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Me: hello, welcome to Catch Me on The Flipside. aka, Planet Flipside! Where anything can happen. This is a sort of Big Brother-ish game show that I created late last night while doing Homework. If anyone wants to help me write this, just leave a message on my Talk Page. let's see the stage

*In studio*

Me: Hey everycat! Welcome to CMoTF! Where No rules, laws, or . . . 500 year old documents chain us down! Now, to meet our contestants there will only be six (Because That's the number I pulled out of the hat instead of the rabbit) It's . . . time to deside, with our Your-grandma's-version-of-florida-bingo-wheel-thingy


Me: First cat, Sorreltail! second cat, Yellowfang, thirdcat, . . . what? no, no Producer!! we have a mistake!

Producer: You wanted to be a cross book scheme!

Me: fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Okay gang, unfortunately, our, Mislead idiotic got somebody to come who's not from our books! Meet *sighs* Kinkajou. the rainbow Rainwing.

Kinkajou: Oh, WOW. when I heard of a land of cupcakes and sprinkles, I did not think I would get chosen! Moon will be so Jelly.

Me: our fourth competetor is Tawnypelt, our fifth, Heathertail, Our sixth, Mr. Wigglebottom, wait what?

Producer: you desided to baby-sit him from Alexander while he Kicked *** in Santa Fe.

Me: fine. Mr. Wigglebottom, from Spy School.


Me: go inside.

Yellowfang: what a dump of rainbow.

Heathertail: I know, so gross.

Me: *Over PA* Hey guys! Check out you rooms, they have been fashioned by our top designer, Jessy!

Yellowfang: which cat's room has the Crossbones and skull and Ghosts and Graveyards and Grim Reapers?

Me: that would be you

Yellowfang: *enters*

Tawnypelt: oh, here's my room

Kinkajou: how do you know it's your room?

Tawnypelt: Because it's so futuristic, and I am a Futuristic Groopie.

Tawnypelt: *enters a room with four giant Tv's: One showing Star Trek: The Next Generation, The next showing Star Wars, A new Hope, 3rd showing Capitan Marvel, 4th showing Mandelorian.*

Kinkajou: oh, My rooms the one with all the rainbows.

Kinkajou: *opens a room full of Cotton Candy clouds with Rainbow bridges and flying Llama-corns.*

Yellowfang: *comes out of her room shivering and fur gone white* There is a scary clown who says he wants to hug me forever. . . ..

Me: *Flicks Harry Potters wand, nothing happens, throws it into lava* *poof* Yellowfang, go to your new room.

Yellowfang: *enters a room full of Happy cats dying with an everlasting suply of herbs* NOW WERE TALKING BABY!!!!!!!!

Mr. Wigglebottom: meow. *enters a room full of Chocolate pudding*

Sorreltail: *enters a room full of deathberries, and Popcorn and Yarrow*

Heathertail: *enters a room with Moor grass as carpet and Call Me Maybe playing on BoomBox.*

Me: Now that our contestants have seen there rooms, I have to sign off. for the rest of the three hour time period. Have FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

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