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“Okay, Shademist, I want you to train Fishsplash for some mock battle. I’ll be watching you and Fishsplash. We need to be prepared if NightClan attacks again.” His former mentor, Rippleshade meowed. Shademist nodded and went to the Mossy Hollow.

“Ready?” Rippleshade called. Shademist’s muscles tensed. Fishsplash was an older warrior than him, and he was stronger than him. “Ready.” As Fishsplash spoke, Shademist launched himself on Fishsplash, without a word of warning. Fishsplash was startled, but he soon recovered from the attack. Fishsplash pounced on him, pinning to the ground. He was too heavy to throw off, and Shademist tried going limp. Fishsplash still kept his paw firmly on his neck. He clawed his belly, unsheathing his claws. Fishsplash yowled in agony, getting off him and landing on the moss.

“How could you attack a Clanmate like that?” Rippleshade gasped. “This is only practice!” They hurried back to camp, and Shademist licked his chest guiltily. “Let cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Highfall for a Clan meeting!” Flashstar called. “In punishment for Shademist, he will no longer be a member of DawnClan, and he will be exiled.” Shademist dipped his head, and padded out of camp.

He saw his sister, Sandcloud, give him a glance of envy. He felt as if his heart had been clawed out as he padded out of Clan territory.


Note: Sorry that there's only one chapter because I'm a bad writer, and if you're good at writing, then please edit it for me. Thanks! ~ Whitecloud

Shademist decided to live a peaceful life, now that he was exiled. He strayed out further away from Clan territory until he reached a hill. There was a cave there. That will make a great den! Shademist thought as he crawled inside.

It was a small cave, with side holes on both sides; As if other cats lived here. “Hello?” He asked. “Hello?” Rumbled a voice. “Who are you?” He stammered. “Who are you?” The voice said. “It’s your echo, silly.” Came a voice behind him.

“Flowerpetal!” He exclaimed. “Why did you come with me? What about Hailstorm and Rainshade?” He asked. Those two toms have been padding after her since she became an apprentice. “Those cats don’t matter. All I want to see is that you’re safe.” She mewed. “Wait, so you came here before me?” He asked. “Of course!” She purred. “You’re a slow runner.”

She dropped the thrush she was carrying. “Want to share?” She asked. “Thanks!” He stammered. “Do you think……………..that we could be mates?” He asked shyly. She blinked at him. “I’d love that! I’ve been hanging out with Rainshade and Hailstone because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.” Shademist couldn’t resist a snort of amusement. “They’re warriors! They can control their feelings!” More quietly he added to himself, “Or can they.”

He settled into the soft moss, breathing into his mate’s sweet scent. He curled up with Flowerpetal, and slowly fell asleep. He saw his long lost mother, Flamesong, standing on a hill. “Mother!” He cried. “If the shade turns into shadows, time will fade.” She mewed sternly. “Wait, what does that mean?: He asked. His mother shook her head. “I’m not allowed to say anymore, but you need to return to the Clans.” “Right now?” She asked. “No. When the clouds in the sky disappear, you shall travel with Flowerpetal and return.” “Why? Isn't the earlier the better?” He asked, but his mother had already faded into mist.

His tail drooped, and he opened his eyes, seeing Flowerpetal prodding him with a paw. “C’mon! Let’s go hunting, or are you a dormouse?” She urged. Shademist sleepily stood up, and cleaned his pelt. “Are you going hunting, or are you just going to stand there?” He shook his head. “Then let’s go! What are you waiting for?” She rushed out of the cave, Shademist hard on her paws. “There’s a hare.” He whispered. Without telling her, she charged off, and disappeared in the bushes.

Then, after a few moments, she reappeared, the brown hare dangling in her mouth. “Share?” She purred, panting for breath. After they finished their meal, he lay down beside Flowerpetal on the grass. Just you and me, side by side. He purred. Suddenly, he heard a rustle of leaves. “What was that?” He hissed, bracing his muscles to pounce. He tasted the air. Ugg! Whatever the creature was, it was smart. “It covered it’s scent with grass and dirt.” Shademist sneered. “Or are you too scared to fight that you want to get past us?”

A hiss came from the bushes. A huge beast with a pointed snout appeared. “Fox!” Shademist snarled, launching himself on it. With a roar, the fox clawed his pelt. He screeched in pain, and Flowerpetal launched herself onto the fox. The last thing he saw was Flowerpetal’s beautiful pelt before he was swallowed by complete darkness.

He woke up to see a pale ginger pelt. “Flowerpetal?” He croaked. “What are you talking about.” The pale ginger cat growled. “You’re not Flowerpetal.” He rasped. The pale ginger she-cat snorted. “Of course I’m not. I’m Vixen. I help cats around here.” “You’re a fox!” Shademist gasped. He struggled to get up, remembering what the last fox did to him. Vixen put a paw in front of him to stop him.

