This is not what we agreed

I gave you power, you must obey

For I can take your power away

Star is watching

Don’t forget

Do you remember her?

Kind, sweet, is she not?

She’s depending on you

But you’ve chosen right.

The voice. It’s always there, whispering to me at he back of my head. Sometimes, it takes me. Twists me into one of its minions. Luckily, not often. But still. It cannot be trusted. If I ignore it, pain. If I do what it wants, and things happen. Basically, it’s a lose-lose situation. If it was kind, it would be an easier burden to bear. But it’s not. It’s made me do some unspeakable things... made me lose the few things I had. Made me lose Star.

I know I’m a monster. The voice has driven me insane, making me question myself at every move. But I wasn’t always like this, oh no. Once, I was innocent.

Chapter One

Coming soon

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