed miserably as I cleaned out the Nursery. It wasn't that I didn't like the cute balls of fur that kept bugging me to play with them.

I mean they were tugging at my tail right now, insisting that I should stop gathering the moss of their nests and play mossball with them, or play Leaders with them, or play-

Never mind, maybe I didn't like these cute balls of fur that wouldn't stop nagging me.

"Kits," I heard their mother, Breezeflower mew, "Leave Cherrypaw be. She's helping us clean out our bedding."

I could hear Wrenkit let out a frustrated sigh and let go of my tail. She was the most outgoing of the three dilute calico kits, and Mosskit was right below her. Both kits often acted up, trying to escape camp in order to see the outside world.

"Wrenkit, stop annoying Cherrypaw!" I could hear the squeaky voice of Featherkit.

The peacemaker of the three, and disapproves of Wrenkit and Mosskit's antics. I often saw the little dark gray she-cat glancing at Brookwhisper as she worked.

I heard Wrenkit and Featherkit get into an argument, and Mosskit pattered up to me, "When do we become apprentices?"

I knew Mosskit and Wrenkit were desperate to leave the comforts of the Clan camp, "Soon," I promised, "In three moons."

"That's a long time!" Mosskit wailed.

I licked the kit on the head, "Well,e veryone had to wait, and so do you."

The little gray tortoiseshell she-cat pouted and trotted away, leaving me in peace to do all the bedding. StarClan, why did I agree to let Rosepaw take the apprentice den?

I finished out the Nursery quickly, and as I walked out the exit, I heard Rosepaw mew, "Should I tell her?" I stiffened.

Ice's gruff mew sounded after that, "No, I'll tell her myself."

Silver added, "It's better if you keep it to yourself for now."

I heard pawsteps, and hurriedly picked up the dirty bedding and trotted away from the dens. Rosepaw let out a squeal when she saw me, probably surprised that I had been there. "Cherrypaw!" She called, though I didn't stop walking.

"Cherrypaw!" Rosepaw mewed more forcefully, stopping in front of me.

"What?" I growled, "I'm trying to finish the dens if you haven't noticed. I don't spend my time gossiping about my sister with two rogues."

Rosepaw stiffened, and she hissed, "I wasn't talking about you!"

"Yeah right, 'Should I tell her?' I'm not stupid, I know you were talking about me."

My sister pawed the ground, "Look, it's not important right now. I wanted to ask Ice about the outside world, and I thought maybe I could tell you some of his stories, but he said he would tell you himself. Maybe he wanted some bonding time with you."

I glared at her, not fully convinced with her story.

Without replying, I stomped past her, dumping the dirty bedding outside of the camp and heading back in with clean moss.

I passed Rosepaw without another word, and I could feel tension spark between us. We had never kept secrets from one another, and we most definitely never fought.

This was our first quarrel, and the rogues had technically caused it.

Is having them in SageClan even a good idea?


I finished the dens and went to sit by myself, grooming. Robinstar was preparing to start the ceremony, and Rosepaw was sitting with Silver, chatting happily with her.

I ground my teeth in frustration. I was certain Rosepaw was lying about what she had been doing in the apprentice den, and she was talking about me with them.

What had she asked or told them?

"You looked troubled," I started at Ice's deep voice, "Is something wrong?"

I almost told him my quarrel with Rosepaw. It was so tempting, and I would understand what she and the rogues were talking about.

But I wanted to give Ice time to decide whether or not he wanted to tell me.

His clear green eyes were emotionless. He didn't seem inclined to say a word about earlier today. "Rosepaw seems like a great sister," he mewed, when I didn't reply.

I nodded stiffly, "She is."

Ice smiled, though his eyes remained devoid of emotion, "Oh really? She's a lot like Silver, and they seem to be getting along very well."

"Are you staying in SageClan?"

Ice tilted his head, "Silver and I planned to leave soon, but there may be something that requires us to stay for awhile longer."

"What is it?" Rosepaw must have been part of that "something".

The white rogue hesitated, "It's something I'll have to tell you another time." He pointed his tail at Robinstar, who was standing regally on the High Rock.

"Alright," I mumbled, "Maybe after this ceremony or tomorrow?"

Ice nodded, "Yeah, whenever we can."

The conversation must not have been important if he was reluctant to tell me now. Or he was still thinking about the situation.

"Cats of SageClan, please gather around the High Rock for a Clan meeting," Robinstar's call rang around the camp.

Cats filtered out of the dens, eager to hear what their leader had to say.

Speckshadow sat with her tail wrapped tightly around her flank. She was glaring at camps who seemed to have no interest in what Robinstar had to say.

Now that I saw it, I noticed Speckshadow was always defensive about Robinstar, and quick to help her. I turned around, wanting to ask Rosepaw about it, but then I realized I was alone.

