( My AAU version on how Hawkstar(Hawkfrost) Reign goes)

(There will be some changes from the warrior series)




Hawkstar- brown spotted tabby with white underbelly and chest with rare blue eyes


Rushtail- reddish-brown and white spotted tabby with green eyes

Medicine Cat:

Mothwing- Brown spotted tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Blackclaw- muscular, smoky black tom with torn ear tip and amber eyes

Apprentice, Beechpaw

Loudbelly- brown ticked tom with striped legs and amber eyes

Hollowflight- reddish-brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Dawnbright- reddish-brown-and-white she-cat with blue eyes

Greenflower- plump, brown tabby she-cat with white splash under her chin, white paws, and light green eyes

Skyheart- fawn tabby she-cat with green eyes

Stonefur- thick-furred gray tom with amber eyes

Mistyfoot- Pale gray she-cat with sleek fur and green eyes

Mudsplash- brown and white tabby tom with amber eyes

Grasstuft- fluffy, reddish-brown tom with lighter tipped fur and amber eyes

Vixentail- black smoky she-cat with green eyes

Reedwhisker- black tom with amber eyes

Apprentice, Ripplepaw

Primrosepad- fawn smoke she-cat with icy green eyes

Heavystep- reddish-brown thickset tom with green eyes

Shadepelt- tufted dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

Stonestream- smoke gray tom with amber e\yes

Voletooth- silver brown tabby with green eyes


Beechpaw- fawn tom with amber eyes

Ripplepaw- Gray tabby tom with green eyes


Dawnflower- Smoke gray she-cat with green eyes( Mother to Grasstuft's kits: Minnowkit-silver gray tabby she-cat, Tumblekit- Reddish-brown tabby tom with amber eyes, Pebblekit- Gray smoke tom with amber eyes)

Swallowtail- silver reddish-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes(Expecting Rainwhisker's kit)

Mosspelt- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes( Expecting Heavystep's kits)


Sedgecreek- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes ( Retired early due to injuries)

Ivytail- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes (Retired early due to injuries)

Beetlenose- black smoke tom with green eyes

Sunfish- lilac she-cat with amber eyes

Lynxheart- Calico spotted tabby she-cat( Retired early due to injuries)

Softwing- elderly snowy white she-cat with reddish-brown patches and red patches

Owlfur-brown-and white tom with amber eyes.

(Allegiance TBC)


Hawkfrost sat in front of the damp grass near the river staring down with a calm silence. It would be in a few sunrises and he would become the future leader of RiverClan. A Clan that grew soft under Crookedstar's and Leopardstar's reign. After all, why shouldn't he be a leader?

His father Tigerclaw was one of the strongest warriors who was mentored by Thistlestar himself. He was tired of waiting, Leopardstar still had many lives and he had one. He stretched luxuriously, he was glad that Stormfur and Feathertail went missing, after all, he didn't need Stormfur having the potential of taking his deputy position.

" You wanted to see me, Hawkfrost?" Hawkfrost turned at Leopardstar's voice. Hawkfrost stopped his claws from unsheathing.

" Yes, I did, I wanted to speak to you about the missing cats." Leopardstar flicked her ear in surprise.

" Yes, I sent a patrol but we still haven't had a trace of them, other cats from all the Clans have been missing as well. Not just RiverClan cats." The two cats walked in silence towards the gorge.

" I think we should stop the search patrols, it's clear that they would never return." Hawkfrost led Leopardstar towards the gorge.

" We can't lose hope, Hawkfrost, Stormfur and Feathertail are loyal RiverClan warriors." Leopardstar meowed to Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost stopped at the gorge stepping away from Leopardstar.

" Hawkfrost, we're near the WindClan border we should-."

Hisses emerge from the shadows as rogues stalk up to the cats, Hawkfrost smiled with glee as he stepped away from the rogues.

" Hawkfrost, what's going on?" Leopardstar meowed in panic staring at the rogues with wide eyes. Hawkfrost smirked staring at Leopardstar.

"A new era will rise from the ashes of your death, we will be free from your pathetic rule." Hawkfrost watched Rushtail and Stonestream lunge at their former leader. He had mentor Stonestream and had mentored him

Hawkfrost closed his eyes, he imagined his Clan with fierce, strong warriors and kits that never died from birth, cats who didn't die from apprenticeship. He imagined all of this with Swallowtail by his side. The silver reddish-brown tabby with her green eyes. She was his sunshine, his dark sunshine.

