This is episode one of A New Danger.


Leafpaw padded around, looking for prey. She wanted to feed the Clan. "Leafpaw," she heard her mentor say. She turned around, looking for where the voice came from. She stopped a tortiseshell she-cat. Tawnystorm, she thought. Tawnystorm came up to her. "You did well on this hunting session," she mewed. "Thank you."

Leafpaw went to her Prey-Hole. That is what she called the holes she digs for the prey. She pulled them out. "You did an awesome job," purred Tawnystorm. They went back to the camp, talking along the way. They entered, carrying loads of prey. "That could feed us for days!" exclaimed her mother, Echoleaf.

Leafpaw went back out the next day. She wanted to hunt alone. When she did, she saw a glowing rock. Edging closer, she saw it more carefully. It seemed to be alive, breathing. "How could his be?" whispered Leafpaw.

She padded on it. It thrashed wildly, sending Leafpaw flying. "Grrr," she growled. "If you want it the hard way, so be it." Leafpaw flew into the air, clawing it. It didn't seem to take any damage. Leafpaw realized: It was a rock. She decided not to warn the Clan and try to make friends with this 'rock'.

"Ok, I'm sorry," she meowed calmly. "I'm Leafpaw," she added. The rock heaved a sigh. "I'm Boulder," it growled. "What a weird name you have. Your one of those wild cats, ain't you?"

"Yeah," Leafpaw replied. "There's nothing wrong with us, is there?" she asked. "Nope," replied the rock. "It'd just be good to get some quietness righ' here," it said. "Ok," sighed Leafpaw, backing away. "Goodbye."

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