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A cat was awaken, deep inside the earth. No--it was two cats, smiling at each other.

"We have awaken. Now, let's..."

Silver she-cat could not believe her ears. Beside her was her father, dusty tom. They had thought their Dark Forest dreams were done. They could never put Firepaw, their former leader, in danger.

Two other cats shared a look, and walked toward the forest, still looking at each other.

'NO!" Silver she-cat shrieked.

Chapter One

Firepaw was having a seriously bad day. First he lost his thrush. Then he lost a fight between Graypaw and Firepaw himself. Since when was Graypaw better than him? Firepaw thought they were equal!

Beside him, Spottedpaw stifled a laugh. Spottedpaw, former Spottedleaf, decided to become a warrior after Sandypaw decided to be a medicine cat after realizing that in this life, she had no chance with Firepaw since, well, Sandypaw and Firepaw were littermates.

Firepaw complained. "Spottedpaw! It's not funny!"

Spottedpaw rolled her eyes. "Yes it is, look at yourself."

Firepaw walked over to a small puddle and took a look at himself. He was all dusty and ruffled because he fell while trying, trying, to catch a thrush. He was also ruffled because Graypaw messed up his fur during their fight.

Duskpaw walked over to Firepaw, then laughed at his mess.

"Oh, yeah, Dustpelt, you start to tease me again, just like the old times," Firepaw said sarcastically.

"Shut it," Duskpaw hissed. "You know that the fact that we are reborns cannot be known!"

Duskpaw's mentor, Petalflower, the one of the only warriors who knew that the apprentices were re-borns, looked around nervously, checking if anyone is nearby.

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