" Hawkfrost. Leopardstar's dead." Hawkfrost opened his eyes to see Leopardfur body, he smiled as he stared at Stonestream and Rushtail," Throw her body in the river. I want the Clan to believe rogues did it, don't return to camp at the same time. I will pretend to find her body." The two cats dragged Leopardstar's body towards the river. Hawkfrost padded into the river, water lap at his paws, RiverClan was his.

Chapter 1

The dawn light shone as she padded out the den, she spotted her brother Voletooth still sleeping alongside Stonestream. Swallowtail stared at her belly, she couldn't keep the secret of what she did forever. She remembered how she met up with Rainwhisker, how they played like kits, how they met up at night.

Swallowtail sighed, her mother Mosspelt stared at her like she already knew so did her father Heavystep. She didn't know if Heavystep would forgive her if he ever found out. She had a strained relationship with Heavystep, it had gotten worse ever since Hawkstar became the leader of RiverClan. He has been working to improve his reputation. That would mean disowning her if they were to found out about her half-clan kits to uphold his reputation.

Stonestream was arrogant, entitled now. He had his own den and moved to be one of Hawkstar's most trusted warriors. Rushtail became deputy of RiverClan, he became the deputy due to his closeness to Hawkstar. Swallowtail licked her paw, she was sure to be suspected that she wasn't expecting any cat in RiverClan kits.

Mosspelt was expecting kits again, Heavystep follows around Mosspelt making sure she had plenty of water and food. Ever since the strengthing of Clan kits and the apprentices, cats have been obsessive about making themselves strong to make sure they had strong kits.

" Swallowtail." Swallowtail turns to spot Heavystep glaring at her," I need to speak to you." Swallowtail sighed, rising to her paws, she already knew what it was about. Swallowtail followed behind Heavystep, neither of them spoke.

" So, I take that your expecting kits." Swallowtail glanced up before staring down at her paws. Heavystep blocked her path," You might as well stop lying, Swallowtail." Swallowtail glanced up murmuring," How can I lie when I have said nothing at all?" Heavystep snapped," So you are expecting kits?"

Swallowtail meowed calmly glaring at her father," Yes, I am to answer your question." Heavystep lashed his tail in fury," Who's kits?" Swallowtail glared at Heavystep," I don't have to say." Heavystep curled his lip," Don't tell me that you broke the warrior code and mated with a cat outside your Clan. You broke RiverClan's most sacred rule to save our Clan and added half-clan cats in our ranks."

Swallowtail snarled," It's not like you ever cared about me." Heavystep snarled, unsheathing his claws" I care about you, why do you think I haven't told Hawkstar yet? Now you leave me no choice." Swallowtail flattens her ears," Heavystep please, I know you care about your reputation, I will figure out something."

" You haven't figure out something fast enough." Heavystep spun around padding toward camp. Swallowtail said nothing, she couldn't even move her paws. Swallowtail dropped her head sighing, Oh, Rainwhisker, why couldn't you been born in RiverClan everything would be easier for me and our little ones. She remembers their last meeting, she had met Rainwhisker at the fourtrees.

" We can't stay together anymore, if Leopardstar was the leader, it would be different now Hawkstar's leads RiverClan, he would show no mercy to us."

" Swallowtail, nothing would hurt me more then us separating please." His breath tickled her ear, she flicked her ear stepping back.

" I won't forget you Rainwhisker, never, if I.. ever need you then I will come to you.. as a friend." Swallowtail softly meowed, turning away padding away. She felt like her heart was breaking into a thousand pieces. She knew she broke his heart and she knew she broke her own.

Now she was expecting Rainwhisker's kit's, she couldn't tell if it was a blessing or curse. After all, it was she who broke them away, she didn't even know if she could turn to ThunderClan if she got exiled. Swallowtail slowly padded to camp, prepared to face her Clan.

" Swallowtail." Swallowtail turn to spot Stonestream staring at her with narrowed eyes," I heard about what you did." Swallowtail said nothing staring at her paws. She felt Stonestream's glare on her fur. Stonestream sneered," Perhaps, there is hope for you, dear Swallowtail. Hawkstar wishes to see you, and for my reputation's sake, you should say yes."

Swallowtail padded into Hawkstar's den, she saw the brown tabby face towards her. There was another nest from where Hawkstar slept. Swallowtail kept her eyes focused on Hawkstar.

" You probably know that Heavystep told me about your betraying RiverClan correct?" Hawkstar glanced at Swallowtail.

" I- I told him that we couldn't meet up anymore. I told him that I will not see him ever again." Swallowtail stammered, feeling her heart breaking again.

" Who?" Hawkstar now faced her, his icy blue eyes glaring at her.

" Rainwhisker." Swallowtail murmured, staring at her paws.

