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This is a Part Two sort of thing,[1]Rise of the Three is Part One.


Leader: Heronstar

Deputy: Wavecrash

Medicine Cat: Puddlesplash

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Sunfish














Kits: Sunkit, Featherkit (Adopted kit)


Kits: Otterkit, Ripplekit


None yet


Leader: Frondstar

Deputy: Acornleap

Medicine Cat: Juniperleaf









Apprentice: Rosepaw










Leader: Wispstar

Deputy: Echomist

Medicine Cat: Fallenfeather

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Dreampaw














Kits: Ravenkit (Deceased), Darkkit (Adopted kit)


Chapter One - Dark Forest (Moon)

Darkblood cuffed his sister's ear affectionately. "Good job, deputy!"

She sniffed haughtily. "Why thank you, lowly warrior."

They both chuckled.

"What has Frondstar been doing?"

"Well, she agreed to the plan," Featherstrike replied. "And I think we'll have Hollypaw by tomorrow night, whether she likes it or not."

Darkblood winced. "Do we really need her here? She's such a... do-gooder. Goody four-paws."

Featherstrike rolled her eyes. "I know. But we're part of an all-magical prophecy or something, and we need her. The forest needs her."

Darkblood groaned. "Fine."

"Once the prophecy is fulfilled, we can kill her together." Featherstrike said coldly.

Darkblood laughed darkly. "Sounds like a deal."

Featherstrike's eyebrows furrowed and her eyes shone with anger. "Hollypaw is going to pay for everything she ever did."

Darkblood unsheathed his claws. "You know it."

Chapter Two - ThunderClan (Hope)

Sadness washed over Hollypaw like a black wave. Hollypaw wished Rosepaw was here. She would know what to do. It was nearly dawn and Hollypaw had been awake since midnight. Hollypaw let out a slow yawn as the sun ray's flooded the apprentice den.

"Goldenpaw are you awake?" whispered Hollypaw.

Suddenly Goldenpaw jumped up and tackled the black she-cat.

"Gotcha!" yelled Goldenpaw, victorious.

"Aw I should have won!" whined Hollypaw.

The two apprentices cleaned themselves before walking out of the apprentice den.

Goldenpaw grabbed a vole off the fresh-kill pile and the two apprentices sat down next to one another. Once Hollpaw had a bite of the vole Lilypetal bounding over.

"Holypaw today you and Goldenpaw will be assessed to see if you can become warriors." explained Lilypetal excitedly.

Hollypaw and Goldenpaw shared an excited look. "Follow me you two/" ordered Lilypetal.

Hollypaw and Goldenpaw got up eagerly and followed the pale brown warrior. GFingertuft was waiting.

"Hello Gingertuft." called Goldenpaw.

"Hi young ones, are you ready to be assessed?" questioned the ginger tom.

The tow apprentice nodded their heads rapidly and they followed Gingertuft and Lilypetal out of the camp.

"Okay, your first task is to show us your hunting skills. If you accomplish this then we will test your battle skills and moves." explained Lilypetal.

Hollypaw saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She leapt into a hunters crouch and silently stalked the prey. When she got closer she knew it was a rabbit. She made sure the rabbit hadn't seen her before striking.

"Well done Hollypaw. When we get back to camp you can put that rabbit o the fresh-kill pile." exclaimed Lilypetal.

It didn't take Goldenpaw very long before she too had caught something.

"Wow, that is a big vole. Great job Goldenpaw." said Gimgertuft happily.

"You two definitely have the hunting skills of a warrior." declared Gingertuft.

"Now onto battle training." ordered Lilypetal.

The two apprentices followed their mentors to a clearing.

The two apprentices showed off all their battle moves.

"You two are definitely ready to be warriors. I will tell Frondstar and your warrior ceremony will be tonight.

"We are going to be warriors." exclaimed Goldenpaw excitedly.

"I wonder what our warrior names will be?" asked Hollypaw happily.

