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Hidden Spirit Series
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A tale of two cats and their daughter, Dark Sun is a wonderful story that is sure to please anyone who wants to venture past the fence.
- Shigura
Dark Sun is a beautifully written story that describes perfectly the feelings of betrayal and loss. This story will please anyone who likes kittypet-warrior tales - except this one has a whole lot of twists!
- RedWillow
Dark Sun is a great tale about two cats and their daughter. This would be a great story for any kittypet or warrior lover!
- Tawnypeltlover
An addicting tale of friendship and love....will leave you with longing for the next story in Sunny's life.

A beautiful story which is amazingly written and thought out. Hiddensun has completely changed the way I've thought of cats forever. Churning emotions through-out the whole series which is all needed for a reason. The world needs stories like these.


Prologue - Memories - Bubbles

I looked outside the bush where I was hiding. Outside was just starting to snow. The first day of snow. At least the brambles, moss and dried leaves protected me and my new kit. I faced down looking at the tiny she-kit laying down with her eyes closed suckling. She looked so much like him.

Why did I leave?

I had a better opportunity of raising this kit where I used to live. With the help of my friends, I would have never let her go hungry. I had gone crazy...crazy in love and risked everything for it. I was never going to see him again. All this was hopeless.

Don't give up...

I heard the wind whisper. I had to keep trying. Forget about my past and focus on the future. I had to protect this kit from everything that came our way. I'll be the best mother I can be and try to make her the happiest kit ever.

I won't tell her my past....

I'm a rogue and that's what she'll know. I'll speak and teach her the warrior language even if she won't know what language it is.

I'll forget about him.

She can't know about him.

She can't.

She won't.

I sighed. This is a new life. I have to make it right. I curled around my kit, covering her from the cold and exposing the huge difference from our pelts. White and black. I stared at the sky from some of the holes above. Stars were shinning as bright as ever, covering the thick dark blue sky. Suddenly I saw a flash of light go through the sky. A moving star. It was so beautiful and yet it was so different from the other stars. It stood out as it moved through the sky. The she-kit laying beside me belly curled and quickly fell asleep. I licked her ear.

"I love you and I won't let anything ever happen to you. I'll always be there for you."

Difference is what makes it so beautiful.

I felt a feeling inside of me that told me everything was going to be okay.

Chapter 1 - Hello - Sunny

The outside world was so loud I could hear everything around me, but yet I couldn't see it. As much as I wanted to open my eyes I couldn't. I could hear the footsteps outside, the creatures-I think birds, that’s how my mother called them-flying above me, the mice - mother said that they were very small creatures, that they could eat-hiding under leaves, everything seemed so clear in my mind, and still I couldn't see it.

The breeze was coming in. I could tell I was inside a bush because I could feel some branches and I could hear the leaves being moved by the wind all around me. My mother was curled around me to keep me warm. It must be cold in the outside of the bush, I thought. Even though I was warm my mother appeared to be trembling from cold. Each time I heard weird sounds and noises I didn't recognize, I would get scared, but my mother's warm breath would always re-assure that I was safe.

My mother would say:"Don't worry there's nothing out there that can harm you. Don't be afraid." Her voice was so peaceful, and warming.

Suddenly I felt really tired.

And fell into deep sleep.

My pelt felt cold. Something I had never felt before. And there was something else. It didn't really have any smell, and it felt cold. But each time I touched it turned into water. And my thin pelt was getting wet. I started mewing desperately for my mother. I couldn't smell her, and she wasn't curled around me. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming her way. They were coming fast and I realized it was my mother.

"Are you alright Sunny?" she said in her beautiful soft voice.

Sunny? That what she called me? I guess it must be my name. Sunny... It was such a beautiful name.

"Am m-aright momma" I answered.

"Why don't you try opening your eyes, Sunny?" she asked.

I had forgotten that I wasn't even trying to open them. So I tried. It was hard at first. Then, I opened them. And so much light came in. The outside world was so bright, and beautiful. Outside the bush she could see that everything was covered in something white that glittered under the sunlight. I never imagined the world to be like that. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

"What's that?' I asked.

"That's called snow. It's leaf-bare right now that's why its cold, but it doesn't last forever, then after comes Newleaf and all the plants grow and the snow goes away. The cold goes away and new life starts all over in the forest." she explained in her beautiful voice. "Why don't you come outside so you can see and feel the snow for yourself."