" You go and mate with a ThunderClan warrior then it's a pathetic warrior of all cats." Hawkstar growled," I have a deal for you and you will accept, or you will be exiled when you have your bastard and I will take them from you." Swallowtail backed away flattening her ears.

" Either you become my mate, and bare my an heir or I will take your kits and exile you." Swallowtail flinches away, she wanted to run. She couldn't move, maybe her father would care about her as he did for Voletooth and Stonestream if she said yes. Finally, slowly, Swallowtail raised her chin, she stared at Hawkstar.

Hawkpaw had led her towards the Sunningrocks meowing," Swallowpaw, I like you, I want to be more than best friends."

" I-I don't like you like that Hawkpaw, I care about you like a brother but not anymore. I'm sorry."

" Get away from me." Hawkpaw snarled, lashing a paw.

Now, she faced him, what was best for her kit. How could she have her kits raised to be mindless like Hawkstar, she had to accept for her kits. I'm so sorry, Rainwhisker.

" Alright, I'll be your mate, Hawkstar, but you mustn't exile or harm my kits." Hawkstar eyes widen but then meow smoothly," Of course, you will sleep here and you will be treated with the best treatment and so will your kits."

Chapter 2

The den light shone in the den, brightly in Hawkstar's den. Hawkstar was barking out orders but Swallowtail didn't move not from her nest. Swallowtail want to die, she didn't love Hawkstar, she didn't care for him. Far as she knew, he was the reason why her father drifted apart from her even more.

Swallowtail simply curled up pressing her nose into her fur, she wanted Rainwhisker not Hawkstar. Maybe she could convince Rainwhisker to join RiverClan next gathering if not then maybe go rogue with her.

" Swallowtail?" It was Mosspelt's gentle voice, she held a carp in her jaws, she padded to her dropping the fish. She then nuzzles Swallowtail. Swallowtail simply buried her face in her fur, her voice cracking" I'm so sorry."

" I know, I know that Rainwhisker is your kit's father." Swallowtail stare up at her in shock," B-but how?" Mosspelt sighed," I saw you talking to him during the gatherings, you were so tired on the morning patrols, and when you didn't have morning patrols, you always slept in. I knew from the moment you were expecting." Swallowtail stammered," Y-Your not mad at me?"

" Disappointed, but not mad at you." Mosspelt nuzzled Swallowtail's cheek meowing softly," He told the whole Clan, he told them everything." Swallowtail pressed her nose to the ground flattening her ears. " I-I broke away from him, Mosspelt, I broke my own heart and now I bought kits into it." Mosspelt nuzzled Swallowtail ear," It's okay." Swallowtail stared up," Mosspelt, do you think Heavystep will forgive me?"

" His fury got worse when Hawkstar said it was Rainwhisker, ThunderClan did kill his father, Voleclaw. He ranted to me how he couldn't believe you betrayed RiverClan, how he was grateful that you accepted to be Hawkstar's mate." Was that all her father cared about now, his reputation? Swallowtail said nothing hoping that her mother would leave.

She heard Mosspelt padded out of the den, she wanted to die. She wasn't even sure if her best friend Primrosepad would trust her now. She had nobody expect her kits. " Swallowtail, my love."

Swallowtail glanced up, Hawkstar nuzzled her cheek purring," How is our kit's." Swallowtail glanced up stammering," O-our kit's?" Hawkstar purred," Of course, I did say I raise them as my own did I not." Swallowtail turned away pressing her nose unto the ground again as she felt Hawkstar press his ear unto her belly.

" Finally, I have gotten everything I ever wanted." Hawkstar murmured softly, curling up beside her before going to sleep. Swallowtail sighed resting her head on her paws, curling up into a tight ball. She wanted her kits to live safely, she didn't know if she could even trust Hawkstar to protect her kits not when she wasn't there. Was she what Hawkstar wanted or did he want more from her?

Chapter 3

Swallowtail curled around a small silvery gray tabby she-kit. She licked the tiny kit's fur murmuring," Oh, Graykit, you look so much like Rainwhisker." Swallowtail purred grooming the tiny kit's fur, she glanced up at Mothwing," Is she healthy?" Mothwing meowed," As healthy as she can be, Swallowtail." Mothwing meowed," I think Hawkstar would want to see Graykit." Swallowtail jolted up," Umm Of course."

Mothwing left the den and Swallowtail sighed before turning to lick the kit again nudging her towards her belly to nurse. Swallowtail lay down she couldn't help but purr, Graykit looked like her father Rainwhisker in so many ways.

