Fun Fact: Stone is Shine`s mate. UP FOR ADOPTION WITH SISTERS!

Chapter 1 !Robinwing! This is continuing chapter 2 from SISTER. Read if you have not. Here is the link The Sisters

With Scar, things were tough and I had to make my mark. I stayed and listened I couldn't believe that's why they had sent me home so early. Tomorrow morning. I would get a start he grins as he promised a oath for revenge. He collected 10 rogues and then he would attack, no she-cats allowed. He met Stone, Grass, Pebble, Fire, Pine, River, Spot, Foxy, and Tree. He would launch an attack once he got their trust, that would be in a couple moons.

All the Brothers gathered up there and we attacked. Me and Foxy leaped on Moonlight, then Moonlight and Foxy stopped dead, "sorry I never got the time to tell you I excepting your kits" Moonlight says suddenly. Then she realized that I was leading the attack on her and being her son, it was weird. "Why are you following your son to kill your mate?" Moonlight yells. Then I yell "stop fighting we have something to sort out," then I see Pine and Stone fighting against my other soldiers, "what are you doing Stone and Pine" I ask. " Fighting for our family's they tell me." Moonlight says "Stone`s and Shine`s litters are Pine and the others, and Foxy is my mate, and your our son, those are your sisters." Her head nodding off toward a bunch of she-cats. "Wait so three of my cats have kin to you" I growl. "Make that 4" Moonlight says flickering her tail to where, Spot is making out with Silver.

This will no longer be continued because I am creating a 20 season fanfiction. And here is the link.

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