I started yawning and stretching until I felt ready to go outside. My mother started walking outside in the sunlight, and I realized how beautiful her pelt looked in the sunlight. She almost looked invisible with the white thing-I think its called snow-surrounding her. She had a beautiful pure white pelt with silver flecks that were shining-they looked like sparkles. Her eyes were huge and a shining an ice-blue color-I didn't even know her name. I soon realized that she was sitting there waiting for me to come out. I took a step forward feeling the white cold stuff-or snow-under my paws.

"Come on Sunny!"Said my mother.

I slowly took a few steps forward. At first I looked at the white thing that I was about to step on. I looked at my mother to know how she had stepped on the weird white thing.

"It's okay Sunny. Don't worry, just walk on it and you'll see how it feels like."

I looked at my mother, and then at her paw prints. I'll Step on the same places she stepped on, I thought. I slowly stepped on my mother's paw prints. Looking down I could see how my tiny paws looked compare to my mother's. As I stepped on the white thing, I could feel a chill going through me. My mother was right, the white thing was really cold, and I could feel my paws getting wet each time I stepped on the white thing.

"It's cold” I complained to my mother.

"It' ok Sunny, you'll get used to it” my mother comforted me.

I tried to step on my mother's paw prints but the spaces between my mother's steps were too big, and I was having difficulties stepping in them. My mother suddenly giggled.

"Oh, Sunny..." she said while giggling a little.

I ignored her. Suddenly I stepped on something really slippery. I tried to get my claws out, but I slipped so fast that I couldn't even get a hold of myself. As I got up carefully, I noticed my whole pelt was full of cold white thing. My mother soon padded towards me.

"Oh don't worry about the snow, it'll melt and then dry." she explained "The slippery thing you stepped on is called ice. It's frozen water."

"I don't like ice." I said.

"Oh, someday you might. I remember when I was little I used to go out of my two...I used to go out and play in the ice with my friends." said my mother.

I thought that my mother had started saying something and quickly said something else, but I didn't put too much thought in it.

"How did you play in the ice, momma." I asked.

"Well, it is surely very slippery which is so much fun! You can slide on it.” her mother said. "When the ice melts, the water will warm up and we'll be able to swim in it. I am quite a good swimmer and enjoy a lot. I bet you will too. We'll both be swimming all around this pond." she smiled.

"You weird momma with your crazy ideas. But I still lova ya" I giggled. "Oh...momma, what your name??" I nervously asked.

"Oh, my name is Bubbles."

I thought it was a weird name, but still I liked it.....

Chapter 2 - Curious - Sunny

I could see the sun light coming through the branches of the bush I was in. It must be morning, I thought. I looked behind me to see my mother curled around me sleeping. I turned my whole body around so I could face my mother's pelt. "Mother?" I meowed.

Her mother did not answer or appeared to have heard me. I stood up slowly and quietly and padded outside. I could feel the breeze from outside going through my fur. The sun was so bright and it lit the whole forest. The snow and ice -I think that's how it's called- was shinning under it. I stepped carefully on the snow remembering that there could be ice under it. I realized that it was deeper now. Did it snow during the night? I asked myself. It must have, so this mean I had to be more careful. As I walked through the forest I could hear a few birds, the branches moving with the wind, little creatures under the dead laves or bushes, and a weird noise coming from somewhere. I was scared because I had never heard that sound or sounds before, but curiosity beat my fear. As I padded nearer, the noise grew louder. Also there was a a weird smell that stung my nose, but I didn't let that stop me to figuring out what was going on.

I looked ahead of me to see that a few trees were blocking my way to see the other side. I padded on faster. My curiosity was now stronger and I couldn't wait to see what was on the other side. When I almost was on the other side I could feel wind on my fur, and could now tell that the sounds were coming and leaving, coming and leaving...Weird, I thought. Then when I finally saw the source of the sounds, I couldn't believe my eyes. Huge weird colorful things were running or passing by so fast on some weird stone like path. As these things passes by, my eyes were huge. I was frightened. no more than frightened. What if they saw me? What is they came after me? I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn't move. I wanted to shout, but no sound came when I opened my mouth. There were just so many of them....

"Sunny!" my mother's voice scared and made me jump.

Bubbles quickly grabbed me by my pelt, and ran through the woods. I couldn't still think straight. I could only the see the trees passing by me as my mother ran carrying me. Suddenly everything stopped, and my mother dropped me softly on the ground.

"Sunny what did you think you were doing?" she asked furiously. I had never seen my mother so mad.

"I..I was only exploring...." I answered, still a little shocked.

My mother looked as if she were about to say something or start yelling, but she just took a deep breath and relaxed. She sat down curling her tail around me and licked my ear.