" Swallowtail, may I see her." Swallowtail glanced up at Hawkstar's voice and shift over for him to see. Hawkstar stared down at the tiny kit," What's her name?" Swallowtail licked the kit's head," Graykit." Swallowtail felt Hawkstar's gaze on her and Graykit. Swallowtail stare down at her daughter, Graykit had her silver fur and her tabby stripes. Swallowtail noticed that Graykit had Rainwhisker's gray fur.

" She looks just like Rainwhisker," Hawkstar growled stepping closer to the kit. Swallowtail narrowed her eyes," Of course, she does, Rainwhisker is her father." Hawkstar curled his lip and started pacing around. Swallowtail nudged Graykit closed and watched Hawkstar fearfully.

" Do you not realize what you did?" Hawkstar finally spoke. Swallowtail sighed sweeping Graykit closer to her," Yes and it was a mistake, Hawkstar. I know you are angry but we did make a deal. You said to me that I and Graykit can stay if I become your mate and I did just that."

Hawkstar spun around snarling," Don't you think I know that?" Hawkstar narrowed his eyes before growling," Why wasn't I good enough for you then? Tell me, what made you choose Rainwhisker over me?" Swallowtail stared at the ground, she remembered meeting Rainwhisker at her first gathering as a warrior.

" Watch where you're going?" Swallowtail hissed as a solid blue tom bump into her. The tom turned around padding to her," Sorry, I didn't see you, are you okay?" Swallowtail huffed," I guess." The tom stared at her for a couple of moments before meowing," What's your name." Swallowtail felt a rush of pride as she responded," Swallowtail."

" I'm Rainwhisker, it's nice to meet you."

Swallowtail couldn't help but to softly purr, she didn't know that she would love Rainwhisker. Swallowtail looked up into Hawkstar's eyes meowing softly," I loved Rainwhisker, I didn't love you. "

Chapter 4

The rays of the sun beamed on the camp, most of the warriors were sharing tongues or sleeping. Swallowtail laid down beside Primrosepad. Graykit was snuggled beside her and asleep. " So, when are you and Mudsplash going to have kits." Primrosepad stared down at her paws," Actually, I'm expecting kits now." Swallowtail purred leaning into Primrosepad's shoulder," That's great!" Primrosepad purred," Thanks. I'm just glad Hawkstar let you out of the leader's den."

Swallowtail smirked," Oh, I'm really not supposed to be out but he can't keep me cooped up from ever. Besides," Swallowtail glanced down at Graykit before meeting Primrosepad eyes," I missed my best friend too much." Primrosepad purred, " Me too." Swallowtail spotted Heavystep watching her with a hardened gaze. Swallowtail sighed turning to Primrosepad," I thought everything between me and Heavystep would get better."

Primrosepad glance down at her paws," It was a scandal when Hawkstar told the Clan about your relationship with Rainwhisker." Primrosepad eyes flicker at Heavystep and Voletooth before turning to Swallowtail," Heavystep was so furious when he found out it was Rainwhisker. Stonestream and Voletooth were angry as well. So was the rest of the Clan." Primrosepad playful swat Swallowtail ear purring," But who needs them when you have me and Graykit."

Swallowtail playfully shoved Primrosepad, laughing," Oh you are such a kit!" Primrosepad snickered, " But I'm still your best friend." Swallowtail nodded," I hope our kits will get along." Swallowtail looked down at Graykit, Graykit was a perfect mixture of her and Rainwhisker. " You still love Rainwhisker," Primrosepad whispered. Swallowtail glanced at Primrosepad before returning her gaze to Graykit, " Yes, I will always love Rainwhisker."

Primrosepad suddenly bounced up, purring, " That's it!" Primrosepad padded and grab two craps before returning and dropping one at her paws. Swallowtail glance up tilting her head," A fish, Primrosepad?" Primrosepad shook her head before sitting down, " No, Rainwhisker still could know about Graykit." Swallowtail glance up at Primrosepad," How? Hawkstar will never let me leave camp." Primrosepad purred," I will tell Rainwhisker, the gathering is in two days."

Swallowtail stared down at Graykit, Rainwhisker deserved to know about his daughter after all. Swallowtail return her gaze to Primrosepad," Fine. Just tell him that I had his kits, nothing more. I don't want ThunderClan coming demanding Graykit, she's everything to me." Primrosepad nodded before meowing softly" It's going to be okay and I will always be here for you."

" Swallowtail!" Swallowtail jumped, Primrosepad muttered," It's Hawkstar." Hawkstar stormed over to Swallowtail growling," You're supposed to be in the den." Primrosepad chuckled," Oh Hawkstar, let Swallowtail out, she has to get some fresh air." Hawkstar ignored Primrosepad, flicking his tail dismissively at her," You need to rest."

