This is a list of characters of none existent characters in the actual Warriors series. These are characters in my The Hidden Quest series.

Main Characters


  • Names: Blackkit/Blackpaw/Blackstripe/Blackstar
  • Clan: ThunderClan
  • Relations to others: Eaglewing (Mother), Lionblaze (Father), Sunpelt (Sister), Stargazer (Sister), Hawkfur (Mate), Firestar (Great, great grandfather), Sandstorm (Great, great grandmother)
  • Status: Leader


  • Names: Hawkkit/Hawkpaw/Hawkfur
  • Clan: ThunderClan
  • Relations to others: Redwind (Brother), Hazeltail (Mother), Bumblestripe (Father), Blackstar (Mate)
  • Status: Warrior/ Queen
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