"You scared me Sunny...if you had wanted to explore then you could have just asked me to go with you. You know you can't just go off by yourself. You're too young, and there are many dangerous things out there." she said calmly.

" thing out there were dangerous right?" I asked, but I knew what the answer would be.

"Yes" she said, "They're called monsters. Their headlights are their eyes, and Twolegs ride in their belly. They walk or you could say run, along the path called the Thunderpath. It is very dangerous. A cat can get badly hurt there or could even die."

I gasped at the last word. I had been so afraid, and mouse-brained to go there.

"I'm sooo sooo sooo sorry.." I said. Well, now that I think of it I think I said sorry too many times.

"It's okay Sunny. But promise me that you won't go anywhere without me, and that you'll do everything I tell you. Okay?"She asked.

"Yes momma, I promise." I said.

"Mom what are Twolegs?" I asked as we went for our usual morning hunt.

"oh..Twolegs are these awful tall creatures, with no fur or tails and have bright colorful pelts. Never get close to one!" she warned," They live in a place called the Twolegplace. They have huge dens and nest that smell really weird."

"Oh....Could we just go to the Twolegplace to see how it looks like?"I blurted out. I knew I shouldn't have but curiosity once again, won.

"Uh..." She just looked at me."Sunny, we ca-"she started but I interrupted her.

"Please??Please??" I asked and begged.

She sighed."Fine....I'll take you only a little bit close so you can see it and then we leave. It can be dangerous." She said. I was speechless - Is that how they called it?- I couldn't even move. I was so happy.

My mother smiled looking at my eyes "I know that face anywhere....don't be planning anything and don't get to excited. It's going to be a really short trip. The Twolegplace is really dangerous." she warned, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was too excited!!

"Oh...are there other cats living there?" I asked. It would be so awesome if there were other cats there. Maybe I would get to play with them. Or they would show me around when my mother wasn't looking. Or they would tell me more things about the

Bubbles stood still without saying anything for what seemed to be hours before she answered, "Yes, there are other cats there to. But never talk to them!! They can be very mean and dangerous; they would treat you differently just because you don't live where they do." She finished standing up. "Come on, Sunny. Go back to the bush and stay there while I get us something to eat." She had already turned to the woods before she finished and I realized that I better hurry back to the bush.

I hurried to the bush, but tripped on my feet many times. I hated walking on snow. It was so heavy and sometimes when the snow was too cold it made my paws feel numb. And it was so high that it was touching my belly. That reminded me, I was so hungry. All that had happened today was keeping my mind from my stomach, but now I could feel how empty it was.

Suddenly I saw something moving. I froze in horror. All that I've been through taught me one thing. Danger is just around the corner. I heard footsteps and saw white fur. What could it be...? I thought when I realized that it was only my mother. I padded towards her thinking that she might want me to go to her, when I realized she wasn't turned towards me. She was turned toward something that I couldn't clearly see. But I could hear something coming from there.

Bubbles slowly got into a crouch, making her white pelt blend with the snow. Then she started gracefully stalking towards the noise. I was so surprised on how silent she was. If you hadn't already known she was here, you wouldn't have noticed or seen her. Then with her two back legs she lunged toward the noise, who apparently hadn't noticed her either. The way she lunged in the sky almost scared me. I would have never imagined my mother so powerful. Her strong legs leading and making her leap on whatever she was trying to catch.

When she landed she had something brown with feathers in between her paws.

"Just like old times" my mother said to herself with a quick smile, grabbed the bird and started walking. I suddenly realized where her mother was going and ran as fast as I could to the bush. I tripped sometimes, but just kept running since I didn't want to be caught out of the bush and get in trouble with my mother again.

I finally reached the bush, but fell at the same time and slipping on ice. I landed on the moss that her mother had brought the other day.

"Sunny?" a voice said from outside. MY MOTHER!!! I quickly stood up and fixed the moss bedding.

"I'm...I'm here!!" I answered, trying to sound as normal as I could not letting my breath from running as fast that could give me away.

"Oh good.....for a second I thought you would have run off somewhere else." she said, sounding suspicious." Well look what I found; the bird was a kind of already weak, easy catch." Already weak? The bird had been perfectly flying when my mother had caught it....Why was she hiding the truth..? I didn't make such a big deal out of it, I was starving!

I looked at their prey while her mouth watered. My stomach started grumbling, and mother who must have heard it pushed the bird in front of her. "Eat...I can already hear your stomach from all the way outside" she said laughing.

I laughed too, while laying down and taking a few big bites. I shouldn't worry about my mother. Maybe the bird had been weak after all. It didn't matter anymore, I should just be happy that my mother loved me.