Swallowtail grunted," I have been resting, in fact, I been resting since I became your mate. I just wanted some fresh air." Hawkstar curled his lip," What about Graykit." Swallowtail huffed," Graykit is sleeping and she's fine." Swallowtail narrowed her eyes lashing her tails," She's obvious to the hated stares that she gets, what more does a kit need to be happy." Hawkstar narrowed his eyes," For something you did."

" But she's innocent, all she knows is RiverClan." Swallowtail grabbed Graykit's scruff before carrying her to the den. Graykit eyes sleepily flickered at her before falling back to sleep. Swallowtail padded outside only to face Hawkstar," Swallowtail, I love you, you know that right?" Swallowtail laughed," Yes, you say you love me." Hawkstar stepped back growling unsheathing his claws, " You're not happy?"

Swallowtail sighed, she knew Hawkstar was dangerous and had the real power. She had to be careful, she could be separated from Graykit forever and that would break her. Swallowtail knew she had to start acting like she loved Hawkstar even though she didn't. Swallowtail nuzzled Hawkstar's cheek muttering," Of course I am." Hawkstar purred nuzzling her back not noticing the hatred in Swallowtail's eyes.

Chapter 5

Swallowtail padded outside the den, it was a couple of days after the gathering and she desperately needed to speak to her family. She already asked Mosspelt to have her family meet her at the beech corpse. Primrosepad had promised to watch Graykit until she was back.

Swallowtail padded towards the beech corpse her mind racing. She wanted her father's love, the love of her brothers. Mosspelt had been the only one speaking to her still. Swallowtail reflected back on when Stonestream started to change.

" Swallowpaw!"

Swallowpaw had jumped glancing from her half-eaten fish," Yes, Stonepaw, is everything alright?" Stonepaw curled his lip," No! Why did you reject Hawkpaw?" Swallowpaw rolled her eyes returning her gaze to her fish," I don't like him like that, I see him as a friend." Stonepaw towered over her," He's the son of Leopardstar, he's an important apprentice." Swallowpaw huffed," I don't care."

" Swallowtail."

Swallowtail raised her head, she hesitated to take a moment to look at her family's facial expressions. Heavystep eyes were narrow his claws slightly unsheathed. Voletooth's eyes were unreadable while Stonestream was full of anger. Mosspelt was simply calm as always.

Swallowtail padded forward, her head held high. Swallowtail turned to Heavystep," Why do you hate me? You never treated me like you did Voletooth or Stonestream even as an apprentice. I understand you're angry at me but you take it out on Graykit." Swallowtail hissed, " So does Stonestream. Graykit is innocent, she has nothing to do with this. "

" You betrayed RiverClan by meeting up with Rainwhisker, Swallowtail," Heavystep growled. " I could easily forgive you if you went with a ShadowClan or a WindClan Cat but ThunderClan? You know how I feel about them." Swallowtail turned her gaze to Stonestream. Stonestream hissed," ThunderClan has a right to Graykit too." Swallowtail raised her chin," I know. I didn't expect to become pregnant with Graykit, but she's here. I am a RiverClan cat first, I could have left RiverClan when I became pregnant but I didn't. "

" I'm not asking you to forgive me, that would be asking for too much. What I am asking you is to treat Graykit like family. Graykit is your kin whether you like it or not."

" I will," Voletooth finally spoke, his eyes meeting Swallowtail's eyes. Mosspelt nodded, Swallowtail knew Mosspelt would treat Graykit well regardless. Heavystep hesitated for a long moment flicking his tail," I suppose, but I still don't forgive you. Not right now." Stonestream narrowed his eyes raising to his paws," Graykit will already be treated well by the Clan. You're Hawkstar's mate I have to treat Graykit well anyways."

Stonestream padded to Swallowtail, his lip curled into a snarl," You still love Rainwhisker, I can tell. You're playing with Hawkstar's feelings, Hawkstar loves you and you don't love him. It doesn't matter though, you will be remembered in RiverClan as Hawkstar's mate." Stonestream padded away to camp. Voletooth followed Stonestream. Swallowtail turned to her parents before following her brothers, Swallowtail wanted her old relationship with Stonestream back. Stonestream's scent trail led back to camp, Swallowtail followed Stonestream scent trail and froze at the sight of ThunderClan cats.

Chapter 6

Swallowtail forced herself forward, her paws feeling heavy. Swallowtail spotted Hawkstar and padded to him sitting down beside him. Hawkstar said nothing to her, his eyes were on Firestar. Swallowtail glance through the ThunderClan cats and spotted Rainwhisker. Swallowtail felt her heart jump out of her chest in joy but Swallowtail forced her gaze to Firestar.

