This is for a bidding war for some clan cats! Go to the talk page to reserve some a cat!! In this first part, these are the ones i get, scroll down to the ones you all reserverd!!! Note- If you want these cats other than Oakheart and Whitestorm, you may request them on the Chat Page

"And now first up for Oakheart!"

Shinestar: 1,000!

Leopardkit: 1,001!

Shinestar: 1,003! OH!

  • Leopardkit can't compete with that price and settles back down*


Shinestar: YAY! OAKHEART!

"And now for Brambleclaw!"

Fan girl: 1,700!

Fan girl: 2,000!

Shinestar: 2,555!


Shiny: YAY!!

"And now for Tigerstar!"

Tigerstar's mom: $1!

Tigerstar: MOM!

"Sold because he's not gonna go for any more!"

  • smirk*

"And now for Whitestor-"

Fangirl- 10,000!

Fangirl- 20,000!

Shinestar- 1 million!


  • Whitestorm looks rather pleased that he sold for that much*

Shinestar- Whitey, were gonna be the bestest buddies!

Whitestorm- BFF! LOL! OMG! TTYL ALL!

(Whitestorm can speak text, he rocks!

Ones People Requested, (You can only claim one for now!! Go to talk page!!)

"And now for Bone!"

Bone's mom- Not even worth it.

Bone- why does everyone hate me?!

Everyone at same time- YOU KILLED WHITESTORM!

Bone-well MEH!

Person- Negative 1 million!

"Best bet were gonna get, so-

Sparrowsong- Wait!! I'll take him for $0.01!!!


--Dance Par-tay!!!--

"And now for, Crowfeather!"


Fan girl- 1 million!!!

Leopardkit- 1 million and three!!

Fan girl-*stomps foot in anger as only has 1 million and two dollars*


"And now for, Crookedstar!"

Person- 107 dollars!

Birdpaw- 108!

Person- 109!!

This goes on until-

Birdpaw- 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999!


Birdpaw- PWN!!!

"And next up, Stonefur!"

--Crowd cheers--

Person- 1,094!

Different Person- 2,452!!!!

Sandwich989- 6,626,357,832!!!

--Both people sit back down as they spent all their money at Starbucks--


Sandwich989- YEAH!!!

"And now, Graystripe!"

--Crowd cheers again--

Millie- 1,000!!!

Silverstream- 2,000!!!

Mistysun- 4,000!!!

--Both she-cats sit back down, glaring at Mistysun--


Mistysun- YES!!!

"And now, a treat. ThunderClan's current medicine cat, Jayfeath-"

Crazed Fan #1- 5,000!!

Crazed Fan #2- 7,000!!!


Crazed Fan #462- 1,456,2536,353!!!

Leopardspot- 2,000,000,000,000,000,000!!


--Crazed fans stomp feet and try to rush over to steal Jayfeather, but are stopped by security--

Leopardspot- --Smirks at crazed fans with Jayfeather--

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