Chapter 3 - Last Time - Sunny

There were dark shadows all around me, but I couldn't quite make out their shapes. There was a weird feeling inside of me. Something that reflected...was it fear? Nervous as I was, I wanted to find out who these shadows were or who they belonged to. But as I took small steps toward them they became more blurry, and harder to see. There was a sudden chill through my body as if someone had just gone through me. I felt my fur go up in spikes by the fear that I had. Again, my curiosity made my legs walk me towards the shadows, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly the shadows started moving again, going in swirls and circles making a "whoosh..." sound as they moved and I began to see faces. Faces that I had never seen. They scared me. The looked mad and aggressive as if they were waiting for a signal to attack me. And then I saw a face that I recognize. The face was full of fear and pain, but yet it showed courage and honor. The face looked as if she was trying to get away from something to another thing. This face was the scariest of all....This face belonged to my mother.

I woke up screaming and breathing heavily. I looked around and was suddenly happy that my little screams hadn't woken up Bubbles. I looked around and laid my head over my paws. I could hear some birds' from a distance but didn't pay much attention. I wondered what I was going to do today. Like any day my mother would go hunting and play in the snow. Teaching me new things and places....PLACES!!! She had completely forgotten. Her mother had promised to take me to the Twolegplace.

I quickly stood up shaking my sleek black fur as it hit some brambles, but I didn't mind. I took a peek out side and like I had expected the sky was clear and blue. I couldn't understand yet what was so bad about leaf-bare apart from the cold snow. Bubbles had talked about storms happening and prey leaving the forest, not leaving enough to have a full belly. But everything looked so beautiful!

"Sunny?" a voice from behind me made me jump and hit my head lightly with the top of the bramble and leaves.

"Ouch!!" was my reaction word "Oh sorry momma, I hadn't realized you were awake."

"I wasn't. It's just a habit to wake up at this time." she meowed stretching.

"Oh...well I'm ready!!" I could hear the excitement in my voice this time. I was almost bouncing in joy.

"Alright, calm down Sunny" my mother said laughing."But first we have to get food. We can't go there on an empty stomach. Come on" she finished saying waving her tail signaling me to follow.

I started walking, feeling the morning breeze in my face and cooling my pelt from the warm bush we were living in. This time I had little problem walking on the snow. I had gotten use to it, and quite enjoyed it now. I looked at my mother with my big round sun-like eyes , and leaped on her playfully. As if she had read my mind she quickly turned and dodged letting me land on a snow pile.

"No fair!" I shouted spitting snow from my mouth.

"There are no rules when it comes to fun." she said looking at me with a playful face.

"Bring it on" was all she could said before I leaped on her, throwing her off in the snow.

Our pelts were covered in snow. Well my pelt was the most noticeable since the snow didn't make much difference to Bubbles' white pelt. I was laughing so hard. I hadn't had this much fun in so long.

"Well, now it's time to catch something to eat for sure" she said, which was half a giggle.

"Okay!" was all I said. I could hear my stomach growling. I followed my mother through the woods to her hunting spot. It was a small clearing in which the sun always shone and made the white snow glimmer. I stretched carefully and looked at Bubbles as if expecting for her to tell me what to do. As always she knew what I was doing and turned around to look at me.

"You stay here and I'll get us something to eat." she said already padding to the forest. The forest looked so deserted. How can momma find any prey out there? I wondered. My stomach growled again. Wow I was hungry!! I laughed at my stomach.

"Don't worry. You'll be fed in no time you bossy thing." I said to my stomach laughing in the same time that the words hardly came out. I was so concentrated in my stomach that I hadn't realized that my mother was right behind me. As soon as she dropped the bird in front of me, I jumped and shrieked. I got so scared from just a dropping bird!!

"Here...It's all I found. Prey is getting scarce these days." she said sadly. I nodded and before I realized I was eating like I had never eaten before. Bubbles quickly joined and we both ate peacefully. As soon as I was finished, excitement filled my whole body. I was already bouncy and couldn't say anything cause whatever came out of my mouth didn't make sense. My word were all excited that I decided to keep my mouth shut until I was sure that words were coming out.

"Alright...well we better get to the Twolegplace. But Sunny..."she said looking at me as if she was waiting for a response. "You must do exactly as I say. If I say stay, you stay. If I say run, you run. If I say come back here, you do so. Got it?" her tone was a tone that I had never heard before.

"Yes momma." was all I could say.