" ThunderClan has a right to the kit as well," Firestar growled, his green eyes glaring at Hawkstar. Hawkstar unsheathed his claws," Her mother is in RiverClan, the kit deserves to remain in RiverClan." Firestar shook his head," RiverClan has been unstable in the past, we both know this. RiverClan has suffered through floods, starvation, and even other Clans taking their territory. Sunningrocks is hard for you to keep." Hawkstar snarled," Do not act like ThunderClan doesn't have their own troubles as well."

Firestar calmly flicked his tail, " Her father is here among us, we do deserve to see the kit and to have a right to the kit." Hawkstar finally turned to Swallowtail, Swallowtail looked into Hawkstar's eyes. Swallowtail saw despite his anger he didn't snarl," Go get Graykit, " He muttered. Swallowtail turned into the leader den.

" Swallowtail, what's going on, why the cats are fighting." Swallowtail smiled nuzzling her daughter's cheek," It's alright, I'm here." Swallowtail grabbed the kit scruff before padding out to the den, she placed Graykit down on the earth. Graykit stared at the ThunderClan cats with wide eyes before shrinking away," Swallowtail who are those cats, they smell weird."

Firestar returned his gaze to Hawkstar," The kit has the built of ThunderClan warrior." Hawkstar growled," But she has a RiverClan warrior's paws and fur." Hawkstar unsheathed his claws, " RiverClan is not letting you have her without a fight." Firestar dipped his head," Very well." Firestar flicked his tail signaling the patrol. Swallowtail watched Graystripe, Sandstorm, Cloudtail and Brackenfur head back to ThunderClan territory. Rainwhisker glanced back at Swallowtail and then at Graykit before padding back behind the patrol.

Swallowtail nudged Graykit," Go back inside, I'll be there in a minute." Swallowtail padded to Hawkstar," Hawkstar?" Hawstar turned, flicking his tail his eyes narrowed," What is it?" Swallowtail forced herself to nuzzle Hawkstar's cheek murmuring," Thank you for defending Graykit." Hawkstar stared into Swallowtail eyes, before nuzzling her cheek," I'll do anything for you."

Swallowtail stomach churned, Hawkstar truly loved her. She couldn't help but feel guilty that she didn't love him back and hated him for taking Rainwhisker away from her. Hawkstar licked her cheek murmuring," Have you ever thought about our kits?" Swallowtail shook her head," I haven't."

Hawkstar purred, nuzzling her cheek," They'll be so wonderful." Swallowtail gag before staring at her paws," Yeah, they would."

Chapter 7

The last couple of days have been nothing but slow and painful. Swallowtail couldn't help but feel a deep resentment toward ThunderClan. Swallowtail would rather die then for them to take Graykit. Rainwhisker might have fathered Graykit but she had more emotional attention to Graykit. She was the one who raised Graykit for a moon now, she watched Graykit took her first steps and even eat her first fish.

Swallowtail couldn't bear to live without Graykit, Graykit made her days of darkness brighter. Graykit gave Swallowtail a sense of purpose, a reason to keep going despite her depression. Swallowtail curled her lip at the thought of Firestar carrying Graykit to ThunderClan. No, I will die before I let that happen.

" Swallowtail, are you alright."

Swallowtail raised her head to see Mistyfoot. Swallowtail lashed her tail mumbling," I'm fine." Mistyfoot stepped closer, " Are you sure?" Swallowtail glared to the ground," It's nothing." Mistyfoot sighed turning around," Alrig-."

" Wait!" Swallowtail suddenly burst, her eyes darting to make sure no cat was paying attention before whispering," Can I talk to you outside of camp."

Mistyfoot nodded," Of course." Swallowtail and Mistyfoot padded outside of camp, Swallowtail sniffed the air making sure no other cat was around before pacing," It's just so unfair." Mistyfoot tilted her head," What do you mean?" Swallowtail let out a low snarl," Firestar demanding Graykit like that. She's everything to me."

Mistyfoot meowed," Firestar is supposed to be coming again for Graykit." Swallowtail spun around, " He's not having Graykit. She's the only thing I have." Mistyfoot murmured," What about Hawkstar?" Swallowtail froze dropping her head," I don't love him, I never did and never will."

Mistyfoot nudged Swallowtail, lowering her voice," I know, I can tell. RiverClan hasn't had a good relationship with ThunderClan." Mistyfoot sighed, " ThunderClan is the reason why TigerClan happened. Thistlestar cut off the river after Featherpaw and Stormpaw came to RiverClan. RiverClan starved as a result. Crookedstar and several other cats died. We just didn't have the strength to defeat ShadowClan."

