Author's Note- This is a What If story. It's What if Brokentail's sisters survived? I hope you like it, and I would very much appreciate any constructive comments! And yes, the prologue is short. Sorry. I also know that I will not be including many of the main events that happen in the time Brokentail is alive, but please excuse this as Brokentail's sisters survival had changed everything. The stars, even.


Yellowfang told herself that she was a medicine cat, able to take care of herself, but she was too weak to do anything, even eat the herbs she’d brought. She tried, StarClan willing, but her limbs were dead with exhaustion. She lay panting, barely able to keep herself slipping into darkness.

Finally, after a long night of darkness and anguish, there were three small bundles next to her on the pile of leaves. They were squirming. Yellowfang dragged them towards her, a tom and two she-cats. With all the strength she could manage she began to lick them, trying to warm them and wake them up. The tom let out an angry wail the minute she touched him; the others let out small whimpers. She could see the tom was going to be a fighter. He had his father’s dark tabby pelt, with a broad, flat face and a tiny tail bent in the middle like a broken branch. His lungs were so powerful, Yellowfang was surprised his wails didn’t bring the entire Clan running to find them. He battered one of his sisters with his paws every time he moved, but she barely reacted.

Yellowfang licked the she-kits, purring. These kits were perfect. But as the tom turned towards her, she noticed the twisted expression on his face. It was a clear sign from StarClan

These are the kits I saw in the pool, with Silverflame. They should never have been born.

Chapter One

Brokenkit scrunched his nose, twisting away from the reek that seemed to burn his nostrils. It was coming from outside the nursery, and he couldn't stand it. It smelt like rotting prey, or at least something dead. He scrambled out, accidently kicking Hopekit, one of his sisters, as he went. He peeked out, seeing nothing. Lizardstripe, his foster mother, stirred. He shook his head. Lizardstripe was dumb. She didn't even love her own kits, let alone the three kittens that had been given to her by the Raggedpelt, his father and the Clan deputy! Nobody knew who Brokenkit, Hopekit and Wishkit's mother was, but nearly everyone assumed it was Foxheart, a snooty ginger she-cat with hopes of becoming leader. Brokenkit personally thought that cat was a mouse-brain, but he couldn't choose his mother.

If she even is, He thought resentfully.

He padded back to his nest, trying to ignore the stench. He curled up beside Wishkit, relishing the warmness of her pelt against his. It was a cold night, and he could barely feel his tail tip. He was drifting further into the warmth, leaning towards sleep, when a yowl split the air. Lizardstripe shot up, knocking Deerkit, Runningkit and Tanglekit off her belly. All three of them gave mewls of indignation.

"What was that?" The crabby queen hissed. Brokenkit scrambled out of her way as she bounded out into the clearing. Brokenkit nudged Hopekit awake. His sister's tabby pelt was ruffled as if she was having a bad dream. She stirred, jaws gaping in a huge yawn. He bounded over to Wishkit, ignoring the angry voices that flared up outside. Wishkit sat up, blinking.

"What is it?" She mewed sleepily.

"There's something going on outside," Brokenkit nodded, "Let's go look."

Hopekit looked uncertain, but soon made up her mind, "Let's go."

They cautiously crept from the nest, out of the den and into the clearing. Raggedpelt and Yellowfang stood nose-to-nose near the fresh-kill pile, speaking angrily at each other.

"-I know that, but he could become something else!" Yellowfang hissed.

"I will not let you harm my kit!" Raggedpelt yowled, eyes flaring with anger. An unspoken look passed between the two, and Brokenkit would have wondered what it meant if he wasn't so busy reeling with shock. Harm Raggedpelt's kit? That was Hopekit, Wishkit or himself!

Yellowfang! I thought you were my friend! He thought angrily.

"I don't plan too," Yellowfang whispered loudly, "I'm- " She stopped herself, wincing, "A medicine cat."

Brokenkit marched forward, tilting his chin up. He glared at Yellowfang, feeling defiance shining in his eyes. Hopekit swept him back, digging her pinprick claws into his tail.

"No, Brokenkit!" Hopekit growled, "You can't."

"I can! They're talking about one of us! I have to find out why!" He hissed back, tugging himself free. Wishkit blocked him, determination set in her stance. She gave him a look.

"No," She told him," You'll have to hurt me. If we let you go, who knows what they'll do to you!"

Brokenkit blinked. He couldn't hurt his sister! Reluctantly, he backed down, slinking back to the nursery. As he cast a glance over his shoulder, he saw a rotting piece of prey by Yellowfang's claws. It had a broken tail.

Chapter Two

Brokentail woke up, and immediately sniffed the air. The rot-smell of that prey was gone. He felt a chill go down his spine, thinking about the omen of the broken tail. It was about him, then. He glanced down at his tail, feeling a twist of resentment. It wasn't his fault.

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