Gulping, I spotted Rosepaw and Silver still talking, though in whispers now that Robinstar had started a meeting. They seemed very close.

Was Rosepaw...falling for Silver?

StarClan, I hope not.

"Today, two rogues asked to join SageClan. I have been deciding, with the help of my senior warriors, on whether or not I should allow them to join."

Someone called out, "You've always favored rogues!"

Speckshadow whipped her head in that direction and hissed, "Show some respect for your leader!"

Another cat snorted, "You're always quick to defend Robinstar!"

"Everyone knows you like Robinstar!"

More cats were calling out jeers. Speckshadow had stiffened at teh accusation, and her ears were turning slightly red.

Speckshadow likes...Robinstar? She has a crush on her?

Robinstar's green eyes flashed angrily, "Be quiet!" She yowled. Everyone fell silent, though Speckshadow glowered at the warriors who had spoken up. "Speckshadow has her own reasons for her feelings, and I will not be the judge of them."

Mutters rose from the cats. "Yes, I have supported rogues," Robinstar continued, "But it is because I believe they can contribute to the Clan."

"Rogues could easily destroy our Clan!"

"I heard about how Pinestar was so eager to know about these two rogues, what if he has relationships with them? He could be planning something with these two."

Robinstar's fur fluffed up, and she raised her tail for silence. The cats' voices died down, as their respect for Robinstar was high.

"I have decided," Robinstar mewed, "That Ice and Silver will be accepted into SageClan."

There were outraged murmurs, but not direct objections. Silver shifted, looking slightly uncomfortable while Rosepaw pressed against her reasurringly.

Ice had no reaction. He stared coldly back at the warriors, and I shivered. What was Ice thinking behind the mask of frost that he always wore?

"Speckshadow will be Ice's mentor, and I myself will be Silver's mentor."

No one spoke a word as the two rogues touched noses with their new mentors, "That will be all," Robinstar waved her tail.

The anger and tension was high in the air, and I closed my eyes and prayed that StarClan would not let SageClan begin a war amongst themselves.

Chapter Five

Ice and Silver hadn't changed their names after the ceremony. They said that they preferred their rogue names and wanted to keep them.

I woke up this morning with the sight of Rosepaw and Silver talking quietly behind me. Rosepaw's ears were tipped with red, and Silver looked happier than she had before.

Could Rosepaw have confessed to Silver that she possibly liked her yesterday? The curiosity of knowing that Rosepaw, Ice, and Silver had been discussing was overwhelming.

"Cherrypaw!" I heard Darkflecks call.

I clambered out of my nest and poked my head out, "Yeah?"

"Get out here for a border patrol and bring Silver." My mentor commanded, "Be quick if you want some prey we go."

I ducked back inside and called to Silver, "Come on, we're on a border patrol."

Immediately, Rosepaw stood up, "Can I go too?"

I shrugged, "Darkflecks only called for me and Silver."

Rosepaw deflated and murmured a quick goodbye to Silver. I gritted my teeth, feeling jealous that Rosepaw was showing more interest in Silver than in her own sister.

I stalked outside, and I was greeted by Goldpaw. "Hey, Cherrypaw!" She purred. She was carrying a wren, while her brother, Lionpaw, was carrying a few mice.

Purring, I touched noses with my foster sister. "Hey." She was always kind to me, and she was practically another sister to me.

"Where's Rosepaw?" Goldpaw asked, peering into the den, "Is she inside?"

I laughed, knowing even though Goldpaw was our foster sister, she had always developed a slight crush on Rosepaw.

Another thing to be jealous for.

"She's inside," I agreed, "Though Sorrelbreeze might have something for her later."

Goldpaw flashed me a grin and she trotted inside, still carrying her wren. I rolled my eyes at Lionpaw before heading towards Darkflecks with Silver shadowing me. I had forgotten the silver she-cat was behind me.

"Who was that?" Silver asked curiously.

"Goldpaw," I replied nonchalantly, "She's Robinstar's daughter and the golden tom was her brother, Lionpaw."

"You two seem...close." Silver eyed Lionpaw and the entrance of the apprentices' den.

"She's my foster sister," I admitted, "Rosepaw and I were found outside of the Clan and Robinstar fed us with milk."

Silver nodded, "I assume she's close with Rosepaw too?"

I purred to myself, "Yeah, she has a little crush on her, despite our relationships as sisters."

Something flashed in Silver's gaze, and I flinched at the intensity of her stare afterwards. Silver didn't speak though, and I tried to relax as we joined our mentors. Robinstar herself was leading this border patrol.

" said Pinestar was at the border yesterday?" Robinstar was clarifying, her sharp green gaze on my mentor.

Darkflecks nodded, "He was interested in the arrival of the two rogues, though I suspect he wanted to weaken SageClan."