I followed closely to Bubbles the whole way. The warning she had told her so many times was surely going to stay in her head the whole trip. I looked bored up to the sky. It wasn't that she wasn't excited to go to the Twolegplace, but the path that they were taking was taking forever. One, two, three, four, five, s..s.. she thought counting her steps what was the number after five? Oh well...

"We're almost there" my mother's voice startled her.

I looked up and saw the dim light growing as the walked through the thick forest. The tree were getting smaller and thinner. The familiar sounds of the small creatures was gone and now there were other unfamiliar sounds. Suddenly I saw this huge wall of some weird object. She looked at her mother as Bubbles got near it and looked up at it. I walked up to the strange wall and took a sniff at it. Awwww.. It stung my nose. Its smell was awful.

I looked at what Bubbles was doing when I felt her picking me up.

"Where-?" I didn't finish my question.

Bubbles leaped with her strong legs and we were on top of the wall. I felt the wind go through my fur. I felt my mother's body still. I guess we must be already on top of that weird wall. I carefully looked down, blowing my mother's fur out of my face. Wow! We were really high up!!

"Careful now Sunny" Bubbles warned.

"What are we on top of momma?" I asked curiously, trying really hard not to look down again, which was inevitable since we were pretty much on top of this weird thing by ourselves. I tried looking over Bubbles's shoulders, hut she was too tall, and I could only see one side of the wall which was the huge white forest.

"This is called a wall. Twolegs use them to separate the unknown forest from their homes. And I have to agree for once that this is a good idea to make a wall. I can't imagine what the Twolegs would do if the wall didn't protect us from them." she said a little angry but relieved.

"Why is it so hard?"

"It's made up of a stone-like material called brick. It's really hard." she explained.

"Oh." was all I could say, though I couldn't quite understand what she was saying.

"Okay, now don't move and close your eyes." I did as she told me, and all of the sudden I felt as I was falling. A whole bunch of wind was pushing the fur from my face. I wanted to scream, but the wind in my face didn't let me. Finally it all stopped and I opened my eyes.

"Are you okay Sunny?" I hadn't realized that there were a few tears in my eyes from the hard rushing wind.

"Yeah...I'm goo-" I stopped dead. What was ahead of my was something I wouldn't have never believed or pictured if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

There were huge cave-like things. Twolegs nests..that's how momma called them. They were all placed evenly away from each other and had large white gardens around them. The trees, which were very few, were tiny compared to the forest's and wouldn't make much protection. And just like a line running halfway and separating the Twolegplace was a Thunderpath. It wasn't as big as the other one had been, but she could still see some monsters running. She could still feel her fear increasing as she stood standing there.


"I bet its not like you imagined it, huh Sunny?" my mother said, smiling a bit.

"I don't think I would have ever imagined anything like this!!"

"Well I hope you don't like it to much after I show you around. This is a dangerous place." She said with a doubtful face.


"Well, let's go. Come on Sunny. Follow me closely and behind me. And remember what you promised me."

I remembered.

We were walking slowly through the shadows. They were in the middle of an-I think is an alley- I noticed that my mother was very careful to her everystep and jumped at every sound. It was as if she was scared that someone might pop out. Every time we saw a cat she would quickly hide me and herself. My paws were starting to ache, all this walking around had me tired. Bubbles talked the whole way, showing so much knowledge and explaining every little thing we saw.

We had seen so many wonderful things. I can't believe my mother hated this place. Except for the monsters, everything was kind of nice. The Twolegs we had seen hadn't even paid attention to us as we passed by. I even saw these weird creatures with big teeht and scary faces. My mother had called them "dogs". She said that they were the Twolegs' pets and that they were dumb but really strong and lived to serve the Twolegs. I always saw those creatures tied to a long "rope" held by the Twolegs and were never let free. I guess Bubbles was right.

As we passed through some Twolegs Nests carefully, I saw this huge space of green grass covered by thick snow and some really long and skinny trees. The place looked awesome!

"Okay Sunny, time to go....we've seen enough and I'm guessing you're tired."

"I'm not!!" I lied."I want to see that space of white land over there" I pointed with my nose.

"That's way too far away. And we'd be too exposed there. I'll just tell you what it's called and we'll go home" she said "It's called a park. Twolegs go there to play. Now lets' go!"

"No! I want to see it!"I said snappily.

"Sunny you promi-"Bubbles got interrupted by a growl.

Chapter 4 - Oh No! - Sunny

I heard my momma gasp in terror, and quickly turning around. I wondered what was going on and turned to see the source of the voice.

