Hello, and welcome to Cash Cats! This is a game show that airs every Monday. Watch your favorite cats fo head to head in silly things, getting rich on the way. If you want your OC on here, fill out the form and comment it below!

The judges are me, HUDAman00, and Airclaw1111.

The Rules are:

  • No rule-breaking
  • Listen to the judges
  • No cheating

There are five obstacles that two cats must compete in at the same time. Whoever is faster or gets a higher score wins. If there is a tie, there will be a Fast Cash round, where trivia is rapidly answered, whoever gets the most right wins! At the end of Season 1, all of the winners will compete in a many episode tournament.

The Cash: Whenever you complete one of the first four obstacles, you collect 1,000 dollars, no matter what happens next, you will keep it, even if you lose the next one. In the Final FFA, the winner gets 10,000 dollars!

Submitting an OC

I noticed a lot of people asked for their OC's to be on here, like I asked! That's great, but for S1 E2 and forward, I would like to have a more proper form.





Family (Optional):

Season 1

Episode 1- Qualifying Region 1, PT. 1

Hello! Welcome to Cash Cats. My name is HUDAman00, and today I will be hosting this new show! Today's obstacles include...

The Mind Weight: This crazy obstacle works by testing both your mental and physical stamina. The competitors must push a large weight along a path that stacks upon others to make it heavier, but can only pass certain points by answering logic puzzles. If you make it to the end of the path, then you may proceed.

Robot Dodgeball: The name says it all. Contestants will play Dodgeball against robots, in an unfair 3 v 1 format! If you get hit less than 5 times, then you may proceed.

Target Range: Here, you must throw darts from targets that increasingly go farther! Easy, right?! You'll see...

Common Knowledge: Trivia. Yeah. Literally.

Final Round: All the remaining competitors who've passed the other obstacles duke it out in free-for-all battle. Teaming is allowed, so we'll see how that turns out.

Now, to introduce our competitors!

First up, we have Roselight, from RiverClan!

Next, we have Mistytail, who is also from RiverClan, but from a different timeline! As you can see, there are many iterations of Clans we know well.

One of the most interesting competitors here is Iced Blood, a rouge.

The remaining competitors are Gingerstrike and Firestorm, both promising candidates.

So, now we can finally begin.

Mistytail was randomly picked to go first, so she will have to take on the Mind Weight right now! She is getting positioned in front of the weight, and the timer is set to two minutes. 3. 2. 1. BEGINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Mistytail is making good progress, but how about you? Get exercise wherever you are! And here, she begins to proceed to the first checkpoint and question. The AI will give her a puzzle, and here it is so you can solve it yourself! What is the one thing you can never change? While we're waiting for an answer, oh, wait! Mistytail is about to submit her answer! Let's see... She wrote The Past, and she is correct! Obviously, you can never change the past! Now, we get to see heavier pushing. Another weight was just added, but Mistytail doesn't seem to be struggling yet! She may even make it to the end. COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!

Geico: We no longer say save 15% or more on car insurance!

The Muffin Song: DIE DIE DIE!

Well, we're back! Mistytail has made considerable progress, and now she is at the third question, the fifth is the finish! Here it is: When is oxygen bad? She's still pondering that, but honestly? I really just want to see the Free-for-all fight at the end. So stick around, or else... The muffin song will haunt your dreams.

Oh! She finally has answered. It's coming in right now, and she said Smoke. The answer was fire, but we'll give it to her! And, yeah I need page filler. COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!!!

Joke Dude: Knock knock!

Dumb bypasser: Who's there?

Joke Dude: You!

Dumb bypasser: You who?

Joke Dude: You Suck!

Dumb bypasser: Why is this my life...

We're back, and the timer is starting to run on the lower side. Mistytail has 2 questions to go, and only 45 seconds! But the problem is she seems to be having trouble with the weight... oh? People are randomly saying YEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Amazing! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Hurray! Go yeet, and go everything that makes people rich! Like this show, or any other fun game show!

Fourth question! Here we go: When is end before start? This seems fun! I feel... oofed.


THIS IS BORING PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, we give Mistytail free pass (Even though she was about to make it to the end) because this show has no real rules. Here Mistytail, take $1,000. NEXT! Robot Dodgeball, eh? Ok...

Firestorm will be participating here, and the round begins NOW! *Entering Spoof style writing*

RObot 1: Attack! Now!


Firestorm: I'm not a potato! *Uses minigun style dodgeball*


RObot 3: nOOOOOO *is KO'ed*

Firestorm: *Is catching breath, then gets hit*

HUDAman: That's one hit! Four more, he's out!

Firestorm: *Enters Minecraft mode* Hehehe! *Crafts giant ball*

Firestorm: *Enters dodgeball game and throws giant ball*

All RObots: nOOOOOOOOOOO *Are all KO'ed*

Raystar: And Firestorm wins! A quick intermission, i will be writing this like in a similar format to Spoof Mode from now on. Thanks, and sorry if that round felt like it had too much ads.

Roselight: I'm next up! Time to wreck deez noobs!

Raystar: Roselight is a little too pumped, BUT I LIKE IT! She will be throwing darts at targets. So easy...

Timer: 3. 2. 1. YEEET BEGIN!

Roselgiht: *Starts throwing darts, but realizes that the targets are moving ten miles per hour* Grrr! How can I win now... Ooh, I know! *Claws power supply, and all the lights go out, but the targets keep moving*

Roselight: What now...

Raystar: She seems to be having trouble, just like the lights right now.

Roselight: Well, I guess I need homing darts! Good thing I brought the Cat in the Hat's Hat! *Looks for Homing Darts*


Roselight: Can't find them! Fine, I'll be it the old way...*Demolishes course with pure skill while ad plays*

Raystar: Don't worry, I have replays!


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