"Typical HollyClan," Flowersplash snorted.

Robinstar shot her a warning look, and Silver whispered in my ear, "What does Pinestar look like and is HollyClan a neighbor Clan?"

I nodded, "Pinestar's HollyClan's leader, and he's like a russet brown tom with yellow eyes."

Silver stiffened, and I asked curiously, "Why do you ask?"

"Just want to know what he looked like so I wouldn't mistaken him as some SageClan warrior," Silver mumbled.

I didn't press and Robinstar flicked her tail for us to go.

Silver and I walked in silence for a moment, and then I asked, "Did Rosepaw ask you anything while she was cleaning the apprentices' den?" I tried to sound like I didn't care, or I knew what Rosepaw would have asked.

The silver tabby nodded, "She did," she mewed, "She asked about how I felt about her, and she admitted her feelings for me."

That's all?

Silver hadn't even hesitated with her answer. It was as if she knew it was true.

"Oh," was all I could say.

When Silver didn't start another conversation, I tried again, "You really care for Rosepaw, right? She's really a wonderful she-cat."

Silver smiled, "Yeah, she must be a great sister. I really love her as a-"

She froze, the words stopping. I glanced over at her and saw panic flare in Silver's green eyes. "As a friend," Silver managed to spit out instead, "A friend." She repeated.

I could tell she was lying, and now Silver was watching me, her green eyes surveying how I reacted. It was as if she was learning how I thought.

"As a friend," I repeated, my eyes narrowing.

"Yeah," Silver nodded, averting her eyes.

Before I could persist the topic, Robinstar let out a low hiss, "HollyClan..." She stiffened at the sight at the border, "Pinestar."

The HollyClan leader's eyes showed no humor. He was staring at Silver. Then his gaze switched to Cherrypaw, then back again.

Silver drew in a sharp breath, and tension crackled between them.

"It's him."

Chapter Six

"Who?" The question startled everyone, including me.

Silver turned her sharp green eyes on me. "Smoke. That's my father."

That didn't explain much, but I managed to stutter out, "And? Did he do something, or are you just mad at him because-"

Silver sighed, "He abandoned us."


Pinestar was staring at Silver. "Why are you here? What happened to Snow?" I studied the HollyClan leader. He looked so different from Ice and Silver, but I could see the lean in his muscles, just like Ice.

"Don't say her name!" Silver cried, "She's dead, and she told us you took two of our sisters. Now you're here, leader of HollyClan, and yet you still aren't taking care of my sisters!"

Pinestar's gaze remained hard and cold, "Nobody said I didn't take care of my daughters." Behind him, one red she-cat bared her teeth.

Silver glanced frostily at the she-cat, and then hissed, "You married another she-cat? You betrayed my mother!"

Robinstar coughed, "Silver, please kindly explain what's going on."

The silver tabby broke out of her anger. She crumpled to the floor, suddenly looking tired. "I'll explain everything at camp. Ice deserves to know about our father."

Pinestar stared at his daughter and snorted, "You came to the Clans in an attempt to find your sisters?"


Pinestar frowned, "I'm surprised you are the only one acting so angry." But he did not say another word and turned to walk away.

Silver was shaking from anger. I wrapped my tail around hers and whispered, "It's okay, he isn't your father anymore."

She nodded bravely. Robinstar, after marking the border with Flowersplash, headed back to camp with us close to her heels.


"What do you mean he's here?" Ice's green eyes flashed angrily, "He has no right to take our sisters, abandon them, then go and be some other Clan's leader!"

Robinstar narrowed her eyes, "Ice, Silver, please explain."

For some reason, Rosepaw and I were part of this conversation. Rosepaw had insisted on tagging along, and I was forced to come with my sister.

Silver took in a breath, and then mewed, "We were born far from the Clans, in a small valley. Snow was our mother, and Smoke, Pinestar now, was our father. Ice and I had two other sisters, but we didn't find our until our mother was dying. She told us how we had two other sisters, and Pinestar had taken them from her."

Ice nodded grimly, "Upon hearing this, Silver and I decided to find our sisters. We searched for them and ended up resting here."

Rosepaw was glancing at them expectantly. I was confused. Why are Silver and Ice staying for so long then? They didn't know about Pinestar, so why would they stay?

Ice paused, "We didn't know where to go after this, so we thought we would try searching here in the Clans."

Speckshadow scoffed, "You might be using this as an excuse to kill off Robinstar and SageClan."

Robinstar glanced at her deputy, "Relax, Speckshadow," she warned, "Not all rogues are deadly and ready to destroy the Clans. These two merely wanted to find their sisters."

Speckshadow scowled, but Darkflecks cut in, "Did you find them?"

"Who?" Silver asked, momentarily confused.

"Your sisters," Darkflecks flicked his tail, "Or are you staying at SageClan for no apparent reason?" He doesn't want them to stay for too long, he's afraid they will do something to SageClan.