"These two apprentices have shown courage and are now ready to become warriors. Lilypetal and Gingertuft did a great job on unlocking Goldenpaw's and Hollypaw's potential. From here till you join StarClan, Goldenpaw you will be known as Goldenpelt and Hollypaw you will be known as Hollyheart." declared Frondstar.

The two newly appointed warriors shared a thrilled look.

"Hollyheart and Goldenpelt you will sit your silent vigil tonight." explained Frondstar.

Hollyheart nodded. Lilypetal and Dovestorm came running up to her. "Well done Hollyheart, I was very glad to be your mentor." gushed Lilypetal.

"Oh, my beautiful kit is a warrior now. I wish Rosepaw was here to become a warrior with you."

Hollyheart brushed her cheek against Dovestorm and said comfortingly "It will be alright mother. She will be back soon."

Chapter Three - RiverClan (Moon)


"Hollyheart," she snarled.

Frondstar rolled her eyes. "Yes, whatever. The thing is, you either join the forest or we kill Dovestorm."

Hollyheart's eyes widened. "What? No!"

"Yes. Choose now."

Hollyheart raked the ground with her claws.

Frondstar smirked. "I'll give you until dawn."

Featherstrike laughed. "See you soon, sister."

The two she-cats laughed and sauntered out of the den.

Darkblood was waiting for them outside.

No one asked why the two hung out in ThunderClan these days, it was just accepted.

"How'd it go?"

Featherstrike smiled. "Well... if it goes badly, Dovestorm will be dead."

"Ah." Darkblood laughed. "Sounds wonderful."

Frondstar smirked. "Doesn't it?"

Chapter Four - ThunderClan (Hope)

Hollyheart had to save Dovestorm. She must join the Place With No Stars. It was a choice between evil and family and family was the right choice.

"I will join the Place With No Stars but if they lay one paw o her they won't know what is coming." vowed Hollyheart.

Hollyheart looked out of the warriors den. A cold leaf-bare was coming. The chill in the air made Hollyheart shiver. She snuggled closer to Goldenpelt. Goldenpelt let out a purr and whispered "I love you Hollyheart. I know the decision you must make and I will join you."

Hollyheart was shocked but her heart melted. "Thank you Goldenpelt. I love you too."

The two she-cats touched muzzles. The sun was rising between the forest. Hollyheart and Goldenpelt padded out into the clearing. They walked to the fresh kill pile and picked up a vole. The two she cats sat down near highrock and shared the vole. They snuggled closer.

They loved each other. No one could ever break this love.

Chapter Five - ShadowClan (Moon)

"I want to kill someone," Featherstrike announced on highrock.

Hollyheart gasped. Featherstrike glared. "Who?"

"How about her?" Frondstar glanced at Goldenpelt.

Hollyheart hissed.

Featherstrike rolled her eyes. "Someone important."

"Wispstar?" Darkblood volunteered.

"She'll do for now," Featherstrike mused.


"Tonight." Featherstrike replied.

"Tonight's the gathering!" Frondstar laughed.

"Exactly." Featherstrike replied, cackling.

"There'll be witnesses."

"No, there won't." Featherstrike raised an eyebrow at Darkblood.

"Oh." He realized. He nodded eagerly. Anything to kill.

"You separate her. We'll kill her together. You too, Hollyheart." Featherstrike said.

Hollyheart hissed. "No!"

Darkblood's lip curled. "Shut up, pest. You kill my leader or we kill your mother!"

Hollyheart stared at her paws. "Fine."

"Good." Darkblood chuckled. "You're learning."

Chapter Six- ThunderClan (Hope)

This was torture. They only talked about murder. Hollyheart shuddered to think about the blood they have spilt on purpose. She looked at Goldenpelt who was looking at her paws.

"It will be alright" whispered Hollyheart.

"But what if we become like them? The urge to kill. The urge to spill innocent blood." cried Goldenpelt

"We are not like them. Think about it. They joined because they wanted to. We joined to save a cat from death." explained Hollyheart.

