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Dark Roses

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The clearing was quiet as the silver-and-gray she-cat crept into it, taking great care to not make a sound. Suddenly, she heard the snap of a twig. The she-cat parted her jaws to taste the air.

"Sunfrost, I know you're there," the she-cat said.

A golden furred she-cat with icy blue eyes padded into the moonlit clearing.

"What did you ask me here for, Hollowmoon?" Sunfrost inquired.

"I have been asked to give a prophecy," Hollowmoon explained. "It's for RiverClan and WindClan."

"What's it about?" questioned Sunfrost, the stars in her pelt glittering with each movement.

"Rain and sun will plant the flowers, rose and moor will grow them," Hollowmoon recited. "And together, the flowers will destroy the night."

"Wow," Sunfrost breathed. "That's quite a prophecy."

"I know," Hollowmoon replied, staring up at the moon, her starry pelt shining even brighter. "I just hope it doesn't mean what I think it does."

Chapter 1

Both Emberstar and Raindapple had been kitting since dawn. They had shouted "The kits are coming!" within 5 minutes of each other. It was nearly sunhigh now. Nightpelt and Suncloud paced outside the nursery together. Finally, Morningmist padded out.

"Nightpelt," she called. "Emberstar wishes to speak to you."

Nightpelt rushed inside. A few moments later, he padded back out with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Emberstar is dead," he cried. "And so are three of our four kits. The first born, Scorchkit, is still alive."

Nightpelt turned to Suncloud. "Emberstar and I want you and Raindapple to take care of Scorchkit. I will be too busy as leader to visit her often, but I will want to play with her occasionally."

"I will have to talk to Raindapple about it, but I'm sure she would be honored to take care of the leader's kit," Suncloud replied. "I'll ask her when she's done kitting."

Nightpelt nodded in return and went to the leader's den to mourn. Suncloud continued pacing, but he didn't have to wait much longer. Sunsetwish padded out of the nursery to tell him that he had two beautiful kits, a tom and a she-kit. Raindapple was fine. Exhausted, but fine. Suncloud asked if he could see them, and Sunsetwish nodded in response. Suncloud padded into the nursery.

"They really are beautiful, more perfect than I could imagine," Suncloud breathed. "What should we name them?"

Raindapple pointed at the tom with her tail, He had an orange pelt like his father and squirmed under her touch. "I was thinking _kit for the tom, and Rosekit for the she-kit." The she-kit shivered when Raindapple's tail-tip touched her. Her pelt was cream, with rose-brown patches, and she had a small build like her mother.

"I think those names are perfect," Suncloud responded. "_kit and Rosekit. And I have some terrible news. After her kitting, Emberstar died along with three of her kits. Nightpelt would like for us to raise Scorchkit, the only surviving kit. Emberstar died after her kitting, and Nightpelt will be leader, so he doesn't think he would have much time to raise a kit. Would you like to raise Scorchkit along with _kit and Rosekit?"

"Oh...I would be honored to take care of Scorchkit. Please give Nightpelt my deepest condolences. I would do anything to make the leader happy," Raindapple replied.

"Okay, I'll go tell him," Suncloud padded out of the den. Looking up at the leader's den, he gently called out. "Nightpelt, Raindapple said yes, she'd be honored to take care of Scorchkit for you."

Nightpelt peeked out of the leader's den, dried tears still staining his cheek fur. "Okay... thank you."

Suncloud turned and padded towards the entrance to the camp. He wanted to go hunting to catch something for Raindapple and the kits.

Chapter 2

Everything was black. I heard a voice through the fuzzy darkness, and realized that it was my mother. I opened my eyes to see a blinding light, and quickly closed them again.

"Rosekit? Are you ready to open your eyes?" my mother asked.

I tried again, this time turning my head to look the other way. When I opened my eyes, I was startled to see another cat my size looking back at me. I assumed this was my sister.

"Raindapple, Rosekit's opened her eyes!" the she-kit exclaimed. Turning back to me she introduced herself.

"Hi! My name is Scorchkit. I'm your adopted sister. Over there is you brother, Hawkkit, and the larger cat next to him is your mother, Raindapple."

I blinked in reply. I was still shy and confused in this world of bright lights and colors.

"Did Hawkkit open his eyes yet?" I asked.

Raindapple, my mother I guess, responded. "No. You are the younger of the two of you, but you opened your eyes first. I can tell that you are going to be to more inquisitive one of the two of you. Scorchkit is the more outgoing one, and I think your brother will be the adventurous one of the group."

"Oh..Okay," I replied.

"Soo...Rosekit, do you want a tour of the camp?" Scorchkit asked me. "I mean, I could give you one if you want."

"Sure!" I told her. "Show me the best place in camp first!"

"That would be the elder's den," Scorchkit told me. "Cloverdeer and Mistmouse tell the best stories! Follow me!"

As we tumbled towards the elder's den, we ran into someone. I look up to see this HUGE orange tom staring down at us.

"Hello, kits!" he rumbled. "My name is Suncloud. I am Rosekit's father, and Scorchkit's adopted father."

"You're my dad?!?" I said disbelievingly.

"Yes I am! And I am proud to have three beautiful kits!" Suncloud purred. "Now run along. I assume you are going to the elder's den for a story, right?"

"Yes, sir!" Scorchkit exclaimed.

Suncloud nodded good-bye, and then turned to finish what he was doing. We scampered off to the elder's den. When we arrived, we saw a brown tom and a gray, yellow, and white she-cat sharing tongues just inside the entrance. When they saw us, the she-cat beckoned us in with her tail.