Ice and Silver exchanged glances. Rosepaw was leaning forward, her eyes gleaming with a certain sort of...waiting.

"Yeah," Ice finally mewed, "We found them."

Silence followed his words. Nobody dared to let out their breath. After moments of silence, Rosepaw spoke up, "Are you going to tell us who?"

But I could tell Rosepaw didn't care about the answer. Either she had no more respect for the rogues, or that she knew something.

Something I didn't know.

Ice grimaced. He didn't open his mouth to speak, and neither did Silver. Brookwhisper cocked her head, "Please tell us. Are they in SageClan, or in a different Clan?"

All the warriors in the den had their eyes on the siblings. Everyone except Rosepaw. She was staring at the ceiling, occasionally switching her gaze to look at me. It started to unnerve me.

After a few more moments of silence, Ice opened his mouth, "Alright, we might as well spill it. I had hoped to tell my sister in peace and quiet, but this shall do."

Sister. He only intends to tell one. But Ice isn't the one to hold back on one of his sisters if he found them both. That means one already knows.

My eyes snapped to Rosepaw. She had been so disconcerted, and she definitely was waiting for this moment. Her eyes were on me now.

"My sisters," Ice mewed slowly, "Are Cherrypaw and Rosepaw."

Chapter Seven

I ended up in the woods.

I was back at HollyClan's border, though I had no idea how I had gotten there. I had no memory of running out of Robinstar's den, charging out of camp, and racing for the border.

Now I stood there, panting.

Rosepaw had known about Ice and Silver being our siblings. I had loved my own brother and now I could hardly bare the thought of knowing I had once thought I loved him.

Rosepaw had kept it to herself! So did Silver and Ice! "I wanted to tell her in peace and quiet, but I suppose this will do." Who was Ice to judge when it was okay to tell me? He should have informed me as soon as he could.

But he didn't.

Something hit me in the head, and I glared balefully at the branch. The conversation I heard from the apprentices' den... Rosepaw had been confirming her guess about them being her littermates. How she knew Silver and Ice were looking for their sisters I don't care.


I whirled around, "Stay away from me!"

Ice stared calmly at me. Nobody else was around. My eyes were instantly drawn to his muscles and his odd green gaze. He looked so handsome right now, standing there, alone and-


"You didn't even tell me," I sobbed out, "You told Rosepaw, and you told her to keep her mouth shut. Never once did you even bother to come and tell me!"

Ice didn't apologize. "I wanted a chance with you alone, when you were in the mood, and when you were ready for the secret I was about to spill on you."

"I don't care about being alone, or when I'm in the mood, or if I'm ready!" I shouted, "You could have told me."

The white tom didn't even react, "You think that if I told you the moment I found out myself, you would be happy?"


He snorted, "You would be alarmed, your life would bein ruins, and everything would crash down on you. That's what happened to me when my mother-"

"Yeah, yeah," I interrupted, "But what you don't know that is my life is already in ruins."

He watched me, not a single emotion flitting onto his face. It irritated me, yet I continued to stare at him, and I knew I could still feel the tug in my heart.

"Why?" He asked softly, "Just because I didn't tell you?"

Anger exploded in me. How could he be so inconsiderate about how I felt? How could he not know why I felt this way? Had he never seen the looks I had given him? The feelings that showed in my eyes whenever I looked at him?

Obviously not.

"You broke my heart," I mewed simply, "I thought I could love you. I thought you would stay in SageClan and become my mate. Yet you tell me this after my feelings have gotten too far. Do you know how it feels?"

Ice was quiet.

"I could stay as your brother," he offered.

"No," I spat vehemently, "I don't want you to stay. I don't care if you're my brother. You ruined everything I've wanted: a normal life."

Before he could say another word, I turned and raced for the camp.

A memory hit me before I even got a few steps away from Ice, causing me to cry out in pain and crumple to the ground.


I hadn't opened my eyes yet. Everything was black, well not black, a fuzzy dark gray more like it. Mewling was heard from left and right of me. A familiar scent washed over me.

"My dear kits," I heard someone-my mother I guess-purr, "You will grow to be strong one day."

"Indeed they will," a rumble sounded, "What are their names?"

"Ice," My mother sighed in wonder, "Silver, Cherry, and Rose." The tail brushed my flank, "Aren't they lovely, Smoke?"

"Of course they are, Snow," Smoke mewed, "Our kits are beautiful like you."

Snow purred, but it sounded slightly fake. I mewed in distress when I sensed her dark thoughts and I tried to open my eyes.

I blinked blurrily, but I could barely see a thing. Still no luck.

"She's a fiesty one," Smoke observed.

"Rose is too."

Smoke mewed, "You must be dying to know why I am here, after a whole month."