"But now we are going to kill a cat." exclaimed Goldenpelt.

"I know but what if we don't. We tell her to run away so she doesn't have to die?" questioned Hollyheart.

"Then Dovestorm will be next. Then you. I will not lose you Hollyheart. I love you." sobbed Goldenpelt.

"It will be alright Goldenpelt. I love you too."

The two she-cats gave each other a lick on the ears. Goldenpelt meant everything to her. "I will not die. Nor will anyone else." thought Hollyheart stubbornly.

"Dark as a feather" rang in Hollyheart's mind. "I get it now. Dark is Darkblood and Feather is Featherstrike. I must save them. From Frondstar. From this treachery. From this place."

Chapter Seven - RiverClan (Moon)

Featherstrike cornered Hollyheart in the warrior's den in the Dark Forest. "I will personally kill you." She growled. "I have permission."

Hollyheart trembled.

Featherstrike laughed. "It's going to be slow. And it will hurt."

"Please! No!"

Featherstrike curled her lip. Frondstar padded in. "What have we here?" She chuckled maliciously.

"I can kill her, so I will." Featherstrike set her jaw, relishing the look of abject terror on Hollyheart's face.

"No, Hollyfang needs to die at my paws." Frondstar growled.

"It's HOLLYHEART!" She snarled.

Frondstar clawed her, raking her talons across Hollyheart's face. "Clearly, not anymore."

Hollyfang winced. Featherstrike was shaking with suppressed anger. "I will kill her."

"No, you won't." Frondstar's voice was smug.

Ugh. Featherstrike hated smug cats. She narrowed her eyes. "You don't really want to do this, do you?"

Frondstar laughed. "What're you going to do?"

Featherstrike's muscles coiled. She was about to attack. But she was angled towards Hollyfang, not Frondstar.

"StarClan, no!" Hollyfang whispered.

Featherstrike leapt. Hollyfang squeezed her eyes shut.

Nothing happened. Tentatively, she opened her eyes. Featherstrike's muzzle and paws were stained with blood.

Frondstar's blood.

Featherstrike walked out without another word. "Frondstar is dead!" She yowled. "I am your new leader."

As she passed, Darkblood could have sworn Featherstar winked at Hollyfang.

Hollyfang wasn't so sure.

Chapter Eight- ThunderClan (Hope)

This was madness. Goldenpelt was quivering behind Hollyheart.

"Featherpaw just killed my leader. Does that mean he is dead in ThunderClan," thought Hollyheart.

She shivered when she thought about what these cats could do.

"Hopefully I will wake up soon. Then this nightmare will be over. For now at least." thought Hollyheart.

"Hollyheart, we must leave now. She just killed out leader. I one blow," whispered Goldepelt timidly.

"Seeing as Hollyfang brought an uninvited guest, Goldenpelt will now be known as Goldenscar," ordered Featherstar.

"Goldenscar!" chanted the murderous cats.

"Hollyfang is waking up." yelled a cat.

It was true. She was waking up. It went black. Her surroundings were black. She could only hear the whimpering of Goldenscar and Featherstar's voice.

"See you soon Hollyfang," laughed Featherstar.

Suddenly it was bright.

"Oh, real word. I have never missed you so much before," yelled Hollyheart with joy.

"I must wake Goldenpelt up," thought Hollyheart.

Hollyheart nudged the golden she-cat.

Goldenpelt flinched. Then wriggled. The jumped up breathing heavily.

"Thank you for waking me up!" said Goldenpelt, the gratitude in he voice was undeniable.

"We must check if Frondstar is alive," whispered Hollyheart so she wouldn't wake up the sleeping cats.

Goldenpelt nodded and rushed out of the warrior den.

They ran as fast as they could to there leader's den.

Inside was Frondstar. They ran up to their leader. Frondstar was breathing. She was alive.

"Frondstar, wake up," whispered Goldenpelt.

Frondstar opened her eyes and looked at the two warriors.

"I lost a life," explained Frondstar.

