"I am Ashfur and welcome to this show! This is an all thunderclan season as far as I know, but no cat every told me what this season was about so I actually don`t know oh and what I do know is that I lov". . ." Ashfur" yells Starclan (Creator) "get on with the show." "!NOW!" "Yeesh" I mutter.

"Well welcome to the show !SQUIRRELFLIGHT! Random cat yells "Ashfur fainted." Leafpool dashes in and wonders should I save him or not?

. . .

Leafpool finally decides to save him and does CPR for the first time on Ashfur. She revives him the next day. "Eeeek I love you Squirrelflight will you marry me" He asks her. "It is mate and for the last time and no" she says in a menacing voice as she dashes into the massive hut. Ashfur dashes after her yelling "I will come with you my love." Squirrelflight closes the doors and Ashfur slams into the door and falls into deep sleep.

"Well time flew by ,and the we don`t have time to say all the contestant so we will list all the contestants then go onto the challenge, also Ashfur said to all the toms in the paws of Squirrelflight." Starclan cat says.

"We will divide the 30 cats into 6 groups of 5. First group Ferncloud, Snowkit, Mumblefoot, Bluestar, and Bramblestar. 2nd group is Squirrelflight, Brackenfur, Firestar, Graystripe, and Mousefur. 3rd group is Brokenstar, Tigerstar, (and this is shadowclan and thunderclan) Raggedstar, Nightkit, and Mistkit. 4th group are Yellowfang, Brightflower, Cedarheart, Ratscar, and Oakfur. The 5th group is Twigbranch, Thornclaw, Fernsong, Briarlight, Purdy. 6th group is Seedpaw, Daisy, Darkstripe, Blackstar, Rowanstar. Stay in your groups till the next challenge, hopefully by then Ashfur will know what he is saying," Starclan cat looks over at Ashfur and hears "unicorns die with kittypet of the clans."

Free Day Without Ashfur.

Squirrelflight is running around, yelling happily "NO ASHFUR". Mousefur is talking about her kit life to Brackenfur, Firestar and Graystripe are adoring Squirrelflight. Firestar says "she looks like a baby, Graystripe go and grab her it is time for grooming". Graystripe drags Squirrelflight over. Firestar starts grooming. Suddenly Mousefur coughed and coughed then Firestar and Brackenfur then finally Squirrelflight, Surprising enough he didn't catch it. Graystripe notice it is about dinner time, I `ll order pizza he thought. He called the pizza place guy. "So do you have a sickness special with a siding of cheese pizza, a little ketchup and some fries, please I will be there at 10:00 P.M tonight" Graystripe yells at the phone. Graystripe gets in his rocket ship then falls asleep.

6 hours later he wakes up and looks at the clock. It showed Your Late For Pizza So Take A Quick Shower With Bubbles And Hurry Up and Don't Forget The Keys This Time. Graystripe faints then wakes up immediately he dashes to the shower place and takes a shower with bubbles. He sang "bubbles bubble a beautiful thing bubbles!" "!!!HOT!!!" he jumps up and whines "why that's more than enough water." Then goes out to his dashes to the place, the cat at the counter says "there is no order for Graystripe." So in result Graystripe gravely injures the cat and steals his order of food. He dashes home and eats his food in his wonderful soft bed of moss and watches TV. Twoleg says "there is a massive sickness going around, symptoms are coughing."

An hour later Graystripe realizes that their sick and runs over he thought I`m not a medicine cat or MC for short and I forgot their phone number. Suddenly Firestar's breathing stopped short. Firestar died Graystripe yowled at the top of his organs and then starts crying. Mothwing, Littlecloud, Sagewhisker, Jayfeather, Cloudberry got here immediately and said 'MC'S at your service" as Graystripe whimpered. 'Mothwing and Sagewhisker go calm down Graystripe, Jayfeather go deal with Firestar and the rest of us will help the patients." Cloudberry and Littlecloud where done in a second, and went to help Mothwing and Sagewhisker. Jayfeather leaned down at heard Firestar murmur "Molly, Polly, Lolly, and Dolly, grab your unicorns and lasso the little kitty up."

Firestar is finally better and had started calling the other groups asking to trade Graystripe, everyone says no, except Mumblefoot who said "they would trade Snowkit" but Firestar says "were not ready yet."

Mousefur's Kit Life

"First I opened my eyes then I drank milk. The next day I went to see the elders who were Firestar, Bluestar, Bramblestar, and Squirrelstar. Lionstar was the current leader at that time, anyway back to the story. I fell asleep in there and there I am sleeping right there." "Wait a minute he died right ?" Purdy pops in and asks. "Oh yeah, I'm in starclan dreaming, but I'm at the show! She wonder at the top of her lungs, and any other organs she can wonder at."

