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Harestar-brown and white tom


Fernstripe-gray tom with black stripes like fern leaves

Medicine Cat:

Sunheart-ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Snowberry-deaf white she-cat with blue eyes


Brindlefur-mottled brown she-cat

Smokecloud-gray she-cat

Rabbittail-brown and white she-cat with a short tail

Shorttail-brown tom with white belly and patch on back and a short tail

Snakestripe-brown tabby she-cat with stripe from spine to tail

Brairleaf-light gray tabby she-cat with faint dots of brown and green eyes

Whitewisker-white tom (former kittypet)

Blizzardstorm-muscular white tom (former rogue)

Duskpelt-fiery orange tom

Sunfur-muscular fiery ginger tom

Lightingwind-pale yellow tabby tom


Snowpaw-white tom(former kittypet)-Mentor, Blizzardstorm

Blackpaw-gray tabby she-cat with white belly-Mentor, Briarleaf


Bluewater-blue-gray she-cat with ocean-blue eyes

Duskwind-pale ginger tabby she-cat


Icekit - white tabby she-kit with one black tip on a paw

Falconkit - pale gold tom with white belly


Yellowleaf - golden tabby she-cat







Mapledawn - dark ginger she-cat

Oakclaw - muscular brown tom

Acornpelt - dark ginger tom

Goldblossom - golden she-cat







Blueblossom - blue-gray she-cat







Darkfeather - black tom

Snaketooth - dark ginger tabby with unusually long fangs

Animals Outside the Clans

Tigerstripe - brown tabby she-cat with long scar on face


"Duskwind! Duskwind! Duskwind!" I cried as I searched for her.

"What is it dear?" she asked me. "You know I am busy Icekit."

"My eyes! can you see them? they're open!"

"O-Oh, well I have some news for you too," she said nervously. "Sad news, actually, um, Falconkit, he um, around the time you opened your eyes, um," she stammered.

"You are making less sense than usual, Duskwind," my voice dropped. "Did Falconkit d-die, Duskwind?"

"I'm afraid so, my dear, and it was around the time you opened your eyes," she whispered. "I'm so sorry."

Chapter 1 - Six Moons

"Iiiicekit! Iiiicekit!"

Duskwind's gentle but loud call awakened me. "What is it?" I yawned.

"You have reached six moons, Icekit! Oh, I wonder who your mentor will be! Hmm... Snakestripe? She is my foster sister so not so likely... Sunfur? He is very strong... what do think about him, Icekit?"

"He's okay I guess..." I said as I dozed back to sleep.


"What do you mean 'she's probably weak anyway'?! She is the strongest kit I have ever known! You know what? I am done with you we are not mates anymore just because Falconkit was a tom, doesn't mean Icekit, a she-cat, can't be a warrior!" Duskwind screeched at Fernstripe, my father.

Before my father had a chance to speak, the leader came in and said, "Fernstripe? Is it true? Do you really like one of your kits more than the other just because the one you like better is a tom? Ashfoot was chosen as deputy for Onestar before she died, so you think a she-cat cannot be leader, or at least an apprentice? Even ShadowClan allows she-cats for leaders!"

"Why you-", Fernstripe started to growl, but Harestar cut him off.

"Go ahead, kill me, on my next life, cats are going to say, 'What happened, Harestar? And I will tell them all about this! I will give you one last chance Fernstripe, so get ready."

Wow, I can't believe that happened. Well, at least I'll be happy when I get half siblings.


The apprentice ceremony wasn't so bad, but now I know what Harestar meant for the "last chance". Fernstripe was my mentor.

Chapter 2 - Tigerstar

Great. Father that left me, evil mentor, I feel like I'm Tigerstar. 'Cause that's how he became evil. And Fernstipe is an awful mentor, he's like Tigerstar when he was a warrior.

"Wake up, Icepaw!" Fernstripe growled. "Why are you always sleeping when it's dawn patrol?!"

"Why do I have to be up for every dawn patrol?!" I said sadly.

"Because that's what a deputy does!" he hissed.

"No, Fernstripe, let her rest, she she doesn't have to be a leader when she grows up. And you don't have to be Tigerstar, you are a whisker-length from ending your last chance, do you understand?" Harestar said. Fernstripe muttered yes and walked away.

When I woke up in ShadowClan, and Fernstripe was there. He somewhat looked like the Tigerstar that I have imagined from stories and said to me, "Be just like me!", and I started to turn into Tigerstar too. I killed Harestar, and then killed the half-clan cats.

Then I woke up and Fernstripe was there and growled, "Come on, I haven't got all day! We're going to hunt today."


"Hey, I think I scent some foxes here," Fernstripe told me. "Follow me." I follow him.

"Uh-oh, this scent is fresh," I said. "Fernstripe?" I noticed he wasn't there.

Then it jumped at me.

It bit my chest, and I screeched in pain. I scratched everywhere I could on it, but it just kept biting me. When it loosened its grip on my chest, it started clawing at me with its giant paws. That's when I think I fell asleep.

Chapter 3 - Freedom

I woke up feeling pain.

"Thank goodness you're awake!" cried Sunheart. "What happened?!"

"Fernstripe...scent...foxes...fresh scent...wasn't" Then I dozed off back to sleep.


When I woke up again, I felt a little better. Duskwind was lying besides me.

"Icepaw! Are you alright? Did Fernstripe do this to you? Thank goodness Dawnwind found you!" she exclaimed.

"I think Fernstripe did this," I said tiredly.

"And Fernstripe, don't make an excuse of saying her head might be damaged, because there is not a single scratch on her head."

"A fox would have eaten her!" Fernstripe protested.

"You know that's not going to help you right?" said Sunheart.