"Yes, I am." Snow agreed, her tone now dangerously low.

Smoke chuckled, "I am here to claim what is mine and bid you one last farewell. I cannot leave without taking my possessions with me now can I?"

"They are not yours!" Snow protested, "You cannot have them!"

"I won't take them all." Smoke promised.

Snow stifled a sob, "Why do you want them? You weren't here to help with the birth or help them live!"

"No," Smoke sighed, "But they are still my kits. I will take Cherry and Rose, you may keep Silver and Ice. Do not tell them who I am or where their sisters went."

Snow couldn't reply. I felt myself being lifted up, and I let out a wail of protest. Mother!


Ice was at my side, helping me stand up. I blinked, and then shoved him away, "I said stay away!" Tears were pooling in my eyes.

Memories were flooding back. It all made sense why Rosepaw and I weren't Clan-born. But I could not shake away the terror that had built up in me when Smoke had taken Rosepaw and I away.

Ice took a step back, "You're remembering the past."

"Yeah, it feels terrible. I'm guessing you triggered it?"

"I merely helped," Ice replied, "But I did not fully cause it. Seeing Smoke, me, and Silver must have finally caused you to remember."

I took in a deep breath, "You should never have come to SageClan."

Chapter Eight

Something flickered in Ice's eyes. It was first emotion I had seen that had crossed his face. I must have surprised him with my anger.

"Why do you say that, sister?"

The vision blurred, "I'm not your sister! If you hadn't came into my life, things wouldn't be like this. The world wouldn't be broken in half, and Rosepaw and I wouldn't be ignoring each other."

"You cannot blame things at random, Cherrypaw." Ice scolded, "That will only make things worse than they are."

"Oh no!" I mocked, "Things aren't already worse! I cannot imagine a scene worse than this." I snarled, "You did ruin everything, Ice."

But I knew he was right. I was blaming him because he was convenient. He was easy to blame. A newcomer who had came to spill a huge secret on me. And because I wasn't prepared to hear it, I blamed Ice for everything.

"I wanted to love you," I whispered, "But I never got the chance."


I don’t know how I ended up back at camp, but I fished out a hawk and settled in, not meeting the gazes of my Clanmates. I focused on my prey, knowing that if Silver or Ice tried to talk to me, I would probably scream.

Rosepaw ended up being the one to talk to me.

I don’t think it made me feel any better, but I certainly resisted the urge to scream in her face about everything that has happened.

“Are you okay?” Rosepaw asked, obviously concerned, though I don’t know why.

“I’m fine,” I mewed curtly. I managed not to strangle her or accuse her of keeping secrets from me. Turns out I didn’t need to tell her.

“Look,” Rosepaw sighed, “Sorry about not telling you earlier. Ice made me promise, and so did Silver. She helped me figure it out, you know? We talked a lot the day they were here, and I just suspected something about Silver and me.”

I responded by taking a huge bite out of my hawk to avoid replying.

My sister let out her breath, “I know, you’re probably mad about everything, but Ice and Silver could be great brothers and sisters. I think I’d enjoy them being around."

Imagine that, I thought mutinously, being with the two cats who lied and deceived you. The two cats who ruined your lives and made it fall all around you.

I knew I was being unfair. Ice technically hadn’t done a thing to me. He merely just avoided telling me about being my brother until he was forced to in Robinstar’s den. Silver hadn’t done anything; she was merely joining Ice on his quest to retrieve his lost sisters.

But I didn’t like being fair. It was like telling myself it was my fault for loving Ice and feeling as though everything I had strived to achieve had disappeared.

Well it had, but something cats might say I was being too dramatic.

But to be fair, most of them hadn’t felt as though their heart had been ripped out. I felt as though Ice had completely rejected me. I knew from the moment Ice had arrived in SageClan that I wanted to be his mate. He was everything I ever wanted.

I guess I could still have him.

Did I want him?

That was the real question. My heart still jumped whenever I saw Ice, but the realization of knowing he was my brother terrified me.

"Cherrypaw?" Rosepaw's hesitant mew brought me back, "What do you think?"

Anger flowed through me at the thought of Ice and Silver, laying this heavy weight on my shoulders. The tension between me and Rosepaw had not healed, and I knew who I could blame for this.

"I think they should leave SageClan alone and never comes back. They found what they want, now they can leave." I snapped.

Rosepaw looked stunned. What did she expect from me? Some silly phrases about how I wanted them to stay? As if. I almost felt sorry for snapping at my sister, she looked so fragile and frail right now, as if she wanted me to understand the goodness in Silver and Ice's hearts.

"You're so quick to judge," my sister snarled instead, "You don't understand what Ice and Silver went through just to find us. If you found out you had sisters, wouldn't you be desperate to find them?"

"I didn't happen to me," I mewed bluntly, "I can't answer that question."

