D does Shiningfrost, CF does Dappleheart, and E does narration and the other creatures..

Shiningfrost was walking down the marsh and found Dappleheart in a whirlpool.

"GETOUTOFTHERE!" shouted Shiningfrost, and Dappleheart pulled herself out.

"Do you know much about Twolegs? I'm a lion but they cast a spell on me." Dappleheart started rambling. "I have my Lionspirit and Lionstrength but a Catlook. Twolegs call everything cake. They used to throw meatcakes to us but they have hardcakes and softcakes and roundcakes and flatcakes..."


"See the hard things on the ground? Those are hardcakes."

"They're rocks."

"So they're rockcakes, then."

"No, they're rocks."

They were by a Thunderpath, and a monster drove by.

"That's a Truckcake," Dappleheart said.


"There's also Carcakes and Vancakes."


A Twoleg got out of a carcake.

Dappleheart listened for a bit. "He says he's looking for his cake."


Dappleheart asked it what kind of cake.

"Dog," muttered the Twoleg, but of course they couldn't understand.

"He said a flatcake," said Dappleheart. She asked it what size.

"Dog," muttered the Twoleg again.

"He says a smallcake!" yowled Dappleheart.

Dappleheart nosed around and found a small leaf. "Here's your flatsmallcake!"

"Dog," muttered the Twoleg. "Cats are useless for finding dogs."

And he got into the carcake again.

"Hey! YOU FORGOT YOUR FLATSMALLCAKE!" Dappleheart yowled after it.

"Dappleheart, that's a leaf."

"Is not."

"Is too."

Suddenly a dog rambled out of the bushes.

"Masta, wat!" he barked. The cats couldn't understand it, obviously.

"It said it wants a branchcake," Dappleheart said. "Twolegcake petcake."

She went away and got a branch.

"That's a branch," Shiningfrost said.

"No, it's a branchcake!"



The dog went away.

"Wuf is dat kitah uslus," it woofed, and dashed off again.


"It's a branch, and the dog-"

"Dogcake," interrupted Dappleheart.

"It won't understand."

"Whycake notcake?"

"RRRRRRGH!" Shiningfrost growled.

And she left Dappleheart to get a fighting force.

They came back to Dappleheart and slayed her.

Nocake morecake problemcake.

The next book is STHCAT

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