Swallowtail closed her eyes, she wasn't born then but neither was Rainwhisker. Swallowtail sighed shuffling her paws," I know it sounds selfish but I still love Rainwhisker and I'll always love him but I understand how RiverClan feels about ThunderClan." Mistyfoot blinked," Of course but that why Heavystep, Blackclaw, Hollowflight, Vixentail all have a strong dislike of ThunderClan and heavily support Hawkstar."

Swallowtail nodded remaining silent for a long moment before speaking," We should head back, I don't want Hawkstar seeing me out of camp." Swallowtail started padding to the direction of camp but turned to Mistyfoot," please don't tell any cat about what we spoke about." Mistyfoot nodded," I won't I promise."

Chapter 8

Swallowtail watched Graykit play with Tumblekit, Minnowkit, Pebblekit, and Icekit. Icekit was a new kit to RiverClan, Blackclaw's patrol found the young kit and took her back to RiverClan. Swallowtail couldn't help but be curious about the fluffy white kit. Most kits that are white and had blue eyes were deaf but Icekit seemed perfectly fine.

" Swallowtail."

Swallowtail looked up to see Stonestream, Stonestream huffed," Mosspelt had her kits." Swallowtail rose to her paws and padded to the nursery, Swallowtail spotted Mothwing alongside Heavystep and Voletooth. Swallowtail purred," Can I see them?"

Mosspelt purred, " Of course." Swallowtail squeezed between Voletooth and Heavystep, spotting the kits. Swallowtail purred lightly," What are their names?"

" The silvery gray-calico tabby she-kit is Dapplekit. The silvery-gray tabby she-cat is Willowkit and the silver ginger and white tom are Pouncekit." Heavystep meowed with pride. Swallowtail purred at the small kits," They're so adorable."

" Yeah, their real RiverClan cats and not half-clan."

Swallowtail turned, spotting Stonestream. Stonestream lashed his tail," Thank StarClan you only had one kit." Voletooth growled padding to Stonestream, " This is not the time. What is done is done, Graykit is here now and she's our kin." Swallowtail murmured, " I should check on Hawkstar." Swallowtail stepped back and headed outside the nursery. " Swallowtail!"

Swallowtail looked back at Voletooth, " Yes?" Voletooth padded to her whispering," Are you alright? You have been spending a lot of time with Hawkstar lately." Swallowtail matched his tone," I'm fine." Swallowtail padded outside of the den and padded to Hawkstar. Swallowtail noticed Hawkstar was dozing and she smirked," scaring him will be fun."

Swallowtail slowly crept over to Hawkstar, Hawkstar didn't seem to notice her approach. Swallowtail pounce on Hawkstar, Hawkstar jump up snarling. Swallowtail purred in an amusement," I scared you." Hawkstar shook his fur, " No you didn't." Swallowtail smirked chuckling," just admit it, you know I scared you."

Hawkstar rolled his eyes," Whatever."

" Swallowtail! Swallowtail!"

Graykit ran up to Swallowtail," Minnowkit is cheating." Swallowtail flick her ear," How?" Graykit stared at her paws," Well she isn't cheating but I don't want to be it, Hawkstar, can you tell Minnowkit I won't be it, please." Graykit stared at Hawkstar with wide hopeful green eyes.

Hawkstar chuckled nudging Graykit," Well, if it's your turn to be it then you have to be it." Graykit huffed," But I don't want to be it." Hawkstar meowed," You have to play fair too." Graykit sighed," I guess." Graykit trotted back to where the other kits were waiting.

Swallowtail watched Graykit play with the other kits before turning to Hawkstar, murmuring, " Why me?" Hawkstar eyes burned into her eyes," What do you mean?" Swallowtail meowed shuffling her paws," Why do you want me to be your mate? I'm not the strongest fighter nor the fiercest hunter."

" You're smart, Swallowtail." Swallowtail blinked surprised but allowed Hawkstar to continue," You made a dumb decision but you're the smartest warrior here. Plus, I love you." Hawkstar eyes were full of lust.

Swallowtail gulped, Hawkstar didn't love her as Rainwhisker did. Rainwhisker loved her for personality, for who she was. Hawkstar loved her for her appearance and his strange obsession with her. Swallowtail simply turned back to Graykit watching the kit play. Graykit would know nothing of her ThunderClan ancestry, Graykit thought of herself as the daughter of the leader.