Rosepaw lashed her tail, "You're judging Ice because you decided that your heart had been broken. What had Ice done? He told you that you were his sister, and now you just want him gone?"

I didn't speak. I didn't trust what I would say.

"Well since you want your siblings gone so badly, maybe it's time I left too." Before I could even process her words, Rosepaw stormed away.

The ferns rustled at her exit, and I stared blankly at the camp entrance. I stooped back down to chew on my hawk, but I had no interest in eating anymore. "Here," I mumbled, passing the hawk to Goldpaw, "You finish this."

I pushed my way into the apprentices' den, and curled up in my nest, ignoring Ice's stare. Moments later, Silver came in and talked quietly with Ice. I tried to shut their voices out, but I caught phrases from their conversation.

"...don't want us"


"...told me that...leaving...Cherry...yeah she doesn't want...near her..."

I strained my ears now, trying to catch more. Ice and Silver's hushed whispers continued to make no sense, but with dread, I realized they were talking about me and Rosepaw.

" did she...guess she's...yeah...gone."

I squeezed my eyes shut. Were they talking about how Rosepaw left the camp? Surely Rosepaw was just taking a stroll to cool off. I didn't know what she would do, we never had a fight this bad before.

"...well...she's only one...accepted us...guess we should...leave forever..."

My breath caught in my throat. This had been my fault. I wanted Ice and Silver gone because of my emotions that still cluttered my mind.

But the anger hadn't left me yet. I couldn't stand looking at Ice, knowing that I loved him with all my heart, but yet he was my brother and I couldn't love him with the affection I wanted to.

"...wants us to leave anyways...should go...Rosepaw not...only wish she would..."

The more I heard them, the more I wanted to sit up in my nest and ask what was wrong. Why didn't they just leave already? Surely they understood what I wanted.

"...convince her? Impossible...Ice...try to...loves you...yet she hates...she won't have to say...don't do it..."

"Stop whispering!" I suddenly reared up, unable to stand it anymore, "Stop talking about me! Stop talking about Rosepaw!"

Silver's eyes were full of fear and hatred. Why she feared me I had no idea. But the hatred surprised me. Silver was usually the kind one.

"We have every right to do what we want." Silver spat.

Ice's face was calm and collected, though his eyes showed the betrayal he felt. "I don't think you understand the situation, Cherrypaw. You put us in this position, you set Rosepaw against us and now she's gone."

"She's not against you," I laughed bitterly, "She loves you two as her siblings. And she's not gone, she's coming back later."

Silver curled her lip. She obviously had strong feelings for Rosepaw, despite them being just sisters. Perhaps they had grown to be close sisters in the few days Ice and Silver had stayed in SageClan. "Really Cherrypaw? Do you really believe that? She saw how easily you fell apart, she blamed Ice and me for not telling you. She wanted to tell you the moment we gave her the answer, and now it's too late. She may have affections for us, but she wants you to be better."

"So what?" I snapped, "She obviously still wishes that you two would stay to be her littermates, she told me herself!"

Ice's green eyes were colder than before, "There's one thing Rosepaw is most loyal to," he mewed frostily, "And that is you. She wants you to be happy, even if it means to go against what she wants. She may love us, but she still despises us for what happened to you."

"Yeah, and?"

Silver snorted, "You obviously aren't connecting this to what happened outside. "If Rosepaw wants you to be happy, and she thinks you don't want any siblings around, what would she do?"

The blood drained from my face.

"Yes," Ice mewed unkindly, "Rosepaw's gone for real."

Chapter Nine

I stood there for a whole second, gaping at the two rogues. Then I whirled around and raced outside. Lionpaw called out to me to share his mouse, but I didn't listen. All I could think about is how Rosepaw is out of the camp, heading for the border, never intending to come back.

And I was the one who caused her to do so.

Ignoring the confused glances of my Clanmates, I raced outside. I heard someone murmur, "Cherrypaw must be losing her mind, she's constantly running out of camp..."

Gritting my teeth, I pushed the voices away and continued through the territory. I prayed to StarClan fervently that Rosepaw hadn't left the territory yet and I could catch her and tell her that I'm sorry and that I didn't mean to hurt her and-

I skidded to a halt by the border, my eyes searching the hills and land that stretched beyond our territory.

At first, I didn't see anything that would tell me that Rosepaw was gone. I turned to go back, determined to catch Rosepaw before she left the territory.

Then something caught my eye.

It was a fleeing shape, something small and I saw a flick of a rose red tail.

I knew the shape of the cat.


I collapsed to the ground, sobbing miserably. She was gone and it was all my fault. If I had not been so blunt, if I had open my heart up to her, maybe I could have prevented this.

But now it was too late.


The next day, when search patrols went out for Rosepaw, I didn't join them. There was no need to scour the territory for my sister; she wasn't coming back and I knew it.