"I know..." Fernstripe mumbled, then he growled, "I just want to get this stupid ball of fur out of my life!"

"Snowberry knows fighting skills too. If Fernstripe wants a fight, Snowberry can fight him.", mewed Snowberry.

"No, Snowberry.", said Sunheart "Let Harestar deal with this."


And so Fernstripe was banished from the Clans. The new deputy is Briarleaf now, not because how she seemed loyal to her Clan nor so loyal to her Clan but rather loyal to her Clan, friendly with other Clans, and understands when she has to battle with other Clans. And most important of all, she has a kind heart, and she's my mentor now!

Now I'm free from Fernstripe!

Chapter 4 - Cries of Monsters

I was awaken by loud noises.

"What's going on?" I yawned.

"It's the twolegs with their monsters!" rasped Yellowleaf. "I've heard tales of them destroying the forest and how they made the clans leave! What if they made us leave too?"

"Don't worry, tomorrow is the gathering and the leaders will sort this out," Sunheart calmed Yellowleaf.


"So it is," meowed Bramblestar, "Oakclaw and Acorntail of Thuderclan, Blueblossom of Riverclan, Blackstripe and Icepaw of Windclan, and Darkfeather of Shadowclan."

"Be safe!" I heard Goldblossom say.

"I will", said Oakclaw.

"Are we really gonna to find out what's up with the twolegs with him?", said Blackstripe with disgust.

"I guess so," I said.


"Oh! I can't believe that my kit is going to be on a journey! But I'm also scared, you are the only apprentice, and it might be hard for you." Duskwind said.

"Remember, just in case you feel sick and don't cough, just tell the others you think you're probably expecting ki-", Snowstorm said but Blackstripe cut him off, "I know, Snowstorm, you've been telling me this forever!"

"So, Icepaw, who do you like?" Duskwind surprised me.

"Nobody likes me, I like nobody." I muttered.

"Aww, don't be so sad, many cats find mates smaller than them, just take your time." she mewed to me softly "Every tom just likes some she-cat already. Even Whitewhisker. And I wouldn't like a mate that's Sunfur and Bluewater's son. He'd probably turn out to be like Fernstripe."

"Goodbye Duskwind!" I called out to her.

"Goodbye!" she replied.

I am ready for the journey!

Chapter 5 - Not so Happy Journey

"So, I noticed that your litter's names were named after leaf-fall things. Why is that?" Blueblossom asked Acorntail.

"Well you see-", but Oakclaw interrupted.

"We were the first litter in that leaf-fall and our pelts looked like the colors of leaf-fall trees. Well he was named Acornkit because of how small he was Mapledawn and I were named a-", I saw Blueblossom starting to get angry.

"I asked Acorntail because he didn't brag!" She hissed.

"Hey, are we moving or not?" growled Darkfeather. I liked his personality, he's like the Briarleaf of ShadowClan.


"Can we get some rest? I am so tired." Blackstripe moaned.

"Fine, fine, If it'll get you to quiet down." growled Darkstripe.

We all flopped down on the cool grass in the shade.

"Green-leaf isn't going so well." I said. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes.

"You'll pay for what you've done to me!" Fernstripe screeched as he jumped at me.

"Fernstripe?!" Blackstripe screeched.

"And now, you will die!" Just about when he was going to claw my throat, Darkfeather pulled him away and started fighting him himself.

"Someone like Icepaw does not deserve to die being killed by someone like you!!!" Darkfeather hissed.

I just stood there. Not knowing what to do. Did he really mean that? Did he like me? Did he like-like me? I am so confused.

The others stood there puzzled too.

I'm going to help him.

Fernstripe pinned Darkfeather down. "Well, then you should die too!" hissed Fernstripe. I leaped at him, then the others did too. When he was beaten up, we let him free.

"What, you're not gonna kill me ShadowClan?" He said to Darkfeather.

"Even Shadowclan follows the Warrior Code." He growled back. "Only rouges kill for victory."

"Well in that case, I am a rogue!" Then he leaped at Oakclaw and clawed his throat.

"I'm sorry, but you wanted me to do this!" Darkfeather hissed and clawed Fernstripe's belly.

Chapter 6 - Twolegs

So now that Fernstripe is really gone, and that Oakclaw's dead, everyone's been silent for a while.

I'm going to break this silence.

"So, Darkfeather, why did you protect me back there?" I said awkwardly.

"I was just following the Warrior Code" He said back, also awkwardly.

"I just thought how you were so fast."

"The Night Ambush."


Suddenly, we entered a place with twoleg stench.

Cages were everywhere, monsters stinking, cats yowling in the cages and in the monsters.

"Help! Help! My kits are in the other monster. Please, save them! This monster's about to leave!" A she-cat rouge yowled to us.

"Ookay," said Blackstripe.

"Save the kits! They're easier to free! There's only four!" She cried out as she disappeared.

"I'm going to check out the twolegs!" I said to them.

"I'm going with you," said Darkfeather. So then we split up. Suddenly, we got caught in something like a very strong cobweb. It stank of twolegs.

"I can't move!" I cried.

"Hold on," Darkfeather said. Then he ripped through the trap with his claws. "I'm gonna try to get you out!", he called out to me. Then a twoleg came. It was holding something and something came out of it. It shot Darkfeather, then me.

I fell asleep.

Chapter 7 - Caged

I was in a cage.

So was Darkfeather.


My life is miserable.

I'm used to it.



"Why so down, wild cat?", said a she-cat "Because I can't help my clanmates anymore. Not by being a kittypet, kittypet!", I growled "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm not a kittypet I just didn't know what type of wild cat you were. Hey, do you know Duskwind?", her question suprised me. How did she know my mother? "Uh, yeah, she's my mother, why?" "Because you are my sister!" "What???"

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