"We're shadows."

"No we're not."

"Then why am I so tiny?"

"It's fate, it's destiny."


Locked in Love - Sunnypaw was a special she-cat who loved to work with others. She starts to love Wolfpaw, but would he love her? She's a she-cat that's never noticed, and Wolfpaw's a tom that's popular and loved. Can she overcome the barrier and get him to love her? What will happen if she has to give up love to live? What happens if someone else loves her and she cannot refuse?

Fallen Angel - Ivypaw, Sunnyheart's best friend, had taken the "leap of faith" for the second time now. She made it the first time, but was brought back by Wolfpaw, Sunnyheart's love. The second time, she was swept off by the river. Everyone in WaterClan thought she was dead, but she had merely been thrown off somewhere else, and she couldn't find her way home.

Main Arc

Frozen in Time - Wolfpaw, the mighty, well known Wolfpaw. No, no! He's not the Wolfpaw Sunnyheart loved. He's Sunnyheart's son. He's supposed to be as great as the original Wolfpaw, maybe even better, but when he finds friends he thought he could trust, he thinks that he's perfect. When the whole world collapses around him, he realizes how imperfect he is.

Cradled By Love - Ivypaw, the second Ivypaw thought she could live a normal life, be a normal WaterClan she-cat. Yet, she's chosen to be one of the special cats along with her brother, Wolfpaw. She knew that to complete her destiny, she must force away love. But how could she do that when Bramblepaw is so near? So reasurring? She can't help but love him with all her heart. But she didn't know how damaging love can be.

First Sight is Dawn - Dawnpaw didn't know what hit her. But when she wakes and finds herself in a forest full of cats who claim to be friends with WaterClan, Dawnpaw can only believe them. She finds herself meeting her mother's old friends, such as Bramble, and others in his group. But they won't let her back to her Clan because of Star and their own problems. The first sight in the morning is dawn, but can Dawnpaw fulfill her own duties and shine like the cat she was named after?

A Star on the Horizon - Mousepaw was used to being ignored, to being a silent voice against the tide of everything else. A lost voice that went by unheard. But after the incident with Star and Wolfpaw, Mousepaw found herself wondering if she could ever bring back Wolfpaw's old liveliness, if the gray apprentice would ever forgive himself about Star. But when messages start coming from the rogues near WhisperClan and Star's own rogues begin making appearances once more, Mousepaw doesn't know how she'll ever retrieve Wolfpaw from his sorrows.

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