And I knew it was my fault.

I curled up tighter in my nest, trying to shut out all the voices in my head. They kept coming back, telling me I had caused Rosepaw's dilemma, telling me that I was the reason she was lost forever.

They weren't wrong.

But I hated hearing the voices, they made me cringe, they gave me nightmares, they made me remember what I had done, and what Ice and Silver had ended up telling me-


My head jerked up against my will and I found myself staring into a pair of green eyes. The white edges surrounding the eyes made me realize who it was.

"Stay away!" I hissed, scrambling away.

Ice's calm, collected gaze met mine. For a moment, I saw emotion flicker across his gaze. Why does he always shut us out? Why doesn't he ever show how he feels?

I switched my gaze to Silver, who was staring at her brother worriedly. Even with the concern in her gaze, I could see that Silver thought that Ice was a true leader and that he was as fearless as he looked.

I focused on Ice again, trying to stir emotion from him. Ice's gaze remained emotionless, and I realized why. Rosepaw did this sometimes.

He doesn't want to look weak. It's for the sake of Silver...and his sisters.

For a moment, my hatred for him depleted. Then I remembered Rosepaw wasn't here anymore, and I felt the small tug of love pulling me towards Ice.

In a fit of rage, I struggled to refrain myself from lunging for Ice's throat.

"Cherrypaw," Silver mewed softly, "Stop."

The forcefulness of her voice made me close my eyes. She sounded like my mother. Do I even remember what my mother sounded like? It only made sense Silver knew how to act like her, she lived with our mother for four moons.

Our mother.

I took in a deep breath, and I stood up to push through them to leave the den. "Ice," Silver added, "Do you mind leaving us alone?"

The white tom glanced over at our sister, looking slightly irritated. Silver glared at him pointedly, as if to say: You hurt her, don't deny it.

Ice grunted and padded outside. Silver seated herself in front of me and sighed, "I'm sorry, Cherrypaw, about everything we've brought to you."

I met her gaze. She looked truly sincere, unlike Ice, who acted as if I was the one who didn't understand. "It's fine," I muttered, "The damage has been done."

Silver smiled sadly, "I'm telling him after this that we have to leave. Then I'll take it up to Robinstar that we're leaving."

"Forever?" I found myself dreading the moment Silver left. Sure, I wanted Ice gone, but Silver...she had been nice.

My sister nodded, "Yes, forever. Maybe one day we might come back, but you need time to recover, and so does Ice."

"Ice?" I scoffed.

Silver laughed softly at that. "Believe or not, his heart and pride was hurt when he ruined his chance to have his family together again."

I was silent at that. Wasn't that my fault too? I was the one pushing Ice away from me.

Silver stood up and touched her tail to my shoulder, "I'm truly sorry for what we've done, please...forgive us one day."

I bit my lip. "I'm sorry if I ruined your dreams for a perfect reunion."

Silver shook her head, "Don't be sorry, Cherrypaw."

I swallowed bitterly, and then murmured, "I'll miss you." It was true, I would.

"And Ice?" Silver prompted.

I merely shook my head and shrugged. Silver's gaze lingered on me, and I felt as though she was my older sister, telling me to behave. "Good bye, Cherrypaw."

"Bye," I whispered, trying to stifle tears from coming out.

Before I could say anything else, Silver was gone.

I stayed in my den, though I could hear her murmuring to Ice, then the two of them heading towards Robinstar's den to tell her their decision.

Then they'll be gone forever. Is this my fault too?

Chapter Ten

I stayed in my nest until Darkflecks called me out. "Ice and Silver are leaving! Don't you want to say goodbye?" He asked, "After all, they are your littermates."

I flinched, "I already said my goodbyes," I mumbled, "I want to sleep."

My mentor frowned, "I know you're upset about Rosepaw's disappearance, but you should at least say farewell to your other two siblings for the last time. Who knows when you'll see them again. If you ever do that is."

"I already said goodbye," I repeated.

Darkflecks sighed, "Cherrypaw..."

I didn't budge, "It'll only hurt more if I have to say goodbye again! Don't you think I'll-"

I broke off when a white head poked its way inside. "Darkflecks? Can I have a word with Cherrypaw before Silver and I leave?"

My mentor turned and nodded, "Of course, Ice. We'll miss you when you two are gone."

Sure we will.

Ice waited for Darkflecks to back out of the den, and then turned to me, "Silver told me to tell you that I'm sorry."

"So you're only telling me this because Silver told you too."

Ice frowned, and just for this moment, I could see all his emotions spilling out, as if this departure was just too much for him to take. "You know it's not like that. Of course I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, but I didn't realize how much it truly hurt you."

I resisted the urge to snort. Instead, I turned away, "Please just go."