"Well, well. Look what we have here. Miss long-gone-Lady." He said laughing. From the shadows I could still see his well groomed fluffy gray fur, and a tightly Kittypet necklace around his neck.

Lady? I thought.

"And you can see she brought a friend with her."Said another voice still hidden in the shadows.

As he said those words I felt my mother stand protectively in front of me and hissed.

"I bet she's the mousebrained's offspring, Draco."

"Ha!! I bet you haven't found him yet darling!" Said a hissy female voice stepping out from, the shadows. She was a skinny sleek she-cat with brown pelt and huge green eyes.

"Daphne..."I heard my mother hiss.

"Surprise, surprise. She remembers my name." the Daphne she-act laughed."Do you remember their names?" she said making fun of Bubbles.

"Don’t' make fun of me, you're the one to talk. If I remember well you had some problem with your head."

"Enough!" said the gray tom.

"I think we ought to teach someone a lesson don't you think Magnet?" said Draco, now showing his blue-gray tabby pelt.

"Please, just let us go. At least let her go. I'll stay and deal with our unfinished business." I could hear the begging part of her voice.

"Ha!! Like that would ever happen!" said Daphne.

Everything happened so fast. I heard my mother growl, and then Magnet attacked her. She dodged with such quickness, and leaped with her strong legs at Magnet. Magnet hissed in pain as Bubbles' claws clawed his back. Then I saw Daphne leap at Bubbles. Pushing her from Magnet into a darker part of the alley. I could hear both of the she-cats clawing each other and both of them growling in pain.

I was frozen in fear. I had never seen my mother fight so fiercely. Ii hadn't even ever seen her fight. And now she was clawing other cats. How had she learned to fight.

I saw a quick figure of Draco leap into the shadows and joining the fight.

"This time we'll win, Krystal!" said Magnet walking toward the shadows where the other cats were fighting.

I could hear things breaking; howling, hissing, growling, and sometimes I could hear the "thud" of a body crashing on the floor.

Then I saw Bubbles appear in the light and away from the shadows. She was bleeding. Blood was all around her white fur and clearly visible. Her face was with fear and she looked as if she was about to fall, but she just stood still with her legs shaking. From out of the shadows Magnet sprinted at her with such fury and knock her out.

I gasped in horror. Bubbles. My mother. My mother who had given me so much love and taught me everything about the world around us. The one who has always stood still, and faced every little problem I brought up. And now that I looked at her, lying there on the ground, with her face with blood that it looked like she was crying. Her face so scared. But not scared for herself, scared for me.

I felt some tear run down my cheek. I think I could feel her pain through my body. I could faintly hear the laughter’s of those other cats. My head starting spinning. They were starting to circle Bubbles now. Looking down at her, with triumph full faces.

Suddenly I heard a big crash of some green crystal-like object and a shout in some sort of language. The cats spread out and looked up. There was another crash, right in front of me. I jumped of fright and suddenly my conscience came back to me. I hurried to my mother when I saw a huge Twoleg. He threw something from his hand at me as he yelled and I quickly ran from it. Then I heard more Twolegs coming and shouting.

"Good luck." was the fain voice of Draco said as he left the alley, followed by the others.

Then I heard my mother growl and hiss in pain. The Twoleg threw something at her that I couldn't quite make out what it was. That is my mother! I started running towards her when another Twoleg from behind me threw a hard rock at me. I crouched down just in time, that the rock didn't hit me, but made a huge box fall on me. My heart was beating so fast and I could hear my mother's growls getting louder and louder. Then I heard a big bang and everything went quiet. Mother? I thought. Then everything went black. No sound. No voice. No conscience.

I heard sounds all around me. Where was I? Was I dead? Where was momma? What had happened?!? Suddenly all the recent memories came back to me in a huge headache. I felt a sudden urge to cry. What had happened to Bubbles? I remembered her all bloody and defeated. And those Kittypets all happy and glorious! Who were they to do such a thing to my mother?

But then again I remembered their words. "This time we win Lady" Magnet had said. What did he mean by saying this time we win? And why did they keep calling her "Lady"?

I couldn't stop thinking about momma. I remembered her last meows before the big bang and everything went quiet. I felt tears run down my cheek. What if-? I couldn't bring down the thought into my mind. I had to stay strong for Bubbles. Just like she had stayed strong for me.

Suddenly I felt something touch my fur and I jumped instinctively full awake and opening my eyes. I saw a small Twoleg standing right in front of me. I realized that she has her paw on my back. I quickly backed away not knowing what to do. I was tapped between this wall and the Twoleg. I realized that it was a kit Twoleg, just like Bubbles had said.

