Hollypaw walked through the woods, desperate to find a herb that will cure Bolewhisker's wounded leg.

"Hollypaw....! Hollypaw....! help....!" a voice of Honeypaw, her best friend whispered.

"no, Honeypaw!" Hollypaw whispered.

oh... what should I do? Honeypaw and Bolewhisker are both important to me...

Hollypaw bit inside of her cheeks. she had made her decision.

she ran over to her friend. Honeypaw wasn't well. she had bitten by huge badger.

"Honeypaw! I will help you, don't worry!" Hollypaw made Honeypaw stand up gently. "don't worry, I got you."

"Hollypaw..." when Hollypaw came back Bolewhisker was not disappointed, she smiled.

"you did right thing. saving lives are most important thing about being a medicine cats... now could you bring me a..."

"oh, sure," Hollypaw replied and ran outside.

"Honeypaw, hello? are you awake?"

"h-hi, Bolewhisker... Hollypaw did the right thing. thank you... for teaching her wonderfully," Honeypaw's eyes held wisdom that no one could measure.

"you're not Grassfern's daughter, Honeypaw, are you?" Bolewhisker said.

"you're wise, young Bolewhisker. more than you could ever imagine. I am Honeystar, former leader of OceanClan," Honeypaw smiled.

"Bolewhisker! I am back!" Hollypaw shouted.

"ouch, it hurts. Hollypaw, do you have that herb?" Bolewhisker asked.

"sure," Hollypaw chewed the leaf and placed it gently on Bolewhisker's wound.

Bolewhisker's body trembled.

"what herb did you used?" Bolewhisker asked with curiocity.

"deathberry leaf," Hollypaw smiled. "and I brought a bundle of them, just in case."

"....!" Honeypaw's mouth opened.

meanwhile, in LeafClan

"Blazehunter!" Sunshinepaw called out to her best friend. "ya there?"

"wait, coming--" Blazehunter hurriedly flung herself toward the mouth of the den.

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