This is a Collab Between Warriors and Sky


Wildwind is forced to mates with Ashenhawk, but her heart lies with Owlfeather. Can she find a way to be with Owlfeather?



Leader: N/A

Deputy: N/A

Medicine Cat: N/A












Leader: Maplestar - Very dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail.

Deputy: Raggedpath - White tom.

Medicine Cat: Appleheart - Red-brown she-cat with black dapples.

Apprentice, Blackpaw


Owlfeather - Black-and-white tom.

Rustyclaw - Golden-and-black she-cat with long whiskers.

Mumblefall - Silver tom with brown paws and tail tip.

Apprentice, Eaglepaw

Bravebelly - Dark brown tom with a white underbelly.

Nutstream - Pale brown she-cat with a black muzzle.


Blackpaw - Black tom with a long, white tail.

Eaglepaw - Small white she-cat with folded ears.


Muddyface - Pale tortoiseshell she-cat. (Mother of Bravebelly's kits; Bogkit, Snowkit)


Bogkit - Dark gold tom.

Snowkit - Pale gray, almost white, she-cat.


Cloudtuft - Cloudy white tom with fluffy fur.


Leader: Sharpstar- A Black tom with Yellow eyes

Deputy: N/A

Medicine Cat: Honeysong - A golden she-cat


Wildwind - Light gray she-cat.

Ashenhawk - Gray-and-black tom.










Leader: Softstar - Silver she-cat with a white tail tip.

Deputy: Junipertoe - Cream she-cat with white flecks.

Medicine Cat: Tinytail - Reddish tom with black spots.

Apprentice, Sunnypaw


Ivyberry - Yellow-and-brown she-cat.

Willowbird - Tawny tabby tom with golden stripes.

Parsleyrain - Sand-colored tom.

Puddleshade - Blue-gray tom.


Sunnypaw - Golden tom with darker stripes.


Dandelionpetal - Yellow she-cat with a white face. (Mother of Willowbird's kits; Bluekit, Ripplekit, Lostkit)


Bluekit - Blue-gray she-cat with a white spot on the forehead.

Ripplekit - Golden tom with darker ripples.

Lostkit - Black tom with red-brown paws and underbelly.



Prologue - Owlfeather (Sky)

It was as dark as it could ever be.

The bright moon shined dimly as the warrior trotted over to the river separating ThunderClan and RiverClan.

His tail flicked as his eyes fell to glance down at the stream of water.

His emerald green eyes tried to figure out the reflection in the water,

But to no avail.

Owlfeather was lost in thought.

He thought about a she-cat that he had seen at a gathering recently.

A beautiful light gray she-cat, with blazing blue eyes that looked as if it were blue fire.

As he thought about the unknown she-cat,

A clanmate of his trotted behind him.

"Hey, Owlfeather." They greeted, "Whatcha doing?"

Owlfeather swung his head to face the cat,

A golden-and-black she-cat with long whiskers.

He immediately realized who it was;


She was the only cat that he knew that had that appearance.

"Hello, Rustyclaw. I'm just thinking.." The tom replied, quietly.

Rustyclaw hummed, taking a seat next to him.

"Thinking about what?" She asks, her amber eyes glancing over at the black-and-white tom.

Owlfeather sighed, responding a little rudely. "Why should it matter?"

Rustyclaw's ears perked up, surprised at the warrior's words.

The she-cat stood, her whiskers rubbing against Owlfeather's fur.

It was silence, until Rustyclaw spoke up,

"There's no need to be rude... Anyway, I have to go. You know how Maplestar is when she finds out that cats aren't obeying her."

The tom, who wasn't really concerned about his leader's punishment for cats who weren't obeying her, nodded.

Rustyclaw took a few moments to walk off,

Leaving him alone in the darkness of the night.

Chapter 1: Wonder

Wildwind sat at a peak of one of the many hills looking out at the stars.

"Why can't I love somebody that I love?" Thought Wildwind, Watching two birds fly together.

The other day her father, Sharpstar, Had said that someday she would mate With Ashenhawk and she had argued that her heart didn't lie with him.

"I need to go get a drink" Wildwind said as she felt Ashenhawk brush her side.

She bent down and lapped up water, When she picked up her head to see the Black and White Tom she had seen at the Gathering.

She saw our of the corners of her eyes a Willow and Big Stalks of heather with the full moon overhead and fireflies buzzing around. It was perfect.

Chapter 2: Seen Again

Owlfeather glanced up from the river,

Noticing a familiar cat from before.

She had light gray fur,

Blue fire eyes,

And it then hit Owlfeather.

That was the she-cat that he had seen at the gathering.

The warrior sat there,

Staring at the cat.

She stared at him as well,

The moon lighting the both of them.

It was silence,


Until a clan leader trotted up to the black-and-white tom.

They were a dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail,

And burning amber eyes.

She seemed annoyed,

Her ears flattening,

And fur raised as if she were scared.

"Owlfeather." She meowed, darting Owlfeather's attention to her almost immediately.

"Get to the warrior's den. You have to go on dawn patrol with Mumblefall and Nutstream." The leader ordered, squinting at the light gray she-cat who was there for a drink of water.

"Yes, Maplestar." He sighed, taking a glance over at the different clan cat once more before heading back into his clan's camp.

The leader, known as Maplestar, flicked her tail,

Warning the she-cat to stay in her own territory and to leave her clan's cats alone.

The dark tortoiseshell she-cat then headed out of her sight.

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