The kit Twoleg murmured something I couldn't understand to me and tried again to pat me with her paw. I backed away again, feeling more fear than I ever had before. I guess the Twoleg kit realized that I didn't want to be patted because she stood up and yelled some very short words. I heard footsteps coming toward us, and I squished myself to the wall. This time a big Twoleg stepped forward. It looked at me and said something to the Twoleg kit, the Twoleg kit quickly responded and padded to what seemed an entrance to the Twoleg nest that I was in.

She opened the entrance and signaled me to go. Yes!! I was free!! I quickly ran out of the Twoleg nest, feeling the strong and familiar sunlight in my pelt. I heard the Twoleg kit says something and close the entrance. I smiled. But the smile didn't last long, when I realized where I was. This was a small park like the one I had shown Bubbles. But this one was circled by a...what was it called? A fence! Yeah that's it. It was circled by a fence.

I looked down sadly at my paws. I had lost everything. My mother, my home, my freedom.... How did this even happen?

"Hey!! That’s mine!! Give it back you furball!" I looked up looking for the source of the voice. At the top of the fence, running, were two kits.

If only I could run like that over the fence...

"Finders keepers!" Said the male voice. He was a small chubby tom with white-and-brown pelt.

"That's not fair! You know it's mine and you didn't find it you stole it!' said the bossy voice following him. She was a small golden she-kit with darker paws, legs, ears, and face.

The she-kit leaped at the chubby tom with such force that it seemed almost impossible. The tom looked up just as she landed on him, making him and herself fall into my park. That's when I saw a weird colorful object fall from the tom's mouth. It made a squeaky noise as it touched the ground. But I was more concerned about the kits. I turned around to see if they'd been hurt by the landing but I saw both of them standing, and looking perfectly fine.

The she-kit ran towards the toy and stood in front of it looking at the chubby tom.

"Ha! Well, I guess you're right. Finder keepers! Now go away and don't mess with my toys you furball!" she meowed to the chubby tom.

"Fine but you better watch out for the rest!" he said looking a little defeated and he quickly jumped on top of the fence and disappears with a quick jump to the other side.

I looked at the she-kit while she sighted happily and triumph fully. I must have made a noise because as soon as I moved she jumped scared and faced me.

"Oh. Hi! Sorry you had to see that. Coco can be such an annoying furball." she said smiling."You must be new; I've never seen you here before. Didn't know this family owned a cat, though I could tell the the little child wanted one." She looked at my neck.

I looked at my neck to, just to realize that I was wearing a Kittypet necklace, and a red string around it making a weird shape.

"Wow! You were a Christmas present!! I can tell by the bow around your neck. Nice! I'm Chloe by the way. What did your Housefolk call you?"

"I...I...I don't know. I can't understand them. Can you?"

"Well, some words. I can surely make up when they call the names of their pets. That's how I found out mine." She meowed friendly.

"I know my mo...Mother used to call me Sunny."

"Oh...Well I'll call you Sunny until we find out what your Housefolk call you. Where did you come from? The vet or the Pet Store? I came from the vet" She said looking a little sad.

"I have no idea what those places are but I came from the forest."

She started laughing."You've got to be kidding me. That's impossible. Nobody lives in the forest. No really tell me where you came from."

I looked down at my paws. Nobody lived in the forest? But momma and I had always lived there for moons. "It's true!! I think the first time I ever set a paw in this...this...This awful place is yesterday!! I came here because I begged my mother to, and because of that I don't even know if she's alive!" I shouted letting all my anger out.

Chloe stopped laughing."So it's true? I heard legends of cats living there. Wild and dangerous cats. But I never decided to believe them. I'm..I'm sorry Sunny I didn't believe you."

"It's okay." I sighted.

"And also about your mother. I never met my mother. I heard that she died while I was born."

"I'm sorry. I guess I should feel lucky."

"Nevertheless, we should forget about the past and focus on the future!" She said cheerfully."Follow me"


"I'll show you around!"

Chapter 5 - The "Fence" - Sunny

Chloe padded towards the fence and with a quick leap she was already on top. She looked at me doubtful.

"What are you waiting for?"

"I can't climb this fence...” I said sighing.


"Isn't there another way out of here?"

"If you mean going through your Housefolk house, sure!"

"Uhhh, I rather not."

She leaped down from the fence and faced me.

"Ok. I'm going to teach you how to get over the fence, it’s really easy!! You just have to look exactly where you want to land. Look exactly at the point of the fence you want. And then take a deep breath and leap as high as you can and with your claws help yourself keep balance and not fall. It's very important for you to not fall. But don't worry if you fall, it's like they say cats always land in four paws."

