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This is Texaswild and this is one of the many fanfics I lake d.  Buddy, a kittypet is prophesied with great power. The Clans must get him to join their clans or may be destroyed. Soon, Buddy must choose between love, and power. Join him on his journey of grief, love, and power.


Some of these characters are not mine. 



Leader:  Ruststar-ginger tom.

Deputy:  Waterheart- blue-grey she-cat with aqua blue eyes.

Medicine cats: 

Furshine: dark grey mackerel tabby she-cat.

Drizzlefur: black tom.


Rainheart: blue-grey she-cat with amber eyes.

(I'll work on this later)


"Ruststar! Ruststar! Ruststar!" Chanted the WaterfallClan cats. WaterfallClan's old leader, Blossomstar, had just died from greencough, and the new well, soon to be leader of the cats was Ruststrike, Blossomstar's deputy.

Furshine, one of the clan's medicine cats sat, beside the leader's den, above the other cats, she sat beside Blossomstar's tortoiseshell and white ruffled pelt. Furshine's head dropped, and her ears back in defeat. She had not just lost her leader, but her mother.

How dare they! Our leader is dead! Furshine bit back the words. She  remembered her mother's death, this morning.

"Don't leave me! " yowled Furshine, tossing her head back in a wail. "Oh, my beautiful kit, do not grieve, for I will. . . Breathe and run again in StarClan." Blossomstar weazed. Her breathing had stopped, because of the stuff in her throat and nose. " Dont wast your breath! " wailed Furshine. "But, I am not, Furshine. . . Please forgive me." Blossomstar nuzzled her kit, reaching out from her nest, which was nasty with dirt. " I'll  . . . Help you! " wailed Furshine, nuzzling her mother back. "Don't leave- not after Diamondlake!"  Diamondlake was Furshine's dead sister. " Ah, my beautiful kit, you still have Willowheart. " weezed Blossomstar. "So?" Wailed Furshine, " she will die too soon! " Blossomstar later back in her nest, going limp. "No! Stop!" Wailed Furshine. But, Blossomstar's body had already gone limp, and her eyes glazed. "No!" Yowled Furshine, pushing up her body against her mother's . She didn't even care if she got sick.

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