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​What The Heck

It was midnight. The moonish moon swelled terrifyingly in front of a skyish sky, casting it's beamish beam across the clans. The lake glistened in a lakeish manner (crap. already ran out of similes) and in its watery waters, two cats were sitting beside each other.

Oh, no, they were on the banks. My mistake. Reflections. Duh.


'Crowfeather,' Leafpool murmered breathlessly. 'I love you.'

'You've met me twice!'

'I know. Love works in strange ways.'

'Ok. Well, I suppose I love you too.'

'Want to run away?'

'Sure, why not?'

And thus, the rest of the Warriors series happens.



Leafpool and Crowfeather spun around to see a black shape burst out of the bushes.

'It's me, Hollyleaf?'

'What the heck? You aren't even born yet?'

'I know, but I'm dead now so I've come back to the past to make sure I'm NEVER BORN.'

Crowfeather looked at her in a lookish manner.

'But we're supposed to run away and escape from the clans!' Leafpool told her.

'What a ridiculous idea,' Hollyleaf spluttered stupendously with a stupendous tone of voice at this totally reasonable and logical idea. 'I have a much better plan that involves you both going back to your respective Clans, you giving your kits to your sister , your sister's boyfriend thinking I'm his daughter for a couple of years, me dying, you both get ridiculed and shunned by your Clans, me coming back, me dying (for good this time) and everyone living happily ever after in the end. How does that sound?'

Leafpool and Crowfeather stared at each other in surprising surprise, utterly baffled. Then they both shrugged.


They walked across back to their camps.

'YES!' says Hollyleaf. 'Now to go back and prevent Jayfeather from getting in a relationship with Stick!'


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