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Crookedkit's name was not always Crookedkit it was Toothkit at first but what happened before and after the accident? maybe we will never know but we will learn his life not Birdwings but his BirdstarYou infected me with mildew? 22:47, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1-Warm rocks

Toothkit woke up to the den shimmering he yawned and saw Wavekit and he said "Wake up Wavekit" Wavekit murmured "M'kay" and Toothkit saw Waterkit and said "You too wake up" Waterkit murmured and stood up and asked "What will we do?". Tooth kit thought for a moment What will we do? he got an idea and said "Let's explore the camp" Wavekit twitched his whiskers "That's a great idea Toothkit" Toothkit twitched his whiskers and said "Thanks Wavekit" Waterkit asked another question "Where will we go first?" Toothkit flicked his ear and said "How about-" Wavekit cut in "The Apprentices den!" Toothkit looked at him and nodded "Ok but-" Toothkit did not have time to finish his sentence because Wavekit ran out of the nursery and Waterkit let out a little meow of amusement and said "He's strangely hyper active today" Toothkit said "I know and he-" he was cut off by Wavekit who said "Hurry up you two" Toothkit glared at Wavekit as he followed him slowly and said "Where's Sunpaw? I swear i saw him by the apprentices den" Wavekit shrugged and said "I don't know Sunpaw told me he had to go somewhere" Waterkit said stubburnly "Well of course he's got better stuff to do then sit around the camp" Toothkit and Wavekit looked at her and they said "We know" at the same time and they looked at each other then gave purrs of amusement. Wavekit said "Ok how about something better?" Toothkit asked "What?" Wavekit twitched his whiskers and said "I can sum it up in two words" Toothkit looked at him as he continued "Leader's den". Before Toothkit could say anything Waterkit cut him off and said "That's a bad idea even for you" she glared at Wavekit and he said "Come on, it won't be that bad" he looked at Waterkit pleadingly and she said "Fine but if we get into trouble it's your fault" Wavekit twitched his whiskers and flicked his tail for his friends to follow him and Toothkit thought Warm rocks is the next place we should go

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