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Author's Note

This is humor people. And, if you've read Harry Potter books, this may be enjoyable. If you haven't, should still be enjoyable.

Chapter 1-Sorrie!

"Double Potions after this." sighed Pounce. "Yeah, well, you wouldn't sigh like that if you knew that...Snape is in prison!" yowled Sky, flicking her tail. Professor McGonagall turned her head, her white fur bristling. "Whoops. Sorry, Professor." "Sorry catches no enemies!" McGonagall retorted. "And Professor Snape is indeed no more your Potions teacher, not because of treachery to ShadowClan, but because one of you cut off his tail with a Severing Hex. I assume you know who did that, Sky?" Sky gulped. "Well, take twenty points for ThunderClan." she said. "Snape deserved it anyway. Now lets see you do the Vanishing charm. Wand in mouth, everybody." she said. "You have to take your HOEs in this moon. Now start!." Sky had perfected her unique spell casting style already. She flew up, wand in mouth, and threw it up. It balanced on her head, and with a shout of "Evanesco" a white light started coming out. "Well done, Sky!" McGonagall exclaimed. "Fifty points to ThunderClan." As soon as the words escaped her mouth, she saw a mirror on the table, and the mirror angled the light on her. McGonagall vanished with a shriek. "Well done, Sky." Pounce said. "That's two professors in two days." Then announced to the den. "Snape and McGonagall are in the Den of Doom!" Hardly had she said this, when Dawnfeather arrived on the scene and swallowed Sky whole. Amused purrs broke out. Then Sorreltail arrived on the scene and cast a spell on the castle, turning it into a cookie, which she proceeded to eat.

Chapter 2-Inside Sorrelltail

Pounce saw only fur growing inside Sorrie's computer. She switched it on. Immediately, a voice spoke in her head. <Whew> it said. <Thanks>. "Who in the name of Sorreltail are you?" Pounce yowled. <I am Bounce> it said and immediately a ball started to bounce on her head. <Go and live as a kittypet! Take your clan with you!> "Daisy! That was a dirty joke!" Pounce said, climbing out of Sorrie's bloodstream. "Yeah, I scared you, eh?" her sister said, clapping her on the back. Immediately Voldemort appeared. "Lol me an xd!" he screamed. "Say what?" Pounce said. "Avada Kedavra!" was Voldemort's response. The green jet stopped by her. "Want a ride?" it asked. "What is goin' on here?" Pounce said. Then she realised she wasnt dreaming, so she just stretched her wings and winged off.

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