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A tall silver she-cat stood by the side of the lake in StarClan, looking over the silvery surface in the moonlight. "Ah, if only the peace could last."
A black tom rested his head on her shoulder, his white chest-fur flashing. "Don't worry, Silverflash. They'll learn from the upcoming war, and it'll be the last war for as long as any elders would remember."
Silverflash rolled her light blue eyes. "There won't be any cats left, Darkblaze. This will be the end, of everything; of the Warrior Code, of the four Clans, of us- StarClan. We'll be fighting Dark Forest, they'll be fighting for us, against the Forest's representatives."
Darkblaze shrugged. "And now you're StarClan's seer, eh? Did Bluestar appoint you?"
The silver she-cat gave her mate a strange look. "Bluestar?"
"Yeah, Bluestar." Darkblaze shied off of her, and frowned. "She called a meeting last night, you weren't there, though, I recall. Where were you?"
Silverflash didn't meet her mate's eyes. "None of your business."
Darkblaze looked hurt. "What?"
"None of your business!" Silverflash snapped.
"I need to know," Darkblaze told her.
"No, you don't," the silver she-cat snarled.
"Yes, I do," the black tom insisted.
Suddenly, blue eyes blazing, Silverflash turned to her mate. "No you don't. I work for Tigerstar now." She pounced on Darkblaze, who just stood there in shock as he watched the she-cat scratch and bite him. He didn't fight, and soon he lay, killed from the Killing Bite, on the lakeside. The she-cat gazed down at him with cold satisfaction, then switched her face to false alarm and grief. "Noooo!" she wailed, attracting the attention of a few StarClan warriors, an apprentice, and a former WindClan deputy.
"Help me!" Silverflash wailed to Lionheart, Whitestorm, and Swiftpaw. Ashfoot looked at her in alarm, and went over to examine Darkblaze's body, while the former ThunderClan warriors quieted her. In shock, the WindClan deputy noticed Silverflash's fur in her mate's scratches. She instantly understood. Silverflash is on the Dark Forest's side.
Instead of saying anything, Ashfoot returned to them. "Killed by a Dark Forest warrior. They must have snuck in," she informed them.
Silverflash nodded. "We'll go on patrol! We must avenge Darkblaze!"
Ashfoot nodded reluctantly. "Fine. I'll lead."
Lionheart shook his head. "Let me lead."
The former WindClan deputy shrugged. "Suit yourself."
As they hurried off, each of them felt different emotions- Silverflash felt cold satisfaction, Whitestorm felt anger towards the Dark Forest, Lionheart felt pity for her, Swiftpaw felt confusion towards the Dark Forest, and Ashfoot felt silly running off to find someone that they'd never find... because she was "hunting" with them.

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