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I wrote this poem myself, so enjoy!

Crowfeather's Poem

It is better to have loved and lost then have never loved at all...

If that were true I'd be so much better then the other cats.

They say 'let them go'; but they never tell you what to do when they don't come back.

With Storm and River I could be free,

There isn't a she-cat in WindClan for me.

Clans meet, sheathed claws,

Battle cries, fighting paws.

Breaking bones and breaking hearts,

A river of blood keeping us apart.

Shadow fighting,

Thunder biting,

Nightmares show the Great Cat's hide,

And I walk in the Stars with River by my side.

Shadow lashing,

River thrashing,

Black and white, claws aglow.

Sweet Thunder, you mean more to me then you know.

I think when I die I shall come back and be

Soaring bird or maple tree.

Something that cannot love and loose.

But alas my path is not mine to choose.

StarClan can give me prophecies and battles, I'll take them all.

But we all know what cometh before the fall.

Perhaps love for me, is too bitter, too tart.

Am I so fragile a Feather or Leaf could break my heart?

I wish she was alive once more.

Shall I go knocking on Heaven's door?

Tell them I need to look in her eyes again?

Sweet Feather, my companion, my lover, my friend.

Or should I wish for gentle Leaf, wherever she may stay?

Though howling Breeze tries to grab her away.

That's all we were, first love, then hate.

My Leaf, first stranger, then a mate.

Is there a shooting star around?

I gotta make this wish right now...

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