Your insane friend is here!--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 04:23, September 25, 2010 (UTC)


Leopard: 'Kay, thanks, Rowanclaw- WHAT ARE YOU DOING????? *Points at Darkstripe*

Darkstripe: Uh, uh nothing-

Leopard: Take away that nose-picker!!!

Rowanclaw: *drags away Darkstripe wearing a pink tu-tu*

Leopard: Ok, bring them in!!

Rowanclaw: *brings in Brairlight, Blossomfall, Whitewing, Weedwhisker, Mumblefoot, Oddfoot, Goosefeather, Poppydawn, Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Kestrelflight, Sunstrike, Morningcloud, Ryewhisker, Deadfoot, Onestar, Redwillow, Ratscar, Hollowbelly, Archeye, Clawface, Whitewater, and a heck of a lot of others!*

Leopard: Ok, so, you all have suckish names. Ok, so, the worst of you- Mumblefoot, Kestrelflight, Morningcloud, Ryewhisker, Deadfoot, Oddfoot, Whitewater, Ratscar, Archeye and Clawface- you all get 10,000 moons in the Elder's den-

Cats Listed: Yay!

Leopard: -Looking after Mousefur!

Cats Listed: NO!

Mousefur: There's a thorn in my moss!

Rowanclaw: *drags away screaming cats*

Leopard: Ok, next up-

Poppyfrost: No! This isn't our fault! It's HIS!

Firestar: What's up y'all?

Leopard: GET HIM!

Cats: *tackles leader*

Firestar: No! I just got my pelt dyed and straightened! It cost 10 mice!

Leopard: Ok, your punishment is to construct a Stone Hedge made from Macaroni! Yeah that's right- LOW CALORIE MAC AND CHEESE!

Firestar: Gasp! You know my secret weakness!

Rowanclaw: *drags away an insane Firestar foaming at the mouth*

Leopard: Ok, now for the hard part- SkyClan.

Rowanclaw: *Brings in Bouncefire, Sharpclaw- Ah the heck with it! Just haul them all in!*

Leopard: Where did you go wrong? All of your names are ridiculous! I mean, your daylight warriors! Billystorm! Harveymoon! That untypeable one-

Macv...Magyv- Macgyver!: Hey!

Leopard: *ignores him* Ok, so, those 3, you have to be my personal assistants for the day! You have to do my english homework! GO!

Rowanclaw: *hands those cats 3000 pounds of homework*

Leopard: Leafstar, You're not being punished 'cause I put you down for insanity-

Leafstar: Hey!

Leopard: -'Cuz Firestar taught you. Oh, and bring her in!!!

Rowanclaw: *throws Millie into the room*

Leopard: What the heck?? You name your kits like they're- *theme music starts playing* Freaking POWER PUFF GIRLS? What's wrong with you! You punishment is having to listen to every single one of Purdy's stories! Go!!

Millie: *starts crying and eating Cheerios while humming the Power Puff girls theme song*

Leopard: Case Closed! Bring in the dancing Lobsters!

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