"How are you feeling?" asked Goldenpelt.

Hollyheart hated Frondstar. But Frondstar said not to kill her. Frondstar saved Hollyheart.

"I lost a life because I was evil. I was controlled by evil. I was evil." cried Frondstar.

Chapter Nine - Moon (ShadowClan)

"Is the plan complete?" Darkblood asked Featherstar in a hushed whisper.

"Yes," She replied, equally soft. "Let's go."

They both awakened and made their way into ThunderClan territory.

Curretly Featherfur and Darkpelt, the two cats approached Hollyheart's sleeping figure.

Prodding her awake, they beckoned her into a corner.

"W-what?" Hollyheart asked quietly. Darkpelt could tell she was quiet, and worried

"Hollyheart, this is important." He had never heard his sister, usually so bossy and smug, sound so imperative.

"You cannot go back to the Dark Forest." Darkpelt added, voice thick with worry, and unusually deep.

Hollyheart seemed wide awake now, funnily enough, Darkpelt reflected.

"What are you talking about?" She murmured, eyes wide.

"You can't. When you go to sleep, we won't fetch you. Tell Golden-" Featherfur furrowed her brow.

"Goldenpelt," Hollyheart supplied.

"Yes, her. There's something going on in the dark forest, and I want you to be safe." Featherfur whispered.

"I thought you were-" Hollyheart was clearly shocked.

"No time," Darkpelt hissed. "Just try and stay awake, if you can't, dream about StarClan."

Hollyheart nodded slowly. "O-okay."

Featherfur and Darkpelt exchanged a loaded glance. "Let's go," She muttered.

Darkpelt nodded quickly, hurrying out of the den.

He made his way to the border undetected.

Please, Hollyheart, he thought, heart aching with worry for his sister, stay safe.

Chapter Ten- ThunderClan (Hope)

That was odd. Featherfur and Darkpelt had just warned Hollyheart not to go back to the place they forced her to go.

"I am definitley never going back there." thought Hollyheart happily

She bounded up to Goldenpelt with her eyes beaming with happiness.

"Goldenpelt, we don't have to go back to the Dark Forest!" explained Hollyheart.

"Really? Why?" asked Goldenpelt.

Hollyheart could tell that Goldenpelt was excited as she was.

"Featherfur and Darkpelt just came to see me. They said they don't want us to go back." beamed Hollyheart.

Hollyheart was finally free.

Free from the darkness.

Free for evil.

Hollyheart looked at Goldenpelt with eyes gleaming. There was something Hollyheart had longed to tell her for a bit now but how?

"That means Rosepaw can come back now." exclaimed Goldenpelt.

"Let's go and get her back now!" said Hollyheart already running off.

Hollyheart led most of the way but once they has been running for a bit she started to feel tired.

"What is wrong Hollyheart?" asked Goldenpelt.

"I must tell her now." thought Hollyheart.

"Well um..." stuttered Hollyheart.

"What?" asked Goldenpelt with her head tilted in confusion.

"I am expecting kits." blurted out Hollyheart.

"What?" screeched Goldenpelt.

"And will you raise them with me?" questioned Hollyheart looking hopefully at Goldenpelt.

Hollyheart knew that Goldenpelt and her were meant to be.

Always and forever.

Chapter Eleven (Moon)



Into a black abyss, darkness crushing down on her, a dizzying pain in her lungs.

She was drowning.

Featherfur woke with a gasp, staring around at the RiverClan camp.

She shook her head wearily, tired of the dreams.

Lately, she hadn't been able to get into the Dark Forest.

She shivered. They would be wondering why their leader hadn't shown up. Might even pay her a visit...

She blanched at the thought.

In RiverClan, she was Featherfur, a loyal warrior.

But not in her sleep.

In her sleep, in the darkened forest, she was Featherstar.

And there was nothing she could do to change that.

Featherfur felt her paws carry her to the border, where she gazed across at ShadowClan territory.

She shook her head, carrying her gaze to the lake. She felt a sudden itch in her pelt, and before she could register what was happening, she was bounding towards it.

