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Warriors Fanfiction
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I wrote this poem when I was bored, so don't expect anything too extravagent. Still, it's okay for what it is. I write human poetry better :P.


Where you went then
Left me broken, empty again
All I have to say is I'm sorry
I could've been a better friend
I'll move on,
If that's what you want
I'll never forget you,
But I'll find someone new
I caught her when she fell
I couldn't catch you
But the way she smells
The way she moves
I think this love is true
I could be wrong
But even then I'll stay strong
So, so wrong
But I've stayed strong
The last one
Together we had a son
And when I figured out
What happened with her
Three kits that don't belong
Three kits that hold the power of the stars
In their paws
What about Breezepelt?
And in the end, I know
None of my mates
Ever meant anything
And if I had saved you
Maybe then I would've found love that was true