“Calm down, bro.” Vixen growled. “I’m helping here.” She put some pulp onto his scratches. “It’s marigold. Helps infection.” He was slowly drifting off to sleep….”Hey wake up!” Vixen prodded him with a claw. “I’m useful here. What if that she-cat of yours gets hurt? You should probably listen it through. Also, that she-cat said her name was Flower. What’s yours?” “Shadem-” Shademist cut off himself. “Shade. Just Shade.” He replied. “Okay, Shade. You can get up now.”

Shademist groomed himself, and climbed out of the place. “This is the Twolegplace!” He exclaimed. “You mean, the city?” Vixen kinda sounded confused. Shademist shook his head. “I’m from the forest. That’s what they call….City?” Vixen nodded, and she purred. Suddenly, a thought struck in his mind. “Where’s Flower?” He blurted out. “She’s gone hunting. She’ll come-” Before Vixen could finish her sentence, Flowerpetal hurtled herself off a Twoleg Nest, and landed neatly next to them.

She was holding a piece of meat in her jaws. Shademist’s jaws watered. “Chicken!” Vixen exclaimed. “It’s hard to find chicken in these areas.” Flowerpetal put the ‘chicken’ on the ground. “I found it in the dumps. I don’t know why the Twolegs put this stuff in there.” “Twolegs?” Vixen tipped her head to one side. “Housefolk.” Flowerpetal quickly said. “Are you a kittypet?” Shademist asked. When Vixen looked confused he quickly added, “A cat who lives with Housefolk.”

Vixen shook her head. “I’m a scavenger. I live in the City, but I live outside of the houses.” When he was about to open his jaws to ask what ‘houses’ were, Flowepetal quickly hissed in his ear, “Houses are Twoleg Nests.” Shademist nodded. “Well, I thank you. I’m going.” He said. Vixen nodded in understanding. “Well, there’s a crew called the Cloud Force and they’re really vicious, and they usually steal my prey.” “Thanks for telling us.” Shademist meowed. “You’ve been a great friend to us.” Flowerpetal added.

As they left the Twolegplace, another thought came to his mind. When the clouds across the sky disappear. As they slowly inched towards the Clan border, he saw a white cat with a ripped ear. “That looks like the leader of Cloud Force!” Shademist whispered. Then, he understood what the prophecy meant. When the Cloud Force disappears from the Sky, we shall return. But he still didn’t understand a part. What was ‘sky’?

He decided to tell his mate. He told her all about Flamesong and the prophecy. Flowerpetal touched her nose to his nose. “It’s alright. If there’s darkness ahead, we’ll face it together.” Now he knew why Rainshade and Hailstorm loved her so much. Then, he picked up a scent of a Cloud Foce cat. He and Flowerpetal raced into the bushes. Then, he understood what the prophecy meant. When Cloud, leader of Cloud Force, fails to kill Skycloud, but kills Flashstar, Flowerpetal and I will be able to return.

Flashstar jumped on Sandcloud. “You’re the one who found out that I was the one who led Cloud Force here. Now you will be killed. Somehow, Cloud let go of Skycloud, and launched himself on Flashstar. “Traitor!” Flashstar hissed. “You’re the traitor here.” Cloud snarled. “You forced us to be vicious, but we were once a peaceful group in the City. “You let me exile Flame. I told you not to harm any cat, but you hurt Sandcloud.” After said, he bit his throat.

Then, Sandcloud shakily stood up. “Thanks for saving my life.” She croaked. Then, she turned to Flamesong’s sister, Leafflower. “Were you once rouges, what Cloud was talking about? Was Flamesong Flame?” She questioned her. Leafflower looked down at her paws. “It is true.” She breathed out at last. “And, Flashstar is our father.” Protests came from the crowd.

“Flashstar mated with a cat outside the Clan! That’s even worse than half-clan.” A cat called out. “Well, one of the cats in Cloud Force, their name is Quail, and she was Quailfoot.” “Quailfoot!” Rippleshade hissed. But, Shademist noticed that Sandcloud and Cloud were nowhere to be seen. "But, Quailfoot was our foster mother."

“Can I join?” Shademist asked, stepping out of the bushes. “No. Flashstar exiled you.” Skycloud narrowed his eyes. “Well, I had a prophecy, saying, If the shade turns into shadows, time will fade. When the clouds across the sky disappear, the time is right.” Skycloud snorted. “You’re just making excuses.” “Well, I can always join Cloud Force!” He jerked his muzzle towards Cloud. Cloud nodded. “No.” Skycloud said. “The prophecy has been fulfilled.” Skycloud breathed out.


Shademist purred as Flowerpetal kitted his three, perfect kits. “Lets name them Foxkit, after Vixen, Fogkit after Cloud, and finally Dustkit after Sandcloud.” “There’s perfect.” Shademist whispered. But, Shademist had a dark feeling about the other queen in the nursery, Quailflight.

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