Chapter 1 (Burnstrike)

He wanted to scream at the forest, yowl his fury, raze it until there was nothing left. He was Burnstrike, the one who never stopped his rage, his fiery bubbling in the air like a spark about to erupt into a blazing fire. His soul was filled with anger, from the depths of his heart, burning forever, like an endless flame. He clawed at the nearest tree, splinters flying everywhere, and roared in frustration. Everything was so unfair, how his clanmates treated him, his past mentors, friends, even family. They treated him like he was a kit, spoiled and whiny, and maybe a little scary. Glowering, Burnstrike stalked away. Why did he always have to be mad at everything, even himself? All that resentment and anger built up from him was kept all throughout his life. There was like a voice in his head, telling him what each and every cat in the clan had did to him in the past. Bullies, scoldings, even silly things like accidentally stealing prey. That was all implanted into his mind. He just wanted to burn, give one big outburst and use up his flames inside of him, but they seemed hungry, invincible. Whenever he snapped, yelled, or fought, the burn in him grew stronger, like a forest fire sucking on the trees and greenery. When he was almost to his camp, a young she cat, no older than him, named Leafclaw, stumbled into him. "Sorry!", she backed away from him slowly. Burnstrike stared at her right in the eyes, and growled, "Stay out of my way!".

Burnstrike dropped the rabbit he was carrying into the prey pile. He had hunted later that day, and it was almost sunset. Like almost every single day, it was a horrible day, all alone, anger burning, lots of temper, and, of course bullying. Every day, like a burr stuck to his pelt that he couldn't get off, except ten times worse, Nightclaw was a malicous little cat who wouldn't leave him alone. Of course, there was a reason why Nightclaw bullied him. When Burnstrike was a kit, he almost killed Nightclaw by pushing him into a river. Nightclaw never forgve him, and started to harass him, making his anger burn more. It took every scrap not to lash out, rage, and slice Nightclaw's head off. "Burnstrike!", Nightclaw taunted every day. "What a name so fitting for a cat(here he paused, making a crazy sign) like you!" It was unbearable to hear his jeers and taunts. No cat in the clan, even his family, did'nt try to talk to him, much less comfort him. He was alone, burning every day, causing the fire of rage onto his clanmates. He wanted to wail, be loved, have a friend, be normal, but there was just something in him that made him itch, irratate him, cause him to roar in fury. Was it too much to be normal?

Chapter Two(Leafclaw)

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