Sometimes I swear she talked so much and so fast. At least I got what she said.

"Ok. Got it."

I looked up at the tall fence.

"I don't think I can do it"

"Of course you can! I have an idea. Maybe you should practice on teh ground first. Then you'll have more confidence and be able to get over that fence!"

She crouched down and got her legs ready.

"Do as I do."

I nodded. I crouched down as she did, getting my legs tightly together, getting ready for the leap.

"Ready? Ok leap!"

As soon as she finished saying her last word, her legs stretched out and she was on the air. I hesitated a little, I started stretching my legs and-

"What are you doing?"

"Whoa!" I meowed in a fright. I jumped as I never did before, just thinking about my poor hurtful tail that someone had just stepped on.

"Sunny!! You did it!!" I saw Chloe running towards me.

That's when I realized where I was. I looked around at everything from above. Things seemed so small. I felt a rush of and hit my face cooling and freshening my face. And then I felt the setting sun warming my back legs.

"I did it!" I cried out in joy.

"Did what?"

"None of your business Coco. Why are you here anyways?"

"None of your business." he replied annoyingly.

"You stepped on my tail!"

"Sorry hadn't seen you there. When I jumped from the fence I could only see Chloe not you. Sorry what's-your-name."

What's-your-name? I didn't need to be mousebrained to know that wasn't exactly a compliment.

"Coco!! Stop being mean! Sunny is new here and much of a welcome you're giving her!"


"Come ‘on Sunny. Let's leave Coco to his business." She hissed as she leaped on the fence and signaled me to follow.

"First I'll show you some of the other cats I know from here."

"Ok!" I answered. Since I had been able to go over that stupid fence, I've been in a way better mood.

We padded alongside the small Thunderpath. From here to then, there were only a few monsters and Twoleg around. I guess it must be because of ..of..what was this day called?



"What is this day called again?"

"Christmas. I guess you don't know much about it then, since you know." she stopped, and signaled me to follow her to the park. “From what I know and heard Christmas is a time where Housefolk decorate with those colorful lights over their nest. They will look more beautiful at night when it's dark. They also decorate the tree like you can see here."

That was the first time I saw them. Hanging all around the trees in small swirls were a bunch of shinning colorful lights. I had never seen something so beautiful! It just brought out happiness in me.

"Wow! It's real pretty!"

"Yeah. I also know that on this specific day they put these object inside boxes with bows like the one you have around your neck called presents. The Housefolk seem to really like them. And they also have this huge meal at nighttime, but that's about pretty much it."

"Seems a little weird, but Twolegs are always weird." I started laughing and soon heard Chloe joining me too.

"Oh let's go meet my kind of friends."

"Here we are."

"Who lives here?"

"Seashell. He's a real oldie. He can be nice but has a don't wanna mess with him."

"Oh." Seashell? Weird name. I thought

"I'll introduce you!"

"We're not going over another fence are we?"

"No, this time there's a door."

She quickly padded to the side of the Twoleg nest. A weird scent filled her nostrils.

"What is that smell?" I asked.

"It's called Housefolk food." a voice spoke from beside the nest.

"Hi Seashell. I want you to meet Sunny. That's what I'm calling her until we find out her Housefolk name." Chloe quickly introduced us. "And this is Seashell, Sunny."

"Hi!" said a little shy.

As if knowing what I was thinking he meowed "No need to be shy little one."

"She's been through a lot lately." Chloe said, settling down.


"Yeah..." I sighed looking down. Momma where are you?

"How would you like me to tell you a story?" Seashell said trying to change the subject.

"I'd love to hear a story!" I meowed a little more joyful.

Just what I need to get my mind off thing.

"Ok, once upon a time....

"The story was awesome!!" I meowed, just after Seashell finished.

"Glad you liked it youngster!"

"Especially the part where Melody finds her way back home!! She's so brave!" I meowed which turned out half a yawn.

I looked up at the sky which was now full of stars. The day had passed really fast. I remember looking at the same starry sky with Bubbles. At least that's something that won't ever change and will always be there.

"Are you tired Sunny? We should start heading back to your house."

"Wait!! No!"

"What's wrong?" Chloe asked turning around.

"I'm scared of them!! Was if they hurt me?"

"They're not going to hurt you! Housefolks don't hurt cats. Don't worry I'll come back tomorrow morning. I promise." I looked at her friendly eyes.


We padded away back to my Housefolk's house.

The End ッ

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