Ice lingered for a moment longer, "I wanted to tell you that before I realized who you were to me, that I loved you too."

That made me snap my head around to stare at him, "You did?"

He smiled sadly, "Yes. I've met other she-cats like you, mooning over me, but you are the first she-cat that I felt something towards. I was quite...devastated to realize that I couldn't have such affections towards you because of our relations."

My heart was in my throat, "Then I'm such an idiot for assuming I'm the only one who felt that way."

Ice shook his head, "It's alright, it was harder for you than it was for me. I'll miss you, Cherrypaw," he added hesitantly, "I wish I could have known you better as a sister."

Suddenly this was too much for me too, "I'm sorry for driving you away, if you want to stay you can stay. I mean-"

Ice stopped me by brushing his tail over my lips, "No, Cherrypaw, my presence will only hurt you more, it will remind you, and me, of the hardships of us being brothers and sisters. I must go."

"Bye," I whispered, feeling tears come to my eyes like it had when Silver was leaving. "May StarClan light your path."

"And yours."


two moons later...

"Cherrypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and to protect and defend your Clan with your life?" Robinstar proudly stood in front of me, though I was the only apprentice standing before her when there should have been three more.

Goldflecks and Lionfire had become warriors a moon earlier, and now it was my turn.

"I do," my voice was quiet.

Robinstar nodded with pleasure, "Then from this moment on, you shall be known as Cherryflower. StarClan honors your courage and strength, and we welcome you as a full warrior of SageClan."

I licked her shoulder and stepped back as my Clanmates cheered for me. Goldflecks was the loudest, though grief showed in her eyes for my sister, Rosepaw.

"Cherryflower! Cherryflower!"

My chest swelled with pride.

I'm a true warrior of SageClan now. If only three more names could have been enjoying this moment with me...


Cherryflower crouched in her nest, breathing shallowly. It was one of her daily nightmares about her sisters and brother.

It's always the same.

It starts with them together, playing happily, even though they've never actually done that before. Then Smoke-Pinestar-comes in and takes Silver and Ice away. Rosepaw then succumbs to a sickness and Cherryflower is left all alone...

She tried to slow her breathing.

It had been five moons since Rosepaw, Ice, and Silver left SageClan, each for their own reasons. To most of her Clanmates, Cherryflower wasn't insane.

But mentally, she knew she was.

Every day that passed, she knew that some part of her was dying. Brookwhisper told her that she needed help, she wasn't faring well with this mental illness that she had.

"The thing that will heal your heart and your illness is love," Brookwhisper sighed, "Nobody else can help but you, and the cats that love you."

There were a few cats that caught Cherryflower's eye, but she pushed them away. She didn't want to let her heart be broken again by a handsome looking tom.

Never again would she make that mistake.

Rosepaw hadn't been seen after that incident five moons ago. That's when the first part of Cherryflower, Cherrypaw then, had died.

Then Ice and Silver had left, knowing that Cherrypaw couldn't cope with them around. Another part of her died.

And after all this, she just kept fading away, knowing that she would never recover, not after the arrival of the two rogues.

Was that her fault too?

Cherryflower sighed. "Cherryflower?" Lionfire glanced at her.

She felt herself lean towards the tom. Despite him being like a brother, they grew closer day by day. She needed someone to support her, so why not someone she knew from kithood?

"Hey," he purred, licking her cheek, "Are you feeling better today?"

"No," she admitted, "But with you around, anything is better."

He was the start of her revival, her cure to her sickness.

"Let's go for a walk," Lionfire mewed, "Shall we?"

Cherryflower smiled, "Alright, where do you want to go?"


They strolled outside, passing warriors as they headed for the entrance. "I love you, Cherryflower," Lionfire whispered in her ear, "I want you to get better, okay?"

"Okay," Cherryflower felt herself warm up. He was the best part of her day, the only thing that kept her going.

As they reached the entrance, it rustled. The pair stopped, staring at the entrance.

The two of them saw two different things.

He saw a long-lost friend that he knew he wanted to see again. He also knew that a special someone of his would love to see her too.

She saw another piece of her cure, something that she desperately wanted to happen since the incident five moons ago.


with all this darkness around us, can we shine again?

The End. <3

Author's Note

Thank you so much if you read this to the end, and congrats if you guessed the secret right! I loved this story a lot, it was fun to write, and I'm grateful to everyone who supported me to the end!

Now to clarify about the prologue, yes, it was Ice, and he's talking about his feelings for Cherrypaw, and how he hurt her mentally, not physically. Rosepaw hated them because they hurt Cherrypaw, and they know how she endures her pain'll see! xD

Anything else you're confused on, ask in the comments. And please comment, I love feedback!

There will be a sequel! It's going to be called Shining Again. I don't think that title is quite revelant to the story, but it's a metaphor :)

Hope you enjoyed this!

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