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This is the second book of Mystical. Enjoy <3


"We must rise!" Ripple shouted, pacing the area. "The casters cannot win. We, the Dark Casters, must rule this forest. It is what our predecessors want, and it is what we shall do!"

Cheers erupted from the waiting cats, and Violetrose watched from the shadows. She had never had doubts about Ripple and his plans, but today, it sounded too violent, too real. She shrank back when Blackwidow slid over. "What's wrong princess?"

She bared her teeth. "Don't call me princess."

"The king does."

"The king is to become my mate. He has some rights that you do not. You will call me Violet." She glared at Blackwidow. The tom always annoyed her, and she didn't like how he took a liking in her every since she came to the Dark Casters' camp. "What do you want?"

Blackwidow smirked. "If you are to become his mate, you must learn manners. I am of course his representative, so I do have rights that you don't have." His yellow eyes were teasing, but darkness glowed in them. Violetrose rolled her eyes and turned away.

"Leave me alone."

"Why?" He pressed. "Ripple loves you, but he hates to see you upset. Shouldn't you be happy?" His taunting was getting on Violetrose's nerves.

"Be quiet, Blackwidow."

The king interrupted them with his dramatic speech, "And so on the darknest night, we shall attack, catching them by surprise. We must kill at least one on each attack. Violet, my dear, are you ready for all this? This is your chance to get back at Firebloom for what she has done."

Violetrose raised her head, "Of course, King Ripple."

His ice-blue eyes glittered, "Good, we should start practicing." He leapt down, and met with Blackwidow. Then he walked over to Violetrose. "You should get some practice too, princess."

Violetrose dropped her eyes uncertainly. Blackwidow hovered behind Ripple, his smirk as arrogant as it was before. The calico she-cat nodded. "That will suit me fine." The king purred, though the laugh didn't reach his eyes. He led her to somewhere else, and she began to cast her dark magic.

"You are a natural princess."

"Thank you, King Ripple."

He watched her for awhile, then leaned over and whispered. "You're beautiful and wonderful at whatever you do. I want to see your perfect moment when you take Firebloom and give her what she deserves."



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