Swallowtail heard a rustle in the reeds. Swallowtail made out the appearance of Firestar alongside Cloudtail, Redtail and Graystripe. Swallowtail curled her lip but turned to Hawkstar. Hawkstar stormed over to Firestar snarling," The answer has not change. You will not have Graykit, kits have always been raised in the Clan of the mother. Their mother lives in RiverClan, this happened with Stormfur and Feathertail."

Firestar glance over at Swallowtail before returning his gaze back to Hawkstar, " Yes, Graykit will remain in RiverClan but that's not why we are here." Firestar flicked his tail, " The missing cats have returned." Slowly Swallowtail eyes widen to see the appearance of Stormfur and Feathertail.

Chapter 9

Swallowtail stared wide-eyed at Stormfur and Feathertail before turning to the strange brown tabby she-cat who clung by Stormfur's side, the brown tabby was strange to her. The Brown tabby had sleek fur and a lithe body but didn't have the appearance of a Clan cat nor any rogue or loner she ever has seen. Feathertail's belly seems to be swollen. She must be expecting kits but who's. Greenflower trotted over to the trios meowing," Feathertail, Stormfur are you alright? What are you doing with ThunderClan? What happened to you."

Mistyfoot and Stonefur padded over to the trio too, their eyes were bright with concern and worry. Firestar meowed," I believe our business is done here, good day Hawkstar." Firestar led the ThunderClan cats outside of the camp. Hawkstar turned to Stormfur," Who is this cat?" Stormfur sized up Hawkstar meowing," This is Brook, she helped us return back to the forest? Where's Leopardstar?"

" Leopardstar is dead, and she was ambushed by strange rogues." Hawkstar meowed flicking his tail, before turning to Brook," Where are you from? You don't smell like any rogue or loner I know."

Brook rested her gaze on Hawkstar meowing," I come from the Mountains, If you allow me I wish to join RiverClan." Hawkstar huffed lashing his tail," Why should I let you join, Brook."

" The Mountains have hardships of their own, the prey is hard to come by in the winter. Many kits don't get to see to become adults and many adults don't live to become elders. I'm a survivor, I can hunt and fight. I can defend myself but I can help defend the Clan. I can help make the Clan stronger with my knowledge and skills."

Hawkstar smirked circling Brook," You don't say? Well, for bringing our warriors home, Brook will be able to join the Clan. Brook, Mistyfoot will assist with your training. After all, you have experience in training outsiders after all. Once your training is complete you will recognized as a RiverClan warrior."

Mistyfoot stiffened but nodded," Yes, Hawkstar." Hawkstar whipped around to Feathertail, Feathertail stepped back flattening her ears," And Feathertail, I can't help but noticed that your belly is swollen with kits. Care to explain how that happened?" Feathertail shuffled her paws staring at the ground," Well, I and Stormfur were captured by twolegs. They brought me to their den and they 'bred' me to their tomcat and I'm pregnant."

Swallowtail narrowed her eyes, Stormfur and Brook knew something about Feathertail's pregnancy that they weren't telling them. Hawkstar didn't seem to notice instead he purred brushing his fur alongside Feathertail's," That's terrible, well, no matter. We raise these kits as RiverClan warriors. "

Swallowtail felt anger rise in her throat, Hawkstar licked Feathertail's ear and still brushed his pelt alongside hers. Swallowtail knew Graykit was about to be an apprentice alongside Tumblekit, Minnowkit, Icekit, and Pebblekit.

Hawkstar turned to Stonestream," Show Stormfur and Feathertail their old den and make sure Brook has a nest." The Clan dispersed most of the Clan was going to hear about Stormfur and Feathertail journey and question Brook." Swallowtail stormed over to Hawkstar snarling," Really, mooning over Feathertail."

Hawkstar smirked," Feathertail will need help raising the little half-clan kits. Feathertail did never betray the Clan on purpose unlike you and you're not exactly popular among your Clanmates." Swallowtail lashed her tail," What are you trying to say," her lip curled in a low snarl. Hawkstar sneered at Swallowtail," All I'm trying to say is you better prove yourself before I end up taking a new mate. Don't forget your not the only she-cat here."

Hawkstar stepped closer to Swallowtail," I know you don't love me nor you don't even try to show affection towards me. Unless you don't change, I'll exile you. Not only that but I'll keep Graykit here." Swallowtail stammered," What.. What do you want from me?"

Hawkstar whispered in her ear," You know exactly, what I want, Swallowtail." Hawkstar padded over to Rushtail and Stonestream. Swallowtail knew what Hawkstar wanted, Swallowtail also knew she needed to change and fast. Swallowtail knew what she must be even though it hurt her to do it.

I have to the perfect mother to the Clan.

(Part 2: Secrets and Lies)
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