"Hello, young 'uns. Are you here for a story?" the tom asked. "My name is Cloverdeer and this is Mistmouse."

Mistmouse waved her tail hello. "I can't speak much because I'm losing my voice," she rasped. "But Cloverdeer here knows almost all of my stories."

"Almost! I thought I knew all of them," he laughed. "Okay, kits. Would you like to hear a story about me, or Mistmouse?"

"Mistmouse!" Scorchkit and I shouted at the same time.

"Okay... Well, there was this one time when she climbed on a log at the edge of the lake, and then she floated off to the middle. The Twolegs that come during greenleaf had to rescue her in their water monsters. That was fun! But then we had to rescue her from the Twolegs before they took her away. That was not so fun..."

Cloverdeer continued to tell us stories of Mistmouse's misadventures. Sooner than we expected, it was dusk. Our mother was calling, so we said good-bye and padded wearily back to the nursery, trying but not doing so well with stifling our yawns.

As I climbed into my warm and cozy nest, I thought to myself. Today has been a good day. I can't wait to see who I meet tomorrow! My eyes slowly closed, and I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 3

I woke at dawn, and yawned. I drowsily got up from my warm nest and went to wake up Scorchkit. I saw Hawkkit sitting in his nest, blinking. I stumbled over to him, because he had just opened his eyes.

"Hi, Hawkkit!" I said. "I'm your sister, Rosekit, and over there is our adopted sister, Scorchkit."

"Hello...Rosekit," he responded sleepily.

"Do you wanna play?" I asked him.

"Sure!" Hawkkit replied, no longer drowsy.

"Okay. Lemme just wake up Scorchkit, first," I told him.

I padded over to where she was sleeping, and poked her, making sure my claws were sheathed.

"Scorchkit, wake up!" I exclaimed. "Hawkkit opened his eyes, and we're gonna go play."

She blinked her eyes open.

"Play?" she asked. "Okay! Can I be leader?"

"Sure! Just as long as I'm deputy!"


Hawkkit was already outside the den, so we hared out after him. Once we were outside, he announced that he wanted to be a special cat, so we told him he could be the medicine cat.

"What's a medicine cat?" Hawkkit questioned.

"Well, a medicine cat heals and takes care of sick and injured cats. They can also speak with StarClan," I informed him.

Hawkkit agreed, because he was the only one to be a medicine cat. We tussled, and talked, and played, until I got a thorn in my paw.

"OW!!!" I yelped. "I got a thorn in my paw!"

"You should go to see the real medicine cat, Morningmist or Sunsetwish," Scorchkit told me.

She turned towards a bush and trotted forward confidently, leading the way to the medicine den. Limping, I followed. When we got inside, I limped over to a silvery sunset colored she-cat with with markings and tapped her to get her attention.

"Yes?" she asked. "Who's there?"

"My name is Rosekit. I got a thorn in my paw," I explained.

"Okay, Rosekit. My name is Sunsetwish," she introduced herself. "I'll help you get that thorn out."

Sunsetwish started licking my paw. Suddenly, the pain sharpened, and I gave a yelp. Then it disappeared.

"Woah!" I exclaimed, fascinated. "How'd you do that?"

"Well, first I licked your paw to loosen the thorn. Then I got it in my teeth and pulled it out," Sunsetwish purred. "Finally, I rubbed a poultice on it to keep it from getting infected."

That was it. I was hooked. I wanted to be a medicine cat. Of course, I knew that I still had nearly five moons until I was an apprentice, but I swore to myself that I would learn as much as I could before I became an apprentice, so I could help my Clanmates in the best way possible.

Chapter 4

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Tall Rock for a Clan meeting!"

I scrambled out of my nest in a hurry to get outside. I knew it wasn't my apprentice ceremony yet, as I was only 3 moons, but a Clan meeting was still exciting!

"Today, RiverClan celebrates the making of new warriors. Would Bluepaw and Lilypaw please step forward," Nightstar called.

A tiger-striped tabby and fiery orange she-cats stepped forward. "You have both passed your warriors assessments. I know from your mentors that you have trained hard to get to this day. I am sorry that your father didn't live to see his daughters earn their warrior names, but I am sure he is watching from the stars.

"Bluepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. From now on, you shall be known as Blueblaze. RiverClan honors your courage and your speed.

"Lilypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do."

"Then by the power of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. I know we discussed what your warrior name will be. I know you want it to honor your father, and in honor of him, I give you the warrior name of Tigerlily. StarClan honors your loyalty and kindness."

"Blueblaze! Tigerlily! Blueblaze! Tigerlily!" The names of the new warriors rang across the clearing until I was sure that the whole forest could hear. I sprang forward to congratulate the new warriors, with Scorchkit and Hawkkit not far behind.

When we reached Tigerlily and Blueblaze, I hopped circles around them and squeaked my congrats until I was dizzy. Then, I headed back to my nest, and curled up against my mother for a nice little nap.


When I woke, I heard the thunderous sounds of pawsteps. I leaped out of my nest, sleep forgotten, and raced to the entrance of the nursery, just in time to see Blueblaze racing across the camp to Nightstar's den, shouting "Intruders! Attacking the camp!"

I squeaked in alarm and went to wake up my siblings and mother. When I told them, my mother herded us to the back of the den and planted herself protectively in front of us. I could hear the chaos of my Clanmates waking up and coming out of their dens to see what was going on. There was already fighting, and that's all I remember before blacking out.

Chapter 5

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