Challenge of The Week (Ashfur is Back)

"So this week is a FIGHTING CHALLENGING. So 2nd group vs 1st group and someone must sit out it cannot be your weakest" Ashfur announces loudly. Whisper, shuffle, shuffle, whisper. "So the people sitting out are Mumblefoot and Squirrelflight." "What" screams Squirrelflight "Firestar and Graystripe agreed on it as the highest rank or the most special" Ashfur said sadly. "The cats who are battling first are Mousefur and Snowkit." "Mousefur wins" Ashfur says after a few seconds. "My wounds are burning" Mousefur says. "Treat them immediately" she says sternly as her servants arrive late as usual. Swiftpaw and Seedpaw come in, "but those are only ticks they cry." "So what?" Mousefur said angrily . "Firestar and Bluestar in the arena." Bluestar leaps forward and fails to tackle Firestar instead Firestar pinned her down and right before he won the match he walked away to groom Squirrelflight and I guess Bluestar wins by default, but Firestar also won so we will call it a draw. "Graystripe and BRAMBLESTAR." Ashfur leaps on Bramblestar and basically kills him until Starclan drags him off Bramblestar. Littlecloud, Leafpool, Sagewhisker, Puddleshine, Shadowsight, Cinderpelt, Spottedleaf, Jayfeather, Cloudberry, Mothwing, Willowshine, Echosong, Frecklewish, Barkface, Hawkheart, Goosefeather, and Kestrelflight rush in and take Bramblestar out. Well here is our back-up host Crowfeather Starclan yells frantically. "Bramblestar wins that match by default and who signed me up for this?" he sighed and growled and the same time. "The Graystripe and Bluestar in the arena" Crowfeather whines. "We already played" they whine and pouted at Crowfeather. Oh then Brackenfur v.s Ferncloud. "I can't hurt a queen you win" Brackenfur cries."Well here is group 3" Crowfeather growls. Leopardfoot peeks in and says "Nightkit, Mistkit bedtime." "Then I guess we will see you after the song Crowfeather whispers as trying to learn how to swim.

"I know what food tastes like now" Purdy snores.

(song starts) "Food TASTES AWESOME AT FREEDAY JOHNSON" (song ends)

We are back to the game and it is Tigerstar v.s Firestar. Tigerstar is a second away from killing Firestar when Nightkit says don`t kill. Firestar takes over and right before Firestar wins he says you were always better at killing. Firestar wins Crowfeather says excitedly. Mistkit cries "are you sick?" No I just ate sprinkle powder face energy source fruit loops that make you CRAZY Crowfeather says while jumping at Tigerstar then tackling Brokenstar. Raggedstar leaps at Crowfeather. Your alive Brokenstar growls then he leaps on Raggedstar and kills him all, 9 lives gone. (Bramblestar will not be playing this round and will be moved to the next round automatically) Mistkit and Nightkit v.s Bluestar and Bluestar wins leaving them dying. "We have just been alerted that there is a prisoner in the forest BROKENSTAR grab him boys. "Ferncloud is walking off the platform and says" "I quit this show." Mumblefoot v.s Mousefur and Mumblefoot wins. There is nobody for Squirrelflight to fight so she automatically moves on.

So the cats that are still here are Group 1 : Bluestar, Mumblefoot, and Bramblestar. Group 2: Squirrelflight and Firestar. Group 3: Nobody left.

Now to pause group 1,2,3 and go onto group 4,5,6. Group 4 vs group 5 first, Purdy v.s Oakfur. I once chased a rabbit and climbed a tree Purdy started. Oakfur waves a white flag (white flags mean surrender). Next is Yellowfang v.s Briarlight. I can't hurt a innocent rabbit or is that a dead cat either way I give up Yellowfang says weakly. Now Cedarheart v.s Thornclaw. Begin, yikes, ouch, and take the kits away. Cedarheart wins. Thornclaw is on his way to starclan and has also insured starclan to check why Cedarheart is here and why he was also given a chainsaw. Then, Ratscar v.s Twigbranch. Ratscar yelled "traitor you switched clans." "Well you trained in the Dark Forest" Twigbranch shot back. "You did it multiple times" he said as quick as possible. "Pause is this going to be a smack talk challenge just for you?" "Yes" they both said at the same time."Continue," Crowfeather said half snore sleeping. "You look ugly with the scars of your bad past that's why there is so many" Twigbranch sneered. "Well your as useless as a twig and a branch, so we should call you Twigy The Twig" Ratscar said as soon as he thought of it. "Well Ratbone is better for you" Twigy shot back. "AAAAAHHH momma he be mean to me" Ratbone whimpers. "Twigy ha..." Crowfeather starts. "SHUT UP." "Fine Twigbranch has won the match, now Brightflower v.s Fernsong." Fernsong looks cute at Brightflower and whimpers slightly. "I give up" Brightflower says dreamily.

The cats that are left from Group 4: Cedarheart and group 5: Fernsong, Twigy, Briarlight, Purdy.

Now Purdy v.s Seedpaw, Purdy starts chattering while Seedpaw says "I'm immune." Meanwhile, Cedarheart sneaks away to his garage of EVIL DOOM FOR THUNDERCLAN CATS AND THE WINDCLAN REF. What should I use now Axes, Deathberries, Random Twoleg Stuff, Knife, Fire, Claws, Water, Bloodclan, Adorable Cats, Gun, there it is. *Sneaks Back.* Seedpaw wins, because Purdy fell asleep. Daisy v.s Briarlight "I can easily hurt Daisy" Briarlight says nicely. "Ye.. wait what?" Daisy cries out as Briarlight leaps at her. Briarlight wins. Twigy v.s Darkstripe.Twigy grabs the weapon Cedarheart has and says "thanks." Darkstripe destroys the cannon (<weapon) and in the end accidentally destroyed himself from reality, so Twigy wins.

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