She sprinted through the water, her sleek silver fur billowing around her in a steely cloud. She let out a sigh of relief as the water calmed her.

"Featherfur?" She twitched an ear, slowly turning to see who had spotted her. It was Ottertail.

She blinked. "Ottertail? What...?" She couldn't finish her scentence.

"I saw you leave, and I was worried," The RiverClan tom mewed.

She nodded. "Oh. Thank you," She added, worried that she'd sound ungrateful.

The brown tom slowly waded into the water. She watched, confused, as he made his way over to her..

"What are you doing?" She asked warily.

"It looked like fun." He said cheerily.

Feathurfur blinked. "What did?"

"I've never actually swum in the lake before," Ottertail confessed.

Featherfur's jaw dropped. "Never?"

Ottertail shook his head, fur plastered to his face. "Never."

It was in those moments Featherfur truly understood what a beautiful thing love was.

Chapter Twelve (Hope)

Hollyheart was expecting kits. She was still surprised by the thought.

Their biological father is the rogue Gravel. He is really nice and knew that she loved a she-cat so he said she could have the kits.

Hollyheart was overjoyed when Goldenpelt accepted to raise the kits with them.

The journey to fetch Rosepaw was long but they had finally made their way there.

Searching through the thick undergrowth, Hollyheart flinched at the sight and sound of movement.

"Hollypaw!" beamed a voice.

Goldenpelt and Hollyheart jumped at the voice.

"Rosepaw!" mewed Hollyheart.

"It is great to see you!" bubbled Rosepaw.

Hollyheart felt overjoyed at the sight of her sister.

"My name is Hollyheart now and this is Goldenpelt," explained Hollyheart as she puffed up her chest.

"I am so happy for you!" mewed Rosepaw.

"Rosepaw, you can come back!" exclaimed Goldenpelt.

"No, I can't Goldenpelt. Frondstar remember," sniffled Rosepaw.

'Frondstar is alright now. She has left the dark forest, Well, she didn't really leave by choice she was killed there." explained Hollyheart.

"Really?" questioned Rosepaw, her eyes glinting with hope.

"Yes, she is. Back to her old self. She is patient and kind," addressed Goldenpelt.

"If I go back, can Stripe come too? She used to be a ShadowClan medicine cat, did you know that?" said Rosepaw.

"She was? Yes, of course Stripe can come back to ThunderClan with us." confirmed Goldenpelt with a smile.

"I will go and tell Stripe!" mewed Rosepaw happily as she ran off.

"My sister is coming back," thought Hollyheart happily.

Chapter Thirteen (Moon)

The moon rose, as did Featherstar's spirits. Soon, she would be liberated from the forest.

Of course, that all depended on Darkblood's preformance.

"Featherstar!" Someone hissed. Featherstar jumped up, unsheathing her claws. They scraped on the rock menacingly.

"It's just me," Snarled Darkblood.

Featherstar rolled her eyes. "What is it?" She growled.

"It's time." He meowed, unsheathing his claws.

He let out a loud yell. "You're unworthy to be leader!" He cried, leaping at her. "You're soft! Softer than a kittypet!"

Featherstar dodged, clawing his underbelly. "I'm soft? You're the one who can't even kill!" She yowled, leaping up into the air and landing on him, pushing his skull against the rock.

He writhed under her, blood seeping from his stomach wound.

By now, almost every cat in the Dark Forest was watching.

"See how easy it was to beat you?" She growled. "You're banned from the Place of No Stars."

"No! Please!" He yowled. "Let me stay! I'll make it up to you!"

"Shut it," Featherstar snarled.

His eye twitched, or at least to anyone watching it was twitching.

But not to Featherstar.

To Featherstar it was a wink.

"Can she even do that?" Meowed an apprentice, the only one brace enough to speak in the silence that followed.

Featherstar bared her teeth, jaws stained with blood.

"Watch me."